Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Shirlee and Dr. Mike on Mighty J-AIR!

Michael L.

jairOur friends, Shirlee Finn of Jews Down Under and Dr. Michael Harris of Stand With Us, are on Michael Burd and Alan Freedman's radio show today, Nothing Left out of Melbourne, Australia.

Shirlee, of course, is an old friend of this blog and is partly responsible for my own interviews with Michael Burd.

Dr. Mike has been active in the Bay Area pro-Israel community for many years and we have, along with Jon Segall, conducted two panel discussions concerning Israel and the conflict.  The second one, held in a Berkeley synagogue, was primarily concerned with whether or not to re-elect Barack Obama.

I sat on the right, Segall sat on the left, and Dr. Mike sat between us.  At the end of the day, Harris came down in favor of a second Obama term.  However, given his recent publication of Winning a Debate with an Israel Hater, I think that he can be forgiven.

Here is my review of the book.

Harris's segment begins at about the 35 minute mark and Shirlee's at the 56 minute mark.

I would very much encourage you guys to check it out.

Monday, November 23, 2015

If Israel will not stand up for the Jews...?

Michael L.

If Israel will not stand up for the Jews, how can diaspora Jews do so?

The Elder of Ziyon writes:
Temple MountIsraeli media are reporting that Israel is implementing a plan to severely limit the number of Jews who can visit the Temple Mount, while imposing no such restrictions on non-Jewish tourists or Muslims.

According to the story, Jews who want to visit their holiest site must register head of time with Israeli authorities. Only two sets of Jews are allowed to visit - a limit of 45 in one morning group and 15 in an afternoon group, so no more than 60 can visit on any day.

Notices of the new policy were posted at the Rambam (Moroccan) gate that non-Muslims use.

The official reason being given is that this is to maintain the security of Jews visiting the Temple Mount.
This issue gets under my skin because it is so blatantly bigoted against the Jewish people.

I support Israel for a number of very good reasons.

The first reason, I suppose, is that it is the lone, sole Jewish country in the world and I happen to be Jewish.

The second reason is that it is unjustly maligned.

It is not only surrounded by a much larger hostile majority, but it is blamed by the world community for the hatred toward it.  It is even blamed for Muslim attacks on innocent Christians in Europe.

The third reason is because it is liberal and democratic.

In fact, not only is it liberal and democratic, but it has maintained liberality and democracy under violent pressures that no other country has ever undergone in the history of the world while still maintaining a democratic system... yet it is still maligned by its supposed democratic partners as not doing enough for peace in the region or enough to maintain universal human rights as defined by the United Nations.

I admire Israel for being strong under pressure.  I admire the Jews of the Middle East for the steel in their spine.

And I definitely believe that Israel must fight back against those Arab Jihadis running around the country stabbing Jews in the neck in the name of Allah.

Recent news tells us that the Netanyahu government is beginning to tighten the screws a bit with some special attention to Hebron where Palestinian-Arabs are in the process of losing their rights to travel to Jerusalem.  Israel, also, shut down the al-Khalil radio station in that city because they persistently screamed for Jewish blood.

We seem to be at a turning point.

Israel, following the French (amazingly enough) will take a harder line on Islamist violence, but how far will Netanyahu go?

Diaspora Jews can only stand up for Israel when it stands up for itself.

Netanyahu, like all politicians, is about balancing issues in a manner that is beneficial to himself and to his constituency, but acceptable to his negotiating partners.

It might be that limiting Jewish access to the Temple Mount is meant as a gesture of good will to our enemies.

But it is discriminatory against Jews and defies everything that Israel stands for.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Hillary-Bernie Ticket

Michael L.

{Cross-posted at the Elder of Ziyon.}

Hillary and Bernie2Hey Democrats,

If you want to hold the presidency in the next election go with a Hillary-Bernie ticket.

Barring any unforeseeable political catastrophes Hill-Bern could very well stomp all over any potential Republican challenger.

The Republicans - unless I am sadly mistaken, which is a distinct possibility - have no one.



I like Donald Trump for the entertainment value and the fact that he seems like enough of a maniac that he might support US military interests abroad.  I think that he would support American allies... like... ya know... Israel.  And I believe that he might actually fight the Islamic State.

If by some miracle Donald Trump gets elected the President of the United States my prediction is that popcorn sales in the USA will skyrocket.


I think that he is a highly intelligent person who probably has the finest of intentions and if I needed a neurologist - which I probably do - then he would be my guy.  I think that he would be a friend to Israel and a thoughtful President of the United States.

The thing of it is, though, sometimes I have difficulty sleeping at night.  I used to use a white noise machine to carry me into sleepy time.  Now I use tapes of Ben Carson speeches.


He's barely out of short pants.  And I do not think that he is a very good friend of many of my friends in the Bay Area.  But, then, those friends are not necessarily friends of Israel, either.

My suspicion is that he may have a better shot the next time around.

Maybe.  But I am not writing him off this cycle.


Give me a break.

The man has zero chance.

He is a friend of Israel, though.

That and five bucks will get him virtually nothing.


He's coming out swinging far too late.  We all thought that he was napping.  Most people do not believe his heart is in it.  I predicted him as the natural Republican candidate.  A more intelligent and sophisticated version of his younger brother but, at this point, I definitely do not see him gaining the nomination.

He blew his opportunity.


She is an exceedingly intelligent woman.  I have not investigated her closely on the issues, in part because she strikes me as a long-shot.  If you bet on Fiorina and win you'll get paid off handsomely, but the odds are against you.  I still want to keep an eye on her though.

Were I sitting across from her at the poker table I would not take her lightly.

But can any of these people beat Hillary-Bernie?

American Jews would flock to that ticket... like progressive-left Canadian Geese.  I've found geese before and I can find them again!  We know where the geese are!  They congregate near ponds!

{It's not rocket science.}

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Everybody Got It?


 Man, glad to get that cleared up before I became an Islamophobe or something.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A question for the Palestinians

Sar Shalom

Amir Taheri has a response up at Mosaic Magazine to Daniel Polisar's article about what the Palestinians believe and desire. Taheri concludes with this question for the Palestinians:
Which would you prefer: (1) to see a Palestinian state on the map? (2) to see Israel wiped off the map?
I would like to modify that question to make clear what the preferences are:
Which would you prefer: (1) for a Palestinian state to emerge on some portion of the West Bank that ends all claims against Israel thus allowing for Israel to exist in perpetuity? (2) for Martians to conquer the entirety from "the river to the sea" which effect the elimination of Israel from the map along with any chance for a Palestinian state to emerge?