Sunday, August 2, 2015

Progressive-Left and Daily Kos Jew Hatred

Michael L.

In a piece published yesterday entitled, You aren't "shocked" Jewish settlers burned a Palestinian baby alive, Netanyahu. You're complicit.Jewish anti-Zionist Israel-Hater, David Harris-Gershon, indicts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as largely responsible for the murder of Ali Dawabsha.

In the spirit of Mr. Harris-Gershon, I have therefore concluded that any time someone gets murdered in the United States, Barack Obama is complicit for helping to foster a atmosphere of violence and distrust among Americans.

In truth, it is hard for me to grasp the sheer malice and hypocrisy of someone who would use the murder of a toddler in order to smear a political enemy as willingly complicit in such an act.  In this piece, however, I am less interested in Harris-Gershon than I am in those who lap up his material and spread hatred toward Israel and, thus, inevitably toward Jews.

Let us see what some of the Kossacks have to say:

Must not have been clear. (3+ / 0-)

I meant those 500 children (couldn't remember the number) that were killed by uniformed Israelis while the citizens sat on the hillside and cheered. I'm far from anti semitic, but  killing isn't made "pure and righteous" just because it's approved of.

by Nannyberry on Sun Aug 02, 2015 at 08:23:07 AM PDT
One of the favorite games of racist anti-Jewish Leftists is pretending that they inhabit some high moral ground compared to the Jews who they are setting up for violence.  Ultimately when some makes the kind of claim above - that Jewish people are both violent and immoral -  they are setting us up first for condemnation and then for violence against us.

The people that she is talking about sitting on that hill during last year's Gaza fight are people who endured years of constant rocket fire into southern Israel.  There children were given post-traumatic stress disorder, their economy suffered greatly, and they were constantly running into bomb shelters in the middle of the night.

No wonder some cheered.  I would have cheered also, because from their point of view the government was finally doing something to protect themselves and their families from Jihadi aggression from Hamas.

This goes back a long way. Tossing grenades (6+ / 0-)

into the windows of homes was a tactic commonly used by Jewish Militia/Terror groups during the Mandate period.

by JesseCW on Sun Aug 02, 2015 at 02:09:03 AM PDT
What a terrible thing to say about the Jewish people without giving the slightest bit of evidence.  Accusing the Jews of gratuitous murder is nothing less than the Christians did in the Medieval era during the Passion Plays before Easter and then, of course, filled with moral superiority and self-righteous indignation, they marched directly into the ghettos and started killing people.

JesseCW is making a brutally unjust claim against the Jews of the Mandate and also helping to whip up hatred toward our families and friends in that part of the world, if not toward Jews, more generally.

Know the worst part? (5+ / 0-)

They did it to everyone there, even Jews who were originally from there, rather than from Europe.

As is usual in human history, the oppressed turn into oppressors. The only difference is Israel hasn't built any ovens - white phosphorus is the replacement.

There's a wise old saying, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, soon we'll all be blind and toothless".  Even the Goyim understand that.

by Wzrd1 on Sun Aug 02, 2015 at 06:09:03 AM PDT
No, Wzrd1, what is the worst part?

So, we threw grenades into the windows of everyone there, including our fellow Jews.  Boy these Jews are pretty vile according to so many of "progressives" on Daily Kos.  One might even think that they dislike these immoral Jews.

By the way, notice the use of the word Goyim in the last sentence.  There are two ways to interpret that usage.  Wzrd1 is either anti-Jewish Jew or he's using the term in a sarcastic manner to highlight ways in which Jews reference non-Jews in order to suggest that it represents a type of insult or put-down.  It's just a little flourish of odium to put people in the proper mood.

They casually blow them to bits, casually dump (13+ / 0-)

incendiaries on them.

And the vast - overwhelming - majority of Jewish Israelis are cool with it.

JesseCW on Sun Aug 02, 2015 at 02:16:30 AM PDT
The good old days when a Muslim or a Christian could beat the holy crap out of the Jews are over and Jesse is not happy about it.  I understand that people are used to centuries of Jewish submission and the illegitimacy of Jewish self-defense.  And it is true that the vast majority of Israelis are very cool with protecting their children from the hostile Arab-Muslim majority around them.

I am sick of Settler Terrorism (79+ / 0-)

I have long thought the racism practiced by many Israelis against the Palestinians as a result of the occupation is destroying the soul of Israel.. and this latest terror attack is part of the pattern.

tsackton on Sat Aug 01, 2015 at 06:47:00 PM PDT
Yes.  All those Jews running around, chopping off heads and destroying antiquities and raping young women in the name of Jewish Supremacism... oh, wait, that's some other group of people, isn't it?

Also, of course, the term "settler" is meant to suggest that these Jews have no rights to inhabit the very land of their ancestors.

Furthermore, this guy's sense of moral proportionality is twisted.  He's sick of "Settler Terrorism"?  How much Islamic terrorism is their compared to Jewish Terrorism?  The ratio has got be somewhere around 1,000 to 1, yet its the virtually non-existent Jewish variety that these people are "sick of."

The much more bloody and brutal other kind is not of interest to these people.  But, then, they do not care about Muslim-on-Muslim violence and casually approve of Muslim-on-Jewish violence, no matter how much they may deny it, because they justify that violence as a righteous punch-back against Jewish land theft and alleged oppresssion.  It is only violence perpetrated by Jews, or any type of white western violence against anyone of another color, that fills their hearts with meaning.

This is what you might call "racism."

Saturday, August 1, 2015

An Arab Baby Murdered in Israel

Michael L.

Israel Thrives unequivocally condemns the arson attack that resulted in the death of 18-month old Ali Dawabsha and concurs with editor David Horovitz of the Times of Israel that mere regret is not sufficient.

The government of Israel has a moral obligation to do whatever it can do to prevent this kind of activity.  If this was, indeed, a "price tag" attack the individual, or individuals, who conducted the attack should spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Laurel Street Fair and the Sad Lack of Baseball Brawls

Michael L.

pinella munson
Yankee left-fielder, Lou Pienella,
and catcher, Thurmon Munson in 1976.
Anyone who follows my writings knows that I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In fact, I lived in a variety of apartments in San Francisco with Laurie throughout the late 1990s and 00s before we purchased a home in the Laurel District of Oakland.  I have lived in North Beach, two separate residences in the Richmond District, and the Excelsior in SF.  Now we own a place in the Oakland foothills and I love our neighborhood, in part because I love good food.

I am actually kind-of a skinny guy.  I do not really eat that much, but I used to cook for a living and know a thing or two about deliciousness.  The worst food on the planet comes from people with money and the best food comes from the poor.  Anthony Bourdain would definitely agree. Nobody on this planet eats worse than the ignorant rich.

They obviously eat more, but they definitely do not eat more deliciously.

They like to think that they do because they can afford expensive restaurants, but on a day-to-day matter they do not.

There is something pathetic about rich people spending considerable money in cities throughout the United States and Europe for inferior food.  What I would recommend to anyone who wants to eat deliciously is to go into your local poor neighborhoods.

I live on the cusp of rich people and poor people.  If I look east, toward the Oakland hills, I see the homes of the wealthy.  If I look west, toward downtown, I see ghetto between here and there.

Downtown, itself, is actually doing pretty well and Oakland, in general, while always struggling, is seeing some very interesting development in various spots around the city and Laurie and I are even considering buying into Oakland's waterfront area just opposite the cute island town of Alameda, which, itself, is just east across the Bay from San Francisco.

I am not jumping into anything, but we shall see.  One thing is certain, more and more white, middle-class, upward-mobile yupsters are buying housing in the East Bay because San Francisco is just too damn expensive.  The median home price there is now upwards of one million dollars and it is turning San Francisco into a ginger-bread town.  I love the place but, year upon year, it is becoming more a tourist destination than a place for people to live... but this has been going on for a long time.

In any case, come next month we are having the Laurel Street Fair, which actually takes place on MacArthur Boulevard, but who is counting?

This is a little video concerning the upcoming event that one of my neighbors put together and it says a lot about the best of human diversity.

People from a huge variety of backgrounds can, in fact, live in harmony.  We have not seen a whole lot of JayinPhiladelphia recently, but I know for certain that he would agree with that sentiment.

This is diversity in its positive aspect.

Not only do I get to see these beautiful women dance, but I am within a stone's throw of great Chinese food, great Soul food, great Indian food, great Japanese food, great Pakistani food, and a new joint that just opened up down the road called Sequoia that is bringing the regular American diner to the next level.

This, obviously, is not my usual kind of post.  I am not bitching about the heinous Obama administration and its loathsome foreign policy in the Middle East and I am not fretting over what I have to say that might be more acceptable to university professors or the editors of news.

But sometimes it is nice to look out your window and know where you are.

{This piece is for Jay.}

Go Giants!

Go A's!

We live where we are and, I have to tell you, I am exceedingly happy to live where I do.

The Giants play in AT&T Park while the A's play in the Oakland Coliseum, otherwise known as "the bunker."

The park is beautiful.  The bunker is not.

I've actually learned to appreciate the bunker.  I cannot get sushi - not that I would ever want to eat sushi there - but the fans are one hell of a lot more fun.  These are not polite upscale yuppies, but rowdy working-class people who scream their bleeding heads off.

In fact, I am becoming more and more convinced that there is a direct and mathematical correspondence to the downfall of the United States and the lack of baseball brawls in recent decades.


Well, alright, perhaps not mathematical.

But what does it say about the character of the United States if we no longer have baseball brawls?

Anyone who knows anything about American baseball knows about the ugly rivalry between the noble New York Yankees and the insidious Boston Red Sox.

In 1973 the Yanks slugged it out with the Sox and Red Sox pitcher, Bill Lee - who I actually have considerable fondness for - claimed that seeing the Yankees fight was like watching a bunch of women sling around their purses.  I am paraphrasing, but this is essentially what he told the Boston sports press at the time.

Three years later, in Yankee Stadium, Yankee third-basemen, Graig Nettles (a palooka, for sure) absolutely kicked Bill Lee's ass.

He was later quoted as saying something like, "I just did not want Bill to think that he was being hit by a purse."

I am pretty sure that the announcer was Phil Rizzuto, otherwise known as the Scooter.

{Holy Cow!}

Bill Lee never quite recovered from Graig Nettles beating.

Lee later claimed that he suspected Yankees manager, Billy Martin, of encouraging his players to hit him in the head.  He referred to "Yankee Brownshirts" or "Martin's Brownshirts."

Well, Billy Martin was a tough guy, but a small fellah.  As a second basemen in the glory days of the Yanks in the 1950s he never hit many home runs, but he certainly hit enough guys in bars.

He said that it was not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, but the size of the fight in the dog.

Laurie and I are going to watch the insidious Cleveland Indians get their tushkies beaten by the Oakland Athletics in the bunker on this coming Saturday afternoon.

I intend to eat a few dogs and maybe drink a few beers.

I doubt that I will get into a fight, unless my brother Steven shows up... and, in that case, I would love to get into a fight.  There are sometimes people who deserve a good slug in the mouth, after all.

{Am I wrong?}

Who is an extremist?

Sar Shalom

One of the common epithets hurled at those exercising Jewish rights to visit the Temple Mount is that of "extremist." For the Arabs to use that language is understandable, however, even the UN has taken to doing so. Without going too deep into the UN's designation of Jews visiting their own holy sites as "extremists," it is worth reflecting on the history of making such designations.

In this country there is a history of calling anyone promoting unpopular rights an "extremist." One notable example is Martin Luther King Jr., who wrote in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, "At first I was rather disappointed that fellow clergyman would see my nonviolent efforts as those of an extremist."

What the example of King shows is that branding someone an "extremist" does not necessarily mean anything about the target of the branding. Rather, it can simply mean that the person doing the branding, due to extreme bigotry, viscerally opposes the target's goals. In the meantime, we should start to compare those who, like the UN Special Coordinator, call Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount "extremists" to the bigots who labelled King an "extremist."