Tuesday, May 22, 2018

This Week on Nothing Left

Here is this week's episode of Nothing Left with Michael Burd and Alan Freedman. It should be noted that Manfred Gerstenfeld is the writer who coined the term "humanitarian racism." Also, I am scheduled for next week to discuss with the fellahs the reaction of major US Jewish organizations to recent events in Israel including, obviously, the Gaza riots and the embassy move. - ML

2 min Editorial: media reporting on Gaza violence

8 min Ron Jontof-Hutter, rising anti-Semitism in Germany

25 min Manfred Gerstenfeld, fate of European Jewry

48 min Arnold Roth, on the Gaza violence

1 hr 7 min Danny Lamm, ZFA president on communal issues and US embassy move and asked to justify actions Australian Jewish Communal organizations

1 hr 29 min Isi Leibler in Jerusalem, Isi's view on actions of the Australian Jewish community

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Gazan Waves

Michael Lumish

{Also published at Jews Down Under.}

The Gazan border with Israel, May 2018
Everyone who cares about the Jewish people and the well-being of Israel is writing about the Hamas Embassy Riots.

We are doing so because Western media people are, yet again, yapping against Israel on cue from the vicious antisemitic ding-bats in Gaza like trained seals yelping for sardines.

We've known for so long about Western media bias against Israel, but this seems even worse than usual. They are honestly portraying a massive Hamas assault with upwards of 50,000 people against the Jews of Israel as an Israeli aggression against innocent Palestinian protestors and their children.

This means that CNN, MSNBC, the Daily News, and the New York Times are, yet again, responsible, in some measure, for violence against Jews around the world because they always portray Israel as the aggressor. They almost never provide any meaningful historical context or treat Palestinian-Arabs as anything beyond unruly children in need of a pat on the head and a chocolate chip cookie.

This lethal journalism -- as American historian from Boston University, Richard Landes calls it --  will result in international blowback toward Israel and toward Jewish people around the world, and that is the Gazan Wave. But this is nothing new and let us just hope that the coming flood is not among the worst.

An important exception is Matti Friedman in a recent article for, yes, the New York Times entitled, Falling for Hamas’s Split-Screen Fallacy. Friedman is notable among those of us who follow "the conflict" for breaking ground in his first-hand analysis of lethal western journalistic bias against Israel. In this most recent piece, he takes his essential thesis and applies it to the Hamas attack on the Israeli border. He writes:
Hamas understood that Western news outlets wanted a simple story about villains and victims and would stick to that script, whether because of ideological sympathy, coercion or ignorance. The press could be trusted to present dead human beings not as victims of the terrorist group that controls their lives, or of a tragic confluence of events, but of an unwarranted Israeli slaughter. The willingness of reporters to cooperate with that script gave Hamas the incentive to keep using it.
Which is to say, yet again the mainstream media outlets are slanting the story, much to my ongoing astonishment, in Hamas' favor. Let us not forget that Hamas is the very same organization that calls for the genocide of the Jews in its charter through this venerable hadith.
The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews."
Whatever the heinous gibberish above may mean to contemporary jihadis, we must make Westerners understand that the Gazan Arabs who sought to murder Jews over the last several weeks were not "demonstrators." They were not "protestors." And they were certainly not unarmed.

These were not college students sleeping in Lincoln Park in Chicago, 1968, in opposition to the war in Vietnam during the Democratic National Convention. Many of these violent rioters were actually paid by Hamas according to the extent of their injuries and the families of the martyrs received thousands of dollars. They carried knives, hand-axes, meat cleavers, guns, children, and Molotov cocktails. They also flew kites with Nazi swastikas attached to incendiary devices for the purpose of burning fields and crops and houses, if not people.

Hamas even provided instructions on where the weak points of the barrier are, where the nearest Jewish villages are in reference to those weak points, and how to carry out the murder and kidnappings of Jewish civilians.

So, yes, the IDF was very restrained given the fact that these were people coming to kill their friends and families. But how would China react under similar circumstances, if crazed enemies were coming to kill Chinese babies? How would Russians react? I will tell you one thing, if Texans saw 50,000 Mexicans on the border of Laredo with guns and machetes and Molotov cocktails, shooting at the cops, and thousands of burning tires darkening the skies as they were screaming for the blood of American children... they would have shot them down like dogs.

There would not have been 60 dead. There would have been at least 600 dead, if not many more.

{Of course, Mexicans would never bring their own children into a conflict with armed Texans.}

Nonetheless, Hamas wanted dead Arabs to parade before anti-Zionist cameras for the purpose of delegitimizing Israel and stoking hatred toward Jews and they got those dead Arabs, including children, and their families were paid for this atrocity. Nonetheless, this is causing well-meaning people throughout the world to honestly believe that Israel assaulted unarmed Arab men, women, and children. And why should they not believe it after so many decades of mainstream media suggestion of Jewish persecution of the "indigenous" Arabs and centuries of blood-libels and hate?

It just fits so neatly into the "Palestinian narrative" of unending victimhood, even as they ruin their own societies, sacrifice their own children on an Aztec altar of blood, and seek the genocide of my brothers and sisters.

But what is truly joyous at this moment, aside from the swirling chaos, is the fact that these insidious media outlets did their very best to ruin what should have been a beautiful moment. After 2,000 years of diaspora, a major world power, the United States, finally recognized Yerushalayim as the capital city of the Jewish people.

That, as my friend Avi Abelow would say, is truly a miracle.

Nonetheless, Israel is, yet again, subject to a rising wave of world hatred stoked by the media who almost always describe Jewish self-defense as a form of aggression.

But the Gazan waves of hatred wash across all Jews who care about Israel, wherever we live in the world.

They even splash onto the beaches of northern California.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Unarmed Protestors My Ass

Michael Lumish

If I hear or read any more people talking about "unarmed protestors" I am going to fucking scream. I had a personal real-world friend ask me the other day, "Mike, why is Israel killing unarmed protestors?"

I blame the New York Times.

I blame all of these media outlets that are lying to the public about the Jews of the Middle East.

And this is personal. I know that if this friend of mine believes - which he hopefully no longer does after our discussion - that Israel is killing unarmed protestors then he will think the less of that country. He will also think the less of the Jewish people because we represent that country. And he will think the less of me for standing up for such a savage people.

I am so pissed-off right now I could just spit.

The Western media took something beautiful, which was the embassy move to Jerusalem, and they are doing everything that they can possibly do to turn it into garbage.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Extremist vs. Pragmatists

Sar Shalom

If there is anyone with any degree of competence in illustration, I'd love to see a visualization of what I describe. In the meantime, consider this textual description.

A Palestinian fantasizing about slicing a stereotypical Jew in two with a sword.

A Palestinian fantasizing about a UN official approach him to present him with the head of a stereotypical Jew on a silver platter.

From before the birth of the modern State of Israel, the Arab world has dreamed of eliminating it. Until sometime after the Yom Kippur War, the method of doing so was to do so with their own power. Between then and now, they have transitioned in their thinking about the most effective method of accomplishing the original aim of Israel's destruction. Now the issue is how do the Palestinians, or more specifically the Palestinian national movement (PNM), enlist the international community in the cause of destroying Israel or, as I would describe, presenting Israel's head to them on a silver platter?

Contrary to what many supporters of Israel might believe, the answer is not that the international community shares the PNM's belief that the Jews are untermenschen and are thus unworthy of having their own state. If that was the case, the PNM would not have to engage in what it does do in order to enlist their support. Rather, the PNM hopes to enlist international support by convincing the world that Israel is a class A evil matched only by Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa and on account of that merits destruction as those two regimes were destroyed. Their current tactic in doing so is to produce as many Palestinian deaths that can be attributed to Israel as possible and press upon the world media to portray those deaths as Israel's responsibility.

There are two takeaways. One, if an extremists adopts less overtly violent tactics as part of change in strategy while keeping the same objective, he remains an extremist. Two, those who play a part in that strategy must be called out.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Gav and the Hamas Embassy Riots

Gav Kostonov

{This is one of Gav's responses to the western-left push against Israel since the "Hamas Embassy Riots." The piece is a sort-of hypothetical synthesis of his discussions with those who honestly believe that Israel acted in an aggressive and disproportionate manner to unarmed activists. If any of you guys are interested in Gav's perspective, please look him up on Facebook. Oh, and by the way, I am taking credit for the phrase "Hamas Embassy Riots." That sounds about right. - ML}

Morons: Israel is killing unarmed protesters in Gaza!
Me: Those aren't protesters. Those are terrorists and they've been photographed and even filmed with weapons.
Morons: Prove it!
Me: Sure. Here's a link to PIJ claiming three of their men were killed in a firefight at the border. Here's another link showing a Hamas leader admitting that 50 of the 62 people killed were members of Hamas. All in all, that's 53 confirmed terrorists out of 62 dead Palestinians. Here's another link showing Mahmoud Al Zahrar talking about how Hamas has sold this event to the Western media as a peaceful protest as a deception and here is a video of Yahya Sinwar stating the goal of the demonstration is not peaceful protest but to storm the border and kill Jews under the guise of peaceful protest.
Morons: I don't trust Israeli sources.
Me: Every piece of information I just provided you came from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad sources.
Morons: Well, there were children killed!
Me: Yeah, including a 16-year-old member of PIJ. Not exactly the image of innocent childhood.
Morons: But even a baby died!
Me: One, who brings a baby to one of these things? Two, the Palestinian doctor in Gaza who examined the baby thinks it died of causes unrelated to the riot. Here's a link.
Morons: Well they can't all be terrorists!
Me: Correct, here are some videos and quotes from the Washington Post and NPR showing that even "non-terrorist" protesters intend to storm the border and kill or burn Jews. Here's the link.
Morons: Well, they're angry. It's not hatred.
Me: Here's a picture of a man rigging an incendiary device to a kite with a swastika on it. Here's a snippet of the same man saying he wants Jews to be offended by it and know he wants to burn them.
Morons: Well, can you blame them considering how Israel has treated Palestinians?
Me: They're hatred and terrorism long predates the State of Israel. They sided with the Nazis and egged on the Holocaust in 1942 and committed massacres in 1936, 1929, 1920, even going as far back as 1834. That's two generations before political Zionism and 100 years before the State of Israel. What was their excuse then?
Morons: (blank drooling stare)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Moderate Jewish Response to Arab Aggression

Michael Lumish
Let's get one thing straight.
The Gazan Arabs who sought to murder the Jews through breaking into Israel over the last several weeks were not "demonstrators." They were not "protestors." And they were certainly not unarmed.
In fact, many carried knives, hand-axes, cleavers, guns, and Molotov cocktails.
They also flew kites with Nazi swastikas attached to incendiary devices for the purpose of burning fields and crops and houses, if not people.
They were the aggressors and they had murder in their hearts at the very idea of recognition of Jewish sovereignty.
Hamas even provided instructions on where the weak points of the barrier are, where the nearest Jewish villages are in reference to those weak points, and how to carry out the murder and kidnappings of Jewish civilians.
So, yes, the IDF was very restrained under such circumstances.
Nonetheless, Hamas wanted dead Arabs to parade before the world for the purpose of delegitimizing the Jews and they got it.