Monday, November 30, 2020

A bit more on the Great Oakland Walgreens Looting Fiasco of 2020

Michael Lumish

In a recent post, I talked a little about my first encounter with looting in my current city of Oakland, California.

There was some conversation around whether I needlessly brought BLM into the story of the Oakland Walgreens looting. I cannot prove direct causation between the examples set by BLM/Antifa and the looting, but it is clear that they popularized the sport.

BLM/Antifa has spent the greater part of 2020 looting large corporate retail box stores and small black-owned mom-and-pop shops throughout much of the country. That is when they are not tearing down statuary of virtually everyone because they have decided that virtually everyone is racist.

{I would be a little surprised if, say, Mark Twain statuary survived the idiocy.}

In this way, they made looting kind of hip and doubly so when BLM started arguing that looting is actually a form of spontaneous reparations for slavery and Jim Crow and the alleged current monsoon of "systemic racism" sweeping the land.

But what really made it work for those ransacking the various cities were the local and state authorities who tied the hands of the cops.

Neutering law enforcement taught BLM/Antifa that they could do pretty much anything they wanted to such as rioting, looting, burning Federal buildings, beating people up in the streets, and trashing retail outfits, including small black-owned restaurants and stores, with impunity.

{While black lives matter, it is not the least bit clear that black lives matter to Black Lives Matter. This is, after all, an international organization that never breathes a word about the enslavement of Africans today into the markets of the Middle East.}

In any case, there is no possible way that the gangs of Oakland did not acknowledge the obvious when it currently comes to looting.

Of course, they did.

The cops, however, wanted to do their jobs and Police Chiefs were fighting losing battles with the Offices of the Mayors and Governors in primarily Democratic Party-controlled states. This resulted in a large wave of early retirements from the force and other cops simply walking out the door. So, because the cops were not allowed to respond effectively to the violence in the streets local gangs learned that they could easily walk into a Walgreens and shake up the joint with no problems.

So, yes, BLM/Antifa brought looting into style in 2020 and hopefully I can be excused for not viewing my little encounter with it as a distinct anomaly.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Robbery at the Walgreens

Michael Lumish

Yesterday Laurie and I were in our local Walgreens in Oakland, CA when it was robbed by three young black men wearing black hoodies. I had never been in a store that was being loudly robbed before.

They were mainly, for some reason, cleaning out the women's cosmetics aisle.
The leader of the pack tried to intimidate the customers by making a racket so loud and violent that everyone would know that they were there and would be too scared to intervene.
This happened just as I was checking out.
I told the clerk to call the cops and keep the change. She looked at me with the dead eyes of indifference.
We saw the guys run cross the street with their pathetic booty as we walked to the car.
This kind of thing is now acceptable because, ya know, Black Lives Matter.

Monday, November 23, 2020

A Quick Note on Jewish Oversensitivity Concerning BDS

Michael Lumish

Jews are way too oversensitive to political analysis when it is focused upon them.

BDS just represents a little criticism toward Israel because they want that country to live up to its highest and most humane potential. They want Israel to be a good liberal democracy, as we all do.

Thus the BDS folks want Israel to stop being so racist. It's just a little criticism. It's meant to be helpful and, in truth, Jewish people tend to be a bit paranoid, anyway.

It's just that they want Israel to stop being a racist state.

They want Israel to stop being a colonialist state.

They want Israel to stop being an imperialist state.

They want Israel to stop being a militaristic state.

They want Israel to stop being a brutal apartheid regime.

These are heartfelt criticisms that come from a caring for the Jewish people and our place in the world.

They, therefore, want Israel to stop stealing land from the native indigenous Palestinian people.

They, therefore, want Israel to stop stealing water from the native indigenous Palestinian people.

They, therefore, want Israel to stop raping Palestinian women, like they did with Rasmea Odeh after dragging her into an Israeli military-industrial, prison-complex hell-hole.

For this reason they also very much want Israel to stop slaughtering Palestinian children for sport.

They want Israel to cease and desist from their bloody military adventures into neighboring countries.

They just want Israel -- well, really, Israeli Jews, if not Jews, more generally -- to stop being so terribly bloodthirsty, vicious, and cruel to the innocent.

What the BDS folk want more than anything is for the Jewish people to finally give up our nefarious ways and join the community of decent nations.

If now and again a Palestinian child stabs a Jewish grandmother in the street or an Arab detonates a bomb in a crowded pizza parlor, well, it's a natural response to the blood-thirsty behavior of the Jewish people.

This is merely criticism and should be received in the spirit within which it is offered.

The BDS bottom line is simple. If Jews throughout the world do not want to see violence against themselves or their children then we need to practice greater humanity. We need to be kind people rather than cruel and violent dregs.

It's just criticism.

Sunday, November 22, 2020


Michael Lumish

There are several things that I despise about the Trump Administration.

The first is all this peace in the Middle East nonsense. It is much better to go back to encouraging hostility between Jews and Muslims because, as a dick-like personal acquaintance of mine once told me, the Jews are not "humane" to the innocent, bunny-like Palestinian-Arabs.

Thus the only thing to do is, yet again, fund the Palestinian Authority and the PLO so that they can finance the "Martyrs Fund" wherein they literally pay random Arabs to kill Jews in the streets of Israel.

After all, as Barack Obama understood, the only path to peace is through Jewish blood. Until the Israeli Jews recognize that Judea is Arab land and they have no right to build villages for themselves on the land of their heritage, then the Democratic Party, the European Union, and the United Nations have no choice but to finance "pay-for-slay" wherein the West pays Arabs to kill Jews.

But it is clearly for our own good.

I believe that it was Hitler who told the Jews, "Sit your ass down and shut the fuck up or it may go bad for you." Greater words of wisdom were never spoken.

And in that vein of peace, it is also necessary to give gazillions of US tax dollars to the Ayatollahs in Iran who call for not only the genocide of the Jewish people but for death to America. It is, therefore, necessary to help the Holy Men of Iran build a Nuclear Weapon of Peace for the purpose of stabilizing that part of the world through a nuclear arms race.

What Biden and Obama understand, and the insidious racist and sexist Republicans do not, is that the only way forward is for the Sunni Arab states, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, to have nukes of their own in their never-ending struggle against the Shia Muslims of Iran.

This nuclear arms race will represent a soothing Balm of Peace and Goodness to the Levantine mind.

But enough of those insidious Jews and the desire of the Democrats to help them through hatred.

Maybe sometime in the next few days, I will discuss American political culture and how it is important to manufacture fear and loathing toward those disgustingly white fascist Americans of European descent and their "Zionist" allies.

What Joe Biden and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democratic Party understand, but that you may not, is that Martin Luther King, Jr, got it all upside-down and backward. The thing is not NOT to judge people according to skin color but to make sure that people follow the example of BLM/Antifa by encouraging violent racism in the name of peace-loving anti-racism.

It is, therefore, necessary for "progressives" and youthful Democrats to cover their faces in the streets for the purposes of political violence against synagogues and cops and anyone wearing a red baseball cap.

But that is for a later discussion.

Friday, November 13, 2020


Michael Lumish

{I wrote this years ago, but I figure it could use another look. - ML.}

This is a partial list of taboo topics within progressive-left venues around the Arab-Israel conflict. You cannot discuss this material because it undermines the "Palestinian narrative" of perpetual victimhood. This narrative is a club used by the Arab and Muslim enemies of Israel, along with their western progressive allies, to delegitimize that country in preparation for its eventual dissolution.

1) The centuries of Jewish, Christian, and Zoroastrian dhimmitude under the boot of Islamic imperialism.

2) The recent construction of Palestinian identity, its connection to Soviet Cold War politics, and how this is an Arab people with a Roman name that refers to Greeks.

3) Arab and Palestinian Koranically-based racism as the fundamental source of the conflict.

4) The ways in which contemporary progressive anti-Zionism serves as a cloak for gross anti-Semitism.

5) The Palestinian theft and appropriation of Jewish history.

6) "Pallywood."

7) The historical connections between the Nazis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Palestinian national movement.

8) The perpetual refusal of the Palestinian-Arabs to accept a state for themselves in peace next to the Jewish one.

9) The progressive portrayal of terrorists as those fighting a righteous war of "resistance."

10) The Arab-Palestinian indoctrination of children with Jew-Hatred.

11) Human rights violations against women, children, and Gay people in the Muslim Middle East.

12) The fact that violent Jihadis call themselves "Jihadis" and claim to love death above life.

These are simply items that it is not considered couth to discuss within polite society on the "progressive-left" although it holds slightly less true -- but only slightly -- among "Progressive Zionists."

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Is Ella, the Flying Fairy, Racist and Sexist?

Michael Lumish

I think Ella is racist and sexist. Just look at this thing. Could Ella possibly be more white? Are there black Ellas? Brown Ellas? Yellow Ellas? Jewish Ellas? I don't think so. But even if there are it doesn't change the fact that White Flying Fairy Ella is privileged. Do you see any Ellas "of color" in the advertisement? I sure don't. Don't you think that there should be? Where is the Ella inclusivity and equity? Ella is so white I am practically blinded looking at her. She is so white that it is offensive. She is so white that she frightens innocent children in the streets. Here she is:

Jeezus Mother of God. Look at that thing! What is this, 1954? You can tell by the smug look on her face that she is a cisgender, white racist. Her whiteness is not merely evident in that blinding skin color, but obviously in the way that she thinks of herself compared to the lower beings around her. Whiteness, after all, is not merely about skin tone or European ethnicity, it is about a toxic way of thinking and being that all decent people should condemn. Do you want to know why good people are looting, pillaging, and murdering in the streets of Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis and Chicago and New York over the course of the last six months? It is because of all those nauseating Caucasian people with their racism and privilege and pastrami on white bread with mayo (hold the ketchup).


As the Smithsonian recently told us, whiteness has specific attributes that have become normalized over time due to the toxic European domination of European culture. These attributes include an alleged white-Euro affinity for individualism, the nuclear family, objective and rational "linear" thinking, hard work as a key to success, and the valuing of property, such as one's home.

It's disgusting! 

And Ella is the perfect example of this heinous racist whiteness that we are surrounded by on a daily basis. Notice how she floats above others indicating her faith in her own racial superiority. She looks down on the rest of humanity as it struggles to survive under the domination of cruel and heartless white people who use the Proud Boys as their enforcers, their street thugs. Would they ever make a fat, Jewish, hunchback Ella? I don't fucking think so. 

Well, why not?! Hmmm...?

Furthermore, Ella is a "fairy." What the hell is that supposed to mean? Are we supposed to believe that Ella is a lesbian? Is she actually female? Just what is Ella's sexual identity, anyway? Is she Autoromatic and, thereby, finds herself sexually attracted to herself? (Probably.) Or is she biromantic and, thus, is romantically, but not sexually, attracted to individuals of more than one gender? It could be, of course, that Ella is cupiosexual and while having no sexual desires nonetheless wants to be in a sexual relationship. Or she could be demisexual, sexually fluid, greysexual, monosexual, omnisexual, or pansexual... and that just brings us to the "P"s.

So, just what the hell is this flying white bitch?

My guess is that she is a straight, white, privileged, cisgendered, female of the fairy species who looks with haughty contempt at the underprivileged and underrepresented in Western society. She's a bit like Jim Gaffigan, but not nearly as funny. Either that or she is nothing like Jim Gaffigan. One or the other.

{I just like Jim Gaffigan.}

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Morally Repugnant Campaigns of Political Hatred

Michael Lumish

What we have seen over the last four years is the effectiveness of a campaign of hatred. Trump was despised as soon as he received the Republican nomination in 2016 because he was an interloper within the natural order. It was Hillary's turn and Trump interfered.

This was not only an affront to the Democratic Party, but to progressive-left notions around feminism which required, at this late date, a female President of the United States.

The hatred built on itself and it became sacrilegious to fail the Hatred Toward Trump Test. And, damn, if this campaign of hatred did not work. Families and friendships were broken.

I wasn't sure if it would, but it definitely did.

This is because it became socially unacceptable not to snoop your nose down on Donald Trump. Those without the requisite hatred, and who dared open their mouths, were seen as morally eroded and vaguely disgusting.

The greater the hatred, the greater the moral superiority. This translated into a litmus test for social/political acceptability within the establishment press, social media, Hollywood, academia, and Democratic Party friendships and social circles.

Was the 2020 election stolen?


All democratic elections, everywhere in the world, are subject to a measure of voter fraud. The only real question is whether or not the Republicans can prove -- or, at least, reasonably demonstrate -- organized high-level Democratic Party voter fraud in 2020.

My suspicion is that, no, the Republicans will not manage to successfully challenge this election in the courts. What turned this election had less to do with Democratic Party electoral cheating than it did with, as Noam Chomsky would put it, "manufacturing consent."

My view is probably skewed from living in the San Francisco Bay Area, but pretty much everyone that I know despises Donald Trump with the heat of a thousand Zionist suns. They despise this man in a way that I have never seen any public figure despised before.

Thus, Joe Biden's victory has less to do with voter fraud, or even Donald Trump's character, than has to do with the Manufacture of Public Hatred and the encouragement of group-think around vital questions.

It certainly has very little to do with Joe Biden.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Hatred Spit

What we can be sure of is that Biden and the Democrats cannot be trusted on issues around the well-being of the Jewish people within living memory of the Holocaust. 

They already tend to believe that "Zionists" are the oppressors of the innocent, bunny-like "indigenous" Palestinian-Arabs despite 1,300 years of the oppression of the Jews and Christians and Zoroastrians under the boot of Arab and Muslim imperial rule.

What we will likely see now is increased progressive-left hatred toward Israel, a willingness to force American Jews to pay for the murder of Jewish Israelis, the mainstreaming and financing of Iran at the expense of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the Sunni Middle East, thereby creating an arms race between Shia and Sunni and potentially more war in that part of the world.

We will see additional hatred spit at Jews on campus if they dare to stand up for Israel.

We will see an American president who, like Obama, held to the racist notion that he has every right to tell Jewish people where we may, or may not, be allowed to live within our ancestral homeland.

We will see the empowerment of progressive-left hatred toward "white" people -- whoever they are -- and "Zionists" and cops.

We will see more erosion of liberalism out of the Left.

And we have just now witnessed the effectiveness of an ongoing campaign of pure hatred against a sitting American president who is regularly compared to Hitler, thereby revealing the idiocy of progressive-left politics.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

This is not a good day for the Jewish people

Michael Lumish

As we have seen, the Democratic Party is not supportive of Israel. Face it. American Jews suffer from Stockholm Syndrome (Oslo Syndrome?) and are more than happy to vote for a political party that urinates all over their fellow Jews in Israel.

Personally, I am looking forward to Biden, like Obama, demanding that Jews live in only certain places within our own traditional homeland.

I love the fucking idea that the Democrats will give my tax money to kill my brothers and sisters in Israel under "pay-for-slay."

And, needless to say, I cannot wait for the Democrats to wreck the normalization efforts that are well underway with some Arab states. If you think that it was mere coincidence that this took place under the Trump Administration, just wait until the Biden Administration -- presuming we get one of those -- spit in the stew.

And, finally, I absolutely adore the idea that the Democrats will refocus on the two-state solution so that when the Arabs say "no," yet again, that they can turn around and blame Jewish Israelis for Palestinian-Arab intransigence and efforts to kill Jews.

I am an American Jew and I consider my fellow American Jews to be among the most politically moronic people on the planet. The truth is that as group-thinking social creatures, they simply want to fit in with their fellow Democrats and "progressives.

Most of them only vaguely care about Israel and many of them agree with "progressive" Democrats that Israel is a racist, imperialist, colonialist, apartheid, militaristic, fascistic, racist state.

Just ask Peter Beinart.

Friday, November 6, 2020

The Idiocy of the Jews

Michael Lumish

The American public, along with 71 percent of American Jews, just voted for a presidential ticket that has vowed to fund the Palestinian Authority even as the PA insists that it will finance the "Martyrs Fund" which we call "pay-for-slay."
What this means is that whenever some random Arab in Israel runs out to stab a Jew to death in the streets of Jerusalem or Haifa or Tel Aviv they will pay him or his family out of US tax dollars. That is what we mean by "pay-for-slay" and financing it is against the Taylor Force Act and, thus, against American law.
It is also against anything resembling human decency.
The Democrats, if they take the White House, will now require American Jews to pay for the murder of our brothers and sisters in Judea and Samaria (aka Israel) and will do so while smiling at us and telling us what great friends they are to both Israel and the Jewish people.
And please do not forget this, they honestly believe that Jews, even within our traditional homeland, deserve whatever beating we get for allegedly being mean to the innocent, bunny-like Palestinian Arabs.
The Jews and other dhimmis, like Christians and Zoroastrians, spent thirteen hundred years as second and third-class non-citizens under the boot of Arab and Muslim theocratic imperialism in the Middle East. They claimed traditional Jewish holy sites, such as the Temple Mount and the Tomb of the Patriarchs, as their own.
They created laws that said Jews could not hold authority (such as in an employer/employee relationship) over Muslims. Jews could not build houses above the houses of Muslims. Jews could not marry Muslim women. Jews were not allowed to ride horses. Jews had to wear specific types of clothing that identified them as Jews to the Arab public. Jews were not allowed to use public bathing spaces. It meant death to mock that old caravan raider and pedophile, Muhammad.
In some times and places within the Arab and Muslim worlds, it was against the law for Jews to step out of their homes during rain storms lest our moral and physical filth wash onto Arabs. And when, with the fall of the Ottoman Empire following World War I, the Jewish people finally gained our freedom the Muslims attacked us from all sides, both physically and in the international diplomatic arena, while outnumbering us by a factor of 100 to 1.
These are the phases of the contemporary Long Arab-Muslim War against the Jews of the Middle East.
Phase 1, 1920 - 1947: Riots and Massacres
Phase 2, November 1947 - April 1948: The Civil War in Palestine
Phase 3, 1948 - 1973: Conventional Warfare
Phase 4, 1964 - Present: The Terror War
Phase 5, 1975 - Present: The Delegitimization Effort
And now, right as we seemed to be on the cusp of finally bringing peace to that part of the world, the Democrats want to bring back the Oslo Accords which requires that the West reward the Arabs with a twenty-third country by taking a mighty bite out of the tiny historical homeland of the indigenous Jewish people.
In any case, Biden and Harris are perfectly comfortable paying Arabs to kill Jews with your tax dollars. That is what the "Martyrs Fund" means. That is what "pay-for-slay" is. And that is what the Democratic Party favors.
{And don't look now, but that is what your friends favor as well.}

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Approach of the Zombie Apocalypse

Michael Lumish

I didn't vote in 2016. By that point, I had long been disenchanted with the Democratic Party mainly because I realized that they were betraying their own alleged values, particularly around issues of race. But I could not see myself voting for Donald Trump, either, so I didn't.

The Democrats, however, are not very friendly toward the Jewish state and, thus, toward the Jewish people. They honestly tend to believe that Israel is a racist, imperialist, militaristic, apartheid, colonialist, very bad, racist state. They even believe, following Barack Obama, that they get to tell Jewish people where we may, or may not, be allowed to live on the very land of Jewish heritage.
{Ho. Ho. Ho. I do not think so.}
In any case, I did not vote in 2016 because the media kept telling us that it was in the bag for Hillary. Besides, I live in California and most of my friends here would rather gnaw their right arm out of its socket and beat themselves silly with it rather than vote for a Republican. I even went on Nothing Left radio out of Melbourne with Michael Burd and Alan Freedman the day before to discuss what a Hillary presidency would look like in terms of Israel.
So, that day I hardly even bothered with the election news because there seemed no point. When Laurie showed up later that evening I asked her about the results and she said something like, "What? You haven't been watching? Turn on the news, you're in for a surprise."
I flipped on the channels and, sure enough, newscasters were crying on station after station. Women were wailing in the streets and young men were beating up anyone wearing a red baseball cap.
Three feelings came over me, one falling upon the other. The first was shock! I had thought, along with everyone else aside from Ann Coulter, that the TV entertainment host and New York billionaire real-estate guy was toast.
The second emotion was one of hilarity. I just couldn't believe it! How could almost everyone have gotten it so wrong? Then I just started laughing as Laurie, who is no one's idea of a Republican, stared at me with her hands on her hips. She was not the least bit pleased with the electoral outcome.
But then The Fear struck.
I was filled with foreboding. I was afraid for the country. I was not, however, afraid of Donald Trump. I was afraid at how my friends here in the San Francisco Bay Area might react and many of them did not disappoint. The hatred toward our new President was absolutely palpable! I never saw such political hatred. Even Richard Nixon, despite the Vietnam War, did not receive this much raw public malice.
As the weeks progressed I kept expecting the hatred to ease, but it didn't. Months of hatred turned into years of hatred. Friends broke up and families divided, even as the economy thrived and black unemployment reached an all-time low.
And, now, here we are again and the hatred has done nothing but increase as the progressive-left BLM/Antifa thugs - with the tacit support of the Democratic Party and the progressive-left -- terrorize the streets of Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis and Chicago and New York... defacing synagogues and attacking cops.
I like to kid Laurie that if Trump wins tonight we should head into downtown Oakland to enjoy the spectacle.
I will go dressed like this.