Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A Kangeroo Court Of The Highest Order


 Soon, Trump will be tried in the Senate for a second time. This time around the Chief Justice will not preside and we are being given NO idea why. I suggest that Justice Roberts has interpreted the Constitution correctly and realized that since Trump is no longer President, a Chief Justice is not required at the proceedings. He, and others are remaining quiet because they don't want to prejudice the event.

But this lack of prejudice does not extend to to who will be the one who presides. It will be Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat and the president pro tempore of the chamber, who has already voted for impeachment. Imagine that. Seems un-American to me.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

All Impeachment, All The Time



Well, there it is. Trump has been impeached an historical second time. Who knows how many times the one trick pony Dems will impeach the guy before he shuffles off this mortal core.

And now this:

Newly elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Wednesday said she plans on filing articles of impeachment against President-elect Joe Biden on his first full day in office next week. 

During an appearance on Newsmax Wednesday evening, Greene, a vocal supporter of President Trump, said that she is planning on introducing a measure to impeach Biden on Jan. 21, one day after his inauguration. 

“I would like to announce on behalf of the American people, we have to make sure our leaders are held accountable, we cannot have a president of the United States who is willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments, foreign Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies, so on Jan. 21, I will be filing articles of impeachment on Joe Biden,” Greene told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly. 



Greene did not specify what the articles might charge Biden with.

 Tit for tat I guess.