Monday, April 27, 2020

Day 42 of Lockdown

Michael Lumish

If we do not begin to open-up soon we will see increased rates of suicide, homicide, drug addiction, homelessness, job loss, poverty, divorce, bankruptcy, and a generation of children growing up to distrust others.

In the meantime, I am not saying don't self-quarantine. Laurie and I are doing a great job of self-quarantining.

I think that you should self-quarantine to your Turkish Delight. I think that you should build a bomb-shelter in your backyard and hide in it until this thing blows over. We could pretend it's the 1950s when people built bomb-shelters in the event of a nuclear war.

In any case, some minor functionaries in San Francisco are probably going to extend the lockdown past May 3. And as SF goes, so goes the rest of the Bay Area.

Meanwhile, Laurie is sharpening her axes.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Who Ya Gonna Call?


This is just one of many funnies out there all attesting to the fact that something is really wrong with Joe Biden. Everyone knows it yet a lot of people will be voting for this dementia ridden candidate anyway. As Sar Shalom said
"They maintain Jewish loyalty because they are the alternative to movement conservatism. Provide a viable alternative to the Democrats who can keep movement conservatism out of power and I'll strongly consider voting for it."

He was speaking specifically about American Jewish voters yet  the concept can be assumed to be true of most Democratic voters as well. Dementia over Conservatism. Sounds insane.