Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Left Doesn't Care About Palestinians

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A casual reader of the left political blogs, such as Daily Kos or the Huffington Post, might get the idea that the progressive-left cares about the Palestinian people. Such a reader would be wholly mistaken. The last thing in this world that the western progressive-left cares about are universal human rights and that definitely goes for the human rights of the Palestinians.

The western left has no interest in human rights and it certainly has no interest in the human rights of the Palestinian people. This is one of those obvious truths that we are supposed to ignore. I keep stumbling upon more and more of these... more and more obvious truths that the ideologically blinded will not allow themselves to consider.

My assertion is easily demonstrated. It has two parts. The first is that the left cares not about universal human rights. The second assertion, which follows from the first, is that the left does not care about the universal human rights of the Palestinian people. Let's take the first part, my claim that the left doesn't care about universal human rights.

I would suggest that if the left did care about universal human rights than we would see activist members of the progressive-left promoting the human rights of Tibetans and Darfurans and Congolese on the major left-wing political blogs... but we do not. On websites such as Daily Kos and the Huffington Post there is virtual silence on the Chinese occupation of Tibet or the truly brutal genocides in Darfur and the Congo. {The Congo, in particular, is horrifying with some 5.5 million dead over the last decade. 5.5 million.}

That the left is virtually silent on these matters demonstrates their lack of interest in human rights. This should be obvious to anyone who doesn't view politics as a team sport. This should be obvious to anyone who is not blinded by partisanship. And it most certainly should be obvious to anyone who cares about the Jewish people, given the fact that Israel is constantly (and hypocritically) hounded on the left over matters of human rights.

That the western progressive-left cares not a whit about the Palestinians is demonstrated from the fact that they only speak up on behalf of Palestinians when Palestinians are in conflict with Jews, but never when they are in conflict with non-Jews. One would think that among the self-proclaimed western defenders of the Palestinian people, that violations of Palestinian human rights, or civil liberties, would be of interest no matter who is doing that violating. One would be wrong, however. They only speak up when they can paint Jews as the villain. They are almost entirely silent otherwise.

Here is a specific example currently in the press. Some young Palestinian Muslim in the West Bank spoofed the Koran on Facebook and is now very deep in the doo-doo among his fellow Palestinians. They've got him locked up for this heinous crime.

In his hometown, the reaction seems to be one of uniform fury. Many here say that if he does not repent, he should spend the rest of his life in jail.

“Everyone is a Muslim here, so everyone is against what he did,” said Alaa Jarar, 20, who described himself as not particularly pious. “People are mad at him and will not respect the Palestinian Authority if he is released. Maybe he is a Mossad agent working for Israel.”

Sure. He could be Mossad. Why the hell not? But for those of us who live in the reality-based world, we might wonder why it is that the left remains silent on this case and the multitudes of ones like it. Why is that when Iran hangs gay people from cranes the left is almost always silent? Why is it that when Saudi Arabia arrests women for the crime of getting raped, western feminists mainly keep a sock in it? And how is it that western-left advocates for the Palestinian people only care about those people when Jews are involved?

How is that?

I submit that it is because the western progressive-left does not really care about either universal human rights, nor the well-being of the Palestinian people.

And I say this as someone who comes out of the progressive-left.

{Sad, but true.}

The New York Times article notes:

Palestinian human rights groups in the West Bank have so far remained silent about Mr. Hasayin’s arrest.

Of course they are silent. There's nothing here to pin on Israel.


  1. This has been obvious for decades. The Left supported Stalin. The Left supported Ho Chi Minh. The Left supported Saddam Hussein.

  2. I think it has to do with fear. Let's be honest, the extreme left can whine and whine for hours, but when push comes to shove, they quiver and back down.

    We've all seen what happens when anyone critiques Islam through protests, cartoons, TV shows, etc.. They get inundated with death threats, have to change their entire identity, or even killed.

    It's much easier to rail against the human rights abuses of Christians, because they're not going to hunt you down or blow up your house.

  3. Ambrose, you think that the left fears radical Islam? Do you honestly? Ya know, I am not so certain of that. I do not think it is so much that they fear radical Islam as much as it is that they hold non-western, non-white people to lower standards... or even to no standards whatsoever.

    They hold Israel to an ephemeral standard, a standard in which Israel can never do any good, and hold the people around Israel to no standard, whatsoever.

  4. Derp,

    the left did support Stalin, but gradually dropped that support when his crimes became public knowledge.

    The New Left did support Ho, but the New Left was delusional and not really representative of the left, more generally, and certainly not representative of liberal Democrats.

    As for Saddam, it wasn't so much that we supported Saddam Hussein as that we opposed the war in Iraq.

  5. "Israel does everything to try and turn nonviolent resistance into violence."

    Who said it? Abbas? soysauce? The Arab League?


    DANIEL LEVY....Co-founder of J-Street.

    Just feel the love!

  6. The Left dropped its support for Stalin only after it became publicly embarrassing to support him. It was no secret who he was and what he stood for from the beginning.

    It wasn't just the "New Left" that supported Ho. Lots of liberal Democrats supported McGovern.

    As for Saddam, please. Take a look at pics of an anti-War protest from 2003-2008 and count how many anti-Israel signs you see.

  7. Wow.

    Nice catch, Doodad.

    Y'know, what pisses me off most about J Street is not that they are a bunch of stealth Jihadis, or whatever the fuck, a bunch of crypto-Jew-haters.

    They are not.

    The problem with J Street is that they hedge on the significant questions as they arise. For example, J Street has no problem with the anti-Semitic play 7 JEWISH CHILDREN.

    But because I do, and because I know that J Street has no problem with it, how can I possibly trust them?

    And the answer, of course, is that I can't.