Friday, July 29, 2016

Back in the Day

back in the day1


  1. Yes. Yes.

    The good old days of the W. administration.

    Times gone by.

    1. Things have improved a lot with President Obama.

    2. You're kidding, right, Jacob?



  3. The inadequacies of the post WWII UN globalism paradigm are in full force. Perhaps it will lead to a balance that acknowledges that retrograde forces and ideas persist in reality.

  4. I honestly do not know who I disliked more, W. or Obama.

    Laurie says that I am just a contrarian and anti-authoritarian, and there may be some truth to that, but the fact of the matter is that I voted for Bill Clinton twice.

    Over the years, tho, I have to say that I have developed a soft spot for George W.

    He wasn't quite the devil that we made him out to be at the time, although I marched against the Iraq war maybe a dozen times, including the time represented in the photo above.

    I'll tell you this, tho. While I may not actually advocate for Donald Trump, I know for certain that I will not vote for Hillary.

    She was Obama's tool and the Obama administration - whatever else you may want to say about it - is essentially hostile to the well-being of Jewish people throughout the world.

    Criticism of Israel is one thing, but hostility toward Israel breeds contempt for Jews, in general, and we all damn well know it.

    But it's a Saturday morning and I am breaking the sabbath, as I always do, by writing a little bit.

    Just after dawn is my favorite time to bang my head against my laptop.

    Tonight we're heading into the city for a blind wine tasting at a buddy of ours.

    Laurie wants to drive, but I would prefer BART.

    And it's a grey hazy morning and I have no material for the Elder tomorrow.

    Oh well. I'm sure that he'll be OK.

    1. I dislike Obama more, and that's after voting for Bill Clinton twice and not voting for W. at all. The last time I marched against a war it was the Vietnam war, or as was repeated by the establishment ad infinitum, the Vietnam "conflict." I pretty much stayed away from the Iraq War debate. I guess I thought it had some worthy but unachievable goals and most likely would be a mistake. It was. But that was the hand Obama was dealt when he came into office. How did he do? Ask Iran and the JV team.
      I was one month too young to vote in 1976. The thrilling thing about voting for Bill Clinton in 1992 was that it was the very first time my candidate came in first.
      Don't drink and drive, and if you take BART, make sure that you're not so drunk that you get off at West Oakland on the way back. ;0)
      Which is your closest BART station?

    2. My last 12 years there I lived very close to the Rockridge station (because we lived in Rockridge).

    3. Jeff,

      are you kidding me, my usual BART station is Fruitvale and every time I get off heading home from the city I wonder, did Oscar Grant get shot dead here or maybe over there.

      We don't live in the neighborhood, but High Street gets me where I am going.

      Oakland is definitely an acquired taste.

      Laurie and I lived for years in SF. I've lived in North Beach, the Excelsior, and the Richmond in apartments off of Geary at 19th and 24th.

      When we were at the Geary and 24th place we were dating as grad students at SFSU.

      The truth is that I just showed up one night for a date, after we had been going out for a few weeks, and simply never lift.

      She'll tell ya!


      Anyway, it's really late now and I have to roll in... but I am perpetually pissed off and discusted at the US Department of State.

      They're either idiots or malicious, you tell me.

      Again they're harping on a couple of hundred building units in Israel.

      Fuck them and fuck Hillary, as far as I am concerned.

    4. Let's just say the State Department has a history and that with Obama at the helm its inner Arabist comes out to play. I think Israel should announce 800,000 units in "east" Jerusalem just to watch them flip out. I think they should taunt them like the French guys on the castle wall did to King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

      Yes, Oakland is an acquired taste. I know it well. I was an East Bay guy for 24 years 11months and 26 days, but I did also spend time in San Francisco which is a fun city. I had friends there, and my father actually came out and lived there for 10 years on Pine & Dashiell Hammett. I used to play regular gigs at Cafe Claude (Claude Lane between Pine & Bush) and a place called Mr. Ralph's (south of Market), Enrico's and Jazz at Pearl's (now gone) Broadway & Columbus in North Beach, Bimbos, etc.
      There used to be a great Dim Sum place at Embarcadero but I think they moved to Rincon Center.

    5. “The Secretary and President Abbas discussed regional challenges and constructive ideas for the way forward to support our shared goal of a two state solution,”
      The lies keep coming.

  5. In retrospect, nation building was a terrible idea that one could say came from a good impulse of sorts. In retrospect one could also say that knocking over ANY random Arab state and walking away from the smoking hole in the ground no matter what follows is ALWAYS a good idea. We may look back in 50 years and say that GW Bush was the last gasp of Pax America and the impetus, no matter how flawed to control the path of geopolitical events. And in that sense, Obama is a transitional character between that and random bombing and low impact assaults by nation states for no obvious purpose other than politics unrelated to the target of those attacks.

    Bush lead us into a 'quagmire' albeit one more costly in money than in policy, people or effect. Whereas Obama lead us into an era of Brownian Motion where nations seemingly attack one another, or sub state actors and then quickly shift focus to something else depending on polling data.