Friday, November 22, 2019

A Little Holiday Music




  1. Somewhere in occupied Palestine..."Inspired by a true story"
    Young Yankel Berkowitz with a gang of settlers is riding around in a Subaru blaring loud Hasidic music. They see an olive grove and jump out of the car armed with Uzis and axes.
    12 year old Mohammed and his teenage sister Nadiya are coming home from school. They see settlers destroying the orchard, and Mohammed rushes forward to defend the trees. He hits Yankel in the shin with a stone, scaring him and other settlers away.
    Nadiya is filming the incident with her phone.
    While running away Yankel rips off her headscarf and then him and other settlers speed away.
    In far away New York rich Morty Goldberg needs a kidney transplant. He phones his nephew Shlomo who works as military doctor at IDF checkpoint. We can't hear the conversation, but Shlomo is casting furtive glances at the queue of stopped cars.
    Mohammed and Nadiya are in one of the vehicles. Mohammed's knee got scratched in the above mentioned encounter, and is bleeding. Shlomo notices the boy and pulls the family over. With pretend kindness he takes Mohammed to the office ostensibly to bandage his knee. Minutes later he makes two phone calls. Close up of Morty smiling...
    Next day Yankel and the gang stop by Mohamed's village at the time children are let home from school. They lure Mohammed in the car with Nadiya's headscarf. Nadiya rushes behind but is too late to stop the kidnapping.
    Young Norwegian NGO worker Greta is watching Nadiya's video on YouTube. Inspired by Mohammed's bravery she decides to visit the family, only to discover the sad truth.
    Meanwhile Mohammed is laying on a metal table in the dark room surrounded by shadowy figures chanting Hebrew incantations. Music comes to a crescendo and we see gleaming knives being plunged into the little body, again and again... Blood is rushing down the metal gutters into containers. One of the figures leaves the room, goes outside, and we see it is Yankel. We are in a settlement, smiling religious Jewish women with the strollers are wishing Yankel Happy Passover. Camera pulls back and reveals the name of the building he came out of: Matzo bakery.
    Greta wows to find what happened to Mohammed...
    To be continued...

    1. I'm not quite sure why you would write that, Jacob.
      Is it some published item you've seen? But you didn't bracket the piece in quotation marks. Did you write it or did someone else?

    2. I was hoping BBC could create a mini series like this. It's time for an honest conversation about Zionism.

    3. A new Friday the 13th. Believed like a documentary by Israel haters of all stripes. Revealing to the rest how far gone they are. Derangement syndrome is well recognized by supporters of Israel

    4. For example:

      Far, far gone.

    5. This is actually good. Progressive Antisemitism is the best inoculation against all the commie nonsense American Jews were involved in for generations.

    6. Jacob,
      Do you live in the UK?

    7. A young 'palestinian' male sneaks into a Jewish home and slits the throat of a 13 year old girl asleep in bed. Inspired by a true story.

      A young 'palestinian' slits a young Jewish man's throat on a bus while he is asleep. Inspired by a true story.

      Palestine is a colonial name. Inspired by a true story.
      "Indigenous Palestinians" are named after a colonial enterprise. Inspired by a true story.

      "Historic Palestine" which the Arabs whine about was invented by Great Britain (for a Jewish National Home). Inspired by a true story.

      The Jews right to close settlement anywhere west of the Jordan River was recognized under international law. Inspired by a true story.

      "Palestine must be free, from the river to the sea." They mean that beyond the river there ain't nothing but Arabs, and the sea is what they want to push the Jews into. Inspired by a true story.

      The PA, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, and other like-minded Arab and Islamist organizations teach Jew hatred from cradle to grave. Inspired by a true story.

    8. @jeff Thankfully in the USA, the rest of the world is now almost uninhabitable for us. But progs won't rest until we join the"International Community" with it's "International Law".
      "Yes Romans did kick the Jews out, but then indigenous people moved in..."
      "Real Jews know that Torah bans Jews from setting foot in Palestine, because God cursed them..."
      - Just a couple regular comments from Progressive DailyKos.

      "Back to the ovens" - York University Antifa and BDS chant.

  2. Does EHRC stand for European Human Rights Commission?
    Corbyn is a creep. So is his lieutenant, rich boy Stalinist antisemite Seamus Milne. The English have really dropped the ball.
    Bernie Sanders is a buffoon.
    I guess what bothers me is people falling for all the old way past its sell by date Commie propaganda. Haven't we seen this all before? Can the Nazis be far behind?

    I don't know exactly what Jacob is up to with his antisemitic screed he plopped down. I hope I can get a straight answer from him.
    We know that "Palestine" is incredibly antisemitic, that Arabs will say just about anything and that the "progressive" left full of regressive Jew hating Nazis will give them cover and call you racist for noticing.

    1. Saw it as satire. How many in Hollywood would want that screenplay? How many Jews among them? Sanders not much different. Does he actually care about non-secular Jews or Israel? What is wrong with so many Jews that they seem to have a death wish?

      EHRC=Equality and Human Rights Commission, a UK thing. Perhaps it's turning its back on antisemitism. In human rights circles, Jews and Israel are disfavored, but only certain groups are entitled to belief, even when they blatantly misbehave.

  3. Dutch Parliament cuts aid to
    Palestinian Authority due to payments
    to terrorists and families

    1. Good for the Dutch who are normally Israel/Jew haters.

  4. Adam Kirsch [poet, literary critic and author] said:

    “ recent years Alain Badiou, often considered France’s greatest living philosopher, has helped to turn anti-Judaism into an intellectual point of pride. To Badiou, and his epigone Slavoj Žižek, Judaism is the enemy of utopianism; just as Jews denied Christ, so Jewish liberals today deny the transcendent dimension of the revolutionary Event.

    The only good Jews, according to this school, are the ones who reject solidarity with other Jews and turn themselves into revolutionaries and pariahs, like Spinoza and Marx. In particular, this form of left-wing anti-Judaism demands hostility to Israel as a token of liberation from Jewish particularism.”

    The Genius of Judaism and Bernard-Henri Lévy
    by Adam Kirsch, 2017 January 20,

  5. "The three most prolific members of the so-called “squad” of freshman Democratic congresswoman face allegations of violating campaign finance laws and House ethics rules for their personal or political benefit 10 months into their terms.

    Below are the Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaints and House ethics inquiries that have been filed against Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan since they took Washington, D.C., by storm in January with the promise of bringing about a more equitable and just world."

    1. I've been waiting for a more equitable and just world for a while now. In fact, everyone has been waiting for that for all of human history. And now we have the gals that can deliver! Must be that progressive arc of history, huh? Oh boy, lucky us! ROFLMAO

      Racism: it's all the rage.
      Think about it.

  6. “Robert Spencer’s indispensable book exposes the genocidal ambitions and lies of the jihad against the Jews” :

    “ADL Finds Extreme Anti-Semitism among Muslims in Western Europe Almost Three Times Higher Than National Rates:

    “Missouri: Muslim migrant gets 8 years for sending money to the Islamic State to buy US military uniforms:

    “Italy: Muslim migrant imam beat children at Qur’anic school, had photos of Adolf Hitler:

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  8. Half of Democratic Congressmen Demand Trump Reverse U.S. Policy and Declare Jews in Judea-Samaria Illegal

    1. Half of the scumbags. Half! This is a disgrace. Corbyization here we come.

    2. Vic Rosenthal's response:

    3. Andy Levin should be ashamed of his own complete ignorance.

  9. Just-in-case you did not know, declaring Jews in Judea-Samaria to be illegal is not merely an attack on the modern Jewish State; it is also an attack on the ancient Jewish Faith; it is an attack against the Jewish Bible and the Jewish G*D.

    The first verse of the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes states:


    Since Ecclesiastes was written in Hebrew --- the ancient language of the Jewish people --- this connects ancient Jews with sovereignty over Jerusalem.

    King Solomon had several names; one of those names was Kohelet.
    Kohelet is translated into English at THE PREACHER or THE TEACHER.

    If Jews are not indigenous to the land of Israel, then why does the Hebrew Bible mention the Galilee --- a region of the land of Israel --- five [5] times?

    If Jews are not indigenous to the land of Israel, then why does the Hebrew Bible mention the city of Jericho --- a city in the land of Israel --- approximately 30 times?

    If Jews are not indigenous to the land of Israel, then why does the Hebrew Bible mention the city of Bethlehem --- a city in the land of Israel --- approximately 40 times?

    If Jews are not indigenous to the land of Israel, then why does the Hebrew Bible mention the city of Hebron --- a city in the land of Israel --- approximately 60 times?

    If Jews are not indigenous to the land of Israel, then why does the Hebrew Bible mention Jerusalem --- a city in the land of Israel --- approximately 650 times?

    If Jews are not indigenous to the land of Israel, then why does the Mechilta --- an ancient Jewish commentary on the Biblical Book of Exodus published close to the year 100 of the Common Era --- mention Jerusalem approximately 25 times?

    If Jews are not indigenous to the land of Israel, then why does the Mishnah --- an ancient Rabbinical legal code published in the year 203 of the Common Era --- mention Jerusalem approximately 86 times?

    Total number of times Jericho is mentioned in the Koran: 0.
    Total number of times Galilee is mentioned in the Koran: 0.
    Total number of times Bethlehem is mentioned in the Koran: 0.
    Total number of times Hebron is mentioned in the Koran: 0.
    Total number of times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Koran: 0.

    Camels are mentioned in the Koran around 15 times.
    Gold is mentioned in the Koran around 10 times.

    “Enemies” is mentioned in the Koran around 41 times.
    “Fight” is mentioned in the Koran around 48 times.
    “Kill” is mentioned in the Koran around 69 times.

  10. "Many BDS leaders in the United States are college professors, who pursue these goals by preying on American students to recruit them into the movement. Their professional malpractice often begins when they persuade their students of the myth of “Israeli apartheid” and that they are heeding the call of “Palestinian civil society.” It continues as they replace academic rigor and critical thinking with anti-Semitic rhetoric and anti-Israel indoctrination, which, unfortunately, many of their students are ill-equipped to resist."

    This is an abuse of power by Professors. No way they should recruit those in their charge to their ideology. back in my day it was a firing offense.