Saturday, March 28, 2020

Allowing anti-Zionists in the Knesset is idiotic

Michael Lumish

Israel is the least racist country in the entire Middle East.

Some people think that Israeli Jews are racist toward Arabs and want to thwart their political ambitions within Israel. What must be understood is that the indigenous Jewish population has no ethical reason to allow the colonial-settler enemies of the Jewish people a seat in the Knesset.

It is not that the Jewish majority do not want Arabs to enjoy civil liberties. It is that they do not want antisemitic anti-Zionists in any positions of power over the Jewish people. The Knesset is the ruling body within the lone, sole Jewish state. It is idiotic to give our own enemies a seat at the table.

Arabs who are friendly toward Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land are welcome. Those who want to rob us of our heritage and self-defense are not. This is not about "race" or ethnicity. This is about holding fast against a large theocratic-authoritarian ideology that is an enemy of the Jewish people for religious reasons.

But, people must keep in mind that we are talking about 7 million Jews surrounded by 350 million Arabs who, for the most part, want those Jews dead or gone for religious reasons and who spent the better part of the last fourteen centuries brutally demonstrating their sincerity. Furthermore, their governments have done everything they can to support the elimination of Jewish self-determination and self-defense on Jewish land.

This is nothing less than an attempt at genocide within living memory of the Holocaust and the EU, the UN, and the Democratic Party are complicit. Western "progressives" tend to think that diaspora Jewish concern for the well-being of Jewish people under constant onslaught by the Arabs is frivolous and selfish and racist.

Until Trump, however, the United States literally funded "Pay-to-Slay" wherein the Palestinian Authority recompensed Arabs for the murder of random Jews, including children and the aged, in the streets of Israel.

My sympathy for the enemies of my people, and their vicious politically-correct supporters, is done.


  1. As a former Democrat I remain flabbergasted that they still expect our support despite the fact that they would fund "pay-to-slay."

  2. Well, most of the Western "politically-correct supporters" are well-meaning, but they tend to believe the Palestinian Narrative of perfect victimhood... increasingly since '67.

  3. Their belief in the "Palestian Narrative of perfect victimhood" belies anti-Jewish bigotry...which is fed and fostered non-stop by the Western media's deceitful anti-Israel coverage of the situation.

  4. If the facts I listed in comments under a previous article were widely disseminated, there would be a big change in many people's attitudes toward the situation. Those facts sure changed my attitude toward the situation; from "Peace Now" to reality-based.

  5. If someone says in their own language to their own people that they want to kill your people and then proceeds to do so, believe those words of theirs. Ignore their smiles and handshakes. Notice the knife they're holding with their other hand behind their back.

    Peaceful wise political action is the answer.

    Debunk. Delegitimize. Defund.

    1. I was specifically referring to the PA.
      I realize that "anti-Zionist" (anti-Jewish) members of the Knesset is another matter...which I think you addressed well.

    2. Why are you Anonymous? May I suggest you think of a different name for yourself to separate from anyone else commenting as anonymous.