Friday, May 15, 2020

Leave Obama Alone


So what if he tried to stage a coup to try and topple Trump before he even took office? This is Obama we are talking about. He musta done it for a damn good reason. It's not like he ever did anything else wrong, right?

So, just leave Obama alone and impeach that hooker-bed peeing Russian agent, Trump. Again. And think twice before you ever have the nerve to elect someone the Democrats don't like.


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    1. Based on identity politics, then modified in the lab by cultural Marxists. That's where things went wrong.

  2. When in doubt, just follow the lead of your intellectual and moral superiors in the MSM.

    (and yes, I managed to write that without spewing my coffee on my screen because I am essentially, numb.)

  3. That January 5 meeting is damning. The FBI and DOJ, under the ruse of the Logan Act, targeting a nemesis that could uncover wrongdoing (FISA and Papadopoulos), then targeting the incoming president, not sharing information with the incoming president, and then actively seeking to create his removal. ALL based on deceptions and lies. Yet they did it anyway.

    Should be galling to ANYONE that claims to care about civil liberties and rights, but it isn't. Civil liberties and justice are deserved only for those that agree, and especially not for deplorables or most Republicans, even if women and minorities.

    Democrats that were in cahoots with the media to spread Russian disinformation and suppress information, exercising freedom of the press and abusing Constitutional protection, are in no condition to lecture anyone about liberal ideas.

  4. "Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties."

    There is a movement to technocratic totalitariansm. Never thought that Democrats would champion it.

    1. "In late 2015, Obama officials bragged to the Wall Street Journal they’d made use of FISA surveillance involving “Jewish-American groups” as well as “U.S. lawmakers” in congress, all because they wanted to more effectively “counter” Israeli opposition to Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. This is a long way from using surveillance to defuse terror plots or break up human trafficking rings."
      But Jews love Obama.

    2. Not to mention that the IRS had to apologize for improper treatment of pro-Israel Z Street, as follows:

      "The government’s decision to suspend the processing of Z STREET’s application as a result of the filing of this action by Z STREET resulted in the application not being approved for six years and ten months, until October 19, 2016, substantially longer than would otherwise have been the case. For this delay, the government expresses its sincere apology."

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    4. These kinds of mis-uses of government agencies and laws is Obama 101.