Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Muzzle-Mask, whatever its medical utility, is a symbol of submission

Michael Lumish

It is the most outward sign of the Covid Regime.

It represents a submissive willingness to go along with the Lockdowns and all that entails.

It means being OK with governmentally-created increases in homicide, suicide, poverty, homelessness, the death of small businesses and restaurants, old people dying alone, divorce, domestic violence, alcoholism, drug-abuse, looting, and rioting in the streets in the name of "social justice."

When you voted for President Joe Biden that is what you voted for.

The muzzle-mask is not merely an inconvenience.

It is a symbol of submission.

My intention is to ditch my mask shortly.

It's been a whole year, for chrissake, and that is enough.

We all recognize that Covid is real, but we also recognize that it is a political system of control with heinous social consequences.

I will put on a muzzle if I must go into a store that requires one, but that is it.

On the street, I will not wear one.

I will maintain social distancing from people, you can be sure, but if you live in fear then you should stay the hell away from me.


  1. I am sorry to disagree with you on this one. The mask is the least oppressive part of this whole COVID mismanagement strategy. The lockdowns and closing of schools was okay the first time they did it, in Israel at least, where I live. After that, they should have figured out how to truly effectively manage the situation and that would have been by only locking down areas that had increasing infection rates. Those towns/cities/regions that were maintaining very low to zero infection rates should have been able to run life as normal (WITH the mask just to help keep it that way).

  2. OT

  3. Victor Davis Hanson has a way of synthesizing that one can only admire.

    In case you like the video form, with a bit wider scope: