Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Left Has Betrayed the Jews.

This is true. It's simply a fact. The progressive-left, as a movement, because it provides venues for anti-Zionists, Israel Haters, and anti-Semites, has betrayed the Jewish people. This is not a matter of opinion, but a matter of fact.

You cannot provide a home for people who hate the Jewish state and then turn around and claim to be a friend to the Jewish people.

Jesus, we're not that stupid. (I hope.)

I quote myself because I am very enamored of the elegance and truthfulness of this claim

The Left has betrayed the Jews.

It fascinates me because the implications are immense and because so many people refuse to acknowledge the obvious.

And it is because so many people refuse to acknowledge the obvious that we can hardly even begin to discuss the possible implications of the fact that the Left... the progressive movement, whatever you want to call it... has betrayed the Jews.

You have betrayed us.

And I understand why so many people do not want to face this. Western Jews, those who care about politics, generally see themselves as part of the progressive-left coalition.  This was as true for me as it was for my father.  We've considered the Left our political home for over one hundred years.

Nobody served the cause better than we did.

From the middle of the 19th century all the way through the beginning of this century, Jews were at the forefront of the progressive movement.  For over a century we were shoulder to shoulder in fights over labor, civil rights, anti-war, gender equality, sexual orientation, and environmentalism.

So, it just sucks to realize that this very same political movement has turned on us.  Most Jews are good liberals and do not want to face this betrayal.  I get it and do not like it either, but there it is.

Non-Jewish "anti-racist" progressives do not want to face it because it means that they have to acknowledge the racism within their own movement.

They cannot do this, however, because it would mean acknowledging the emptiness and hypocrisy of what they stand for.

The Left is empty and dead, I tell you.

This is true not because it "criticizes" Israel, but because it provides launching pads for those who demean, dehumanize, delegitimize, boycott, divest, and sanction the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

The Left has betrayed the Jews.

Get used to this notion, because it happens to be the truth.

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  1. This is starting to piss me off a little.

    unspokable left a comment here, and while it appeared in my email's in-box, for some reason it did not show up here.

    Here it is.


    Have you seen this story about Syrian security drafting a plan to deal with protesters. One of their objectives is, what else, blame zionists.

    WASHINGTON — A document purportedly drafted by senior Syrian intelligence officials details a chilling plan to infiltrate the ranks of anti-regime protesters, arrest and assassinate their leaders, and link anti-regime demonstrations to the work of “Zionist” and other outside agitators.