Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Oppressed People Enamored of Their Own Oppression

It's odd but it seems that the best thing that the Palestinians have going for themselves is their own oppression. It's as if they love their victim status. God knows that they squeeze it for every drop that it is worth.

What I fail to understand, though, and what is one of the main themes of this blog, is just why the Palestinians do not accept a state for themselves in peace next to the Jewish one? I mean, really, how oppressed can a people be if they absolutely refuse to give up that oppression unless all their demands are met?

It's very strange, actually.

On the one hand we are told that the Palestinians are occupied and oppressed and, yet, somehow, no offer of statehood, of autonomy, of self-determination, of freedom and independence, has ever been good enough. In 1937 they turned this down because it wasn't good enough:

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And from that day to this the Palestinians have refused any deal in which they would gain autonomy in a state next to Israel. No offer has ever been good enough.

There has to come a point where people begin to realize that the Palestinians simply do not want a state for themselves in peace next to Israel. If that was their national aspiration they could have accepted any one of the numerous offers for statehood that were put forth by Israel, by England, or by the United Nations.

There has to come a point where people begin to realize that if the Palestinians wanted a state for themselves in peace next to the Jewish state that they would have demanded such a state prior to 1967, but they did not. At no point during the Jordanian occupation of the western bank of the Jordan did the Arabs in that region... they did not yet refer to themselves as "Palestinians"... demand a state for themselves.

I wonder why they did not?  Could it be because Palestinian statehood in peace next to Israel does not represent Palestinian aspirations?

I suspect that this is true!

Oh my goodness!

What do we do now???

Well, if you are a progressive Jew what you do is pretend that the last 90 years of Palestinian rejectionism never happened and you continue to try to explain yourself and negotiate terms. They keep telling you "no," and what horrible human beings you are (might as well be the children of apes and pigs), and you keep trying to negotiate. They spit in your face and you keep begging them to accept a state for themselves next to Israel.

{By the way, as an aside, just think of the work that so many Jews could be doing for the progressive movement and the Democratic party if we were not so distracted by the need to defend ourselves against anti-Zionist aggression within progressive ranks.  It's a terrible waste, really, but I do not see where we are being given any choice.}

The reason that the Jews keep begging the Palestinians to accept a state for themselves in peace next to Israel is because we are effectively being held hostage to Arab insistence on our own suicide via the alleged Palestinian "right of return."  Why the heck else would we even care?  The very reason that I bother to write this blog is because as a Jew I recognize that the Arabs absolutely refuse to allow Jewish normalization within the community of nations and that this is harming us as a people.

The problem, obviously, is that they do not want a state for themselves next to Israel and they do not want a non-Muslim state on land that was formerly part of Dar al Islam. What they want, what they've always told us that they want, is Arab sovereignty over the entire region. They simply do not recognize Jewish rights to autonomy, self-determination, and self-defense, and they have been very candid about that from the 1920s onward.

This represents the entire basis of the Long Arab War against the Jews, yet my fellow liberal Jews simply will not recognize it. It's amazing, actually. Liberal Jews simply will not take "no" for an answer and they continue to pretend that the Second Intifada never happened. They absolutely refuse to recognize that the lesson of the Second Intifada, in the early part of the last decade... in which traumatized Israelis experienced the equivalent of a 9/11 every two weeks, or so, for around three years... is that the Palestinians do not want a negotiated settlement.

That is not what they want.

When will you guys wake the fuck up and hear what they are telling you?

When will you recognize that the progressive movement is not your friend and does not represent your interests?  There are many perfectly fine and decent people within the movement, but the movement as a whole is entirely uninterested in the well-being of the Jewish people.  It has to be understood that the progressive movement has given up on the notion of universal human rights, in favor of the multicultural ideal and a repugnant moral relativism, and has thus abandoned Gays, women, and Jews in the Middle East.

We have to, furthermore, read and understand what Palestinian advocates on the Left are saying. Those of you who read Daily Kos need to listen to unspeakable and soysauce and sortalikenathan and simone and the firebadtree person. They are speaking very clearly. I have no problem understanding their message. What they are telling you is this:

Go fuck yourselves.

And why shouldn't that be their message? They do not care about us. They have no interest in the well-being of the Jewish people any more than does your average western progressive. What they want is what the Arabs have always wanted. However much they may dress up their arguments in the language of human rights in order to appeal to a naive western audience, what they want is the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state. And it does not matter to them how many of us die in the process of getting there.

If they wanted peace with a Palestinian state next to the Jewish one then they would join Team Shalom, but they have not. Adalah does not want peace with a Palestinian state next to the Jewish state. If that was what they wanted, then they would tell you that. They do not tell you that, because, like the Palestinians, themselves, that is not what they want.

Is it really this difficult to understand?

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