Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jews Leaving the Democratic Party and the Progressive Left

I come out of the Democratic Party and the progressive-left, but I am done with it.

The simple truth is that Jews should abandon the Democratic Party and the progressive movement for the obvious reason that these people are not our friends and do not represent our interests.  Quite the contrary.

Daily Kos's MiddleClassTraitors wrote a piece, today, asking how it is that conservative Jews are willing to vote against their own economic class interests in favor of Republicans who, he suggests, pay lip-service to support for Israel.

The truth is that conservatives and Republicans support Jewish well-being while "progressives" simply do not.

Whether or not Republicans are better, materially, for the American middle class than are Democrats is a question that I will leave aside, but what I argue is that because the progressive-left and, hence, the Democratic Party have become the political home for anti-Semitic anti-Zionists some Jews are leaving that party and that movement, including me.

Whether it is Daily Kos, or the Huffington Post, or the UK Guardian, the western progressive-left is where anti-Zionism mainly lives. These are progressives providing venues for the spread of hatred toward the Jewish state. They will tell you, of course, that they criticize Israel out of a concern for human rights.

This is false.

The BDS campaign, which uses these venues, is not about "criticism" but about delegitimization. Most anti-Zionists virtually never criticize Israel. They defame it. Furthermore, the very last thing in this world the progressive-left cares about is "human rights." If they cared about human rights or social justice they would concentrate on places in the world that are human rights disasters, such as the Congo or Darfur, but they do not.

Instead, on a daily basis, they pick on, defame, demean, and dehumanize the one, sole, lone Jewish state, even as they justify Jihadi violence against innocent civilians.

It is, in fact, one of the most profound and perverse historical developments that contemporary anti-Semitism actually marches under the banner of human rights. In every generation they have reason to tell one another that the Jews are bad and it always leads to, at least, some level of violence against us. Sometimes it's not so bad and sometimes it is horrific. We do not know where we are heading, just yet.

What we do know is that the rough beast has made a home for itself in the Democratic Party.

{Progressives should be very proud.}

This is MiddleClassTraitor's eminently reasonable response under the name jgorran:

I happen to be the author of the post you referred to. Your background seems very, very familiar. I agree that Israeli bashing has been a favorite past time of the far-left extreme progressives and some of the not so far left. I simply don't buy that republicans who seem to pander to Jewish voters by trying to "out Jew a Jew" by simply mouthing the most extreme statements of support that cost them nothing, should get one's vote. I don't buy that the democratic political establishment is out to destroy Israel. When I see people like Rep. Allen West, Rep. 19th FL advocate for a biblical "greater Israel", I can only assume that he cares more for getting Jewish voters than he does for what happens to Israel.

June 1, 2011 3:13 PM

I certainly agree that the Democratic political establishment is not out to destroy Israel. MiddleClassTraitors and I agree on this. My issue is not so much with the Democratic political establishment as it is with the base of the Democratic Party and the progressive-movement because they provide venues for anti-Zionism and the shrouded anti-Semitism within anti-Zionism.

This is the answer that I have given to MiddleClassTraitor's question. I cannot really speak for conservative Jews or Republican Jews because I am neither. No conservative would consider me a conservative on the issues.

But one thing that I know for sure, as the anti-Zionism and Israel Hate moves from the fringes to the center in Democratic Party circles you will see, more and more, Jewish liberals running for the hills.

We are NOT going to support people who are either actively working to undermine our collective well-being or who are indifferent to the presence, in the Democratic Party or the progressive-left, of those who are.

That is my position and it is a more than reasonable position for anyone who cares about Israel to take.

Liberals can whistle pass the graveyard all they like, but there is a big, big problem with the Democratic Party and the progressive-movement and that problem has a name: anti-Zionism.

(Ask citizen53, he'll tell ya.)

I do not make this stuff up.

I just report the news.

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