Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The I-P Status Quo Will Continue

There's really no way around it.

The status quo will continue because the Arabs have yet to end their war against the Jews. And, indeed, why should they give up on it when they've done such a good job over the decades encouraging the Palestinians to be their surrogate fighters?

The war goes on because the Palestinians refuse to make peace and the Arabs, for the most part, refuse to settle them on Arab land. The reason that Palestinians refuse to make peace is because they are convinced that Haifa and Tel Aviv and Beersheba belong to them. They do not accept Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land and, indeed, refuse to accept Jewish land as anything but their own.

So, yes, the status quo will continue.

Nonetheless, we constantly hear that the status quo is untenable.

Is it?

One of the things that I very much enjoy about having freed myself from political partisanship is that I am able to question political dogma that takes on the character of religious certitude. In other words, if everybody knows something to be true, such as that "the status quo is untenable," there's an excellent chance that the notion is false.

It seems to me that the status quo is very tenable. The status quo in terms of I-P is that the western bank of the Jordan River remains disputed territory. That is the status quo. This is a situation in which Jews and Arabs share that land, but the Jews remain citizens of Israel and the Arabs are, for the most part, under the sovereignty of Fatah, although subject to, in certain places, Israeli checkpoints as required for Israeli security.

Is the continuation of this untenable? Not at all. We've had varying degrees of something quite like this since 1967. It's been 44 years, so why is it suddenly no longer tenable? Of course, it is tenable. This can go on for decade upon decade upon decade. It can go on and on and on well into the future. The Israelis will thrive and build a great country, and continue to rack-up all those Nobel prizes, while the Palestinians of the western bank of the Jordan River, and those who live in Gaza, continue to incite hatred and shoot rockets and blow up their kids in an effort to murder Jewish kids.

This can go on and on and on.

It can, because it has.

Do I prefer it? No.

What I would prefer to see are the Palestinians at last agreeing to the two-state solution and then settling in to build a decent life for themselves and their kids. Unfortunately, this is not what they want. It is what most Israeli Jews want, that much is certain, however there is little to indicate that this is what the Palestinians want.

What they clearly want is victory over the Jews.

For fourteen hundred years the Arabs ruled over us in the Middle East.  We were second class citizens and third class citizens, depending upon just where and when.  We had to pay a special tax, had no say in government, and had no means of self defense.

And that is precisely what they will not get, yet again, any time soon.

And the thing of it is, so many people, so many liberals, Jews and non-Jews, think that Israel can solve this problem by doing this, that, or the other. If only the Jews would comply with Arab racism and have a civil war with itself by trying to shove 500,000 of our brothers and sisters off that land, then there would be peace.

What horrific nonsense.

The Jewish Left continues to delude itself that Israel is the reason why there is no peace in this conflict. The reason for that is Jewish Stockholm Syndrome and the reason behind Jewish Stockholm Syndrome is that it gives one a sense of some control over circumstances. That's the basis of it. If we can only convince our fellow Jews to stand on their heads while playing the kazoo, then it means that we have the power to fix the situation.

But, we don't.

That's the truth.

We cannot have peace if they will not ever be peaceful. We cannot have peace if they always and forever refuse to accept peace through a negotiated settlement. So long as they continue to be willing to sacrifice their own children on the altar of Jew Hatred, then there can be no peace.

The rest of the Arab world doesn't care if Palestinians kill themselves in their efforts to kill Jews, for if they did, they would have offered those Palestinians citizenship in Lebanon and Syria and Egypt, but they refuse to do that. The obvious reason that the Arab states refuse to relieve the Palestinians of refugee status is because they want the Palestinians to be right where they are, on the front line in their holy war, their Jihad, against the Jews.

I do not like it any more than do you, but we have no choice.

Israel, under Netanyahu, yet again called for negotiations without preconditions and the Palestinians, with some encouragement from Barack Obama, refused.

This means that the status quo continues.

Most progressive Jews will never acknowledge the obvious.  I feel bad for them because they earnestly want a resolution and therefore are constantly trying to negotiate with the other side.

And, yet, as we see throughout the Left political blogosphere, the other side, that is non-Jewish progressives who despise Israel, spit on Jewish liberals and constantly drag our characters through the muck.

What a shame.

It's one of the reasons that I have said my goodbyes to the Left.


  1. The ONLY thing that will ever for sure end all this is a crushing decisive victory over the enemy so that, like in most wars, they are forced to sue for peace. This is the way it has been throughout history yet somehow this was never allowed to happen for Israel despite her victories.

    Why make peace when you (Arabs) don't have to? All this pussyfooting around just insures pereptual aggression and continued wars. And does anyone believe that all this Arab Spring border crossing "activism," is anything more than the testing of waters and pushing of envelopes? Other than Soy(destroy Israel)sauce and her cadre of clowns?

  2. Yeah, this is the Daniel Pipes thesis.

    And he may very well be right.