Saturday, October 25, 2014

sophie44 Has Some Words

In the comments under an Elder of Ziyon piece concerning anti-Semitic anti-Zionist Gideon Levy of Ha'aretz, who in the wake of the recent terrorist murder of a baby girl in Jerusalem took the opportunity to tell his readers how "tolerant" the local Arabs are.

sophie44 writes:
Israelis take care of Palestinians in their hospitals - Palestinians use theirs for rocket storage and other terror activities. 
Israel has a large Arab population - Palestinians don't want a single Jew on their land while accusing Israeli Jews of being racists. 
Israelis would choose a two state solution if Palestinians would show themselves to be ready for peace - Palestinians would want a one state solution with not a single Jew in sight. Not Israelis, Jews. 
When an Israeli Jew kills an Arab, the Israelis condemn this murder - when a Palestinian Muslim kills a Jew, Palestinians go out on the streets to celebrate. Preferably shouting that Allah is the greatest. 
Israel bans extremist groups - Palestinians establish them praise them, and then vote for them. When it doesn't turn out so well for themselves, Palestinians do not ask themselves how it happened, instead they wonder why it has targeted them and not the Jews. 
Israel's Christian population has shown an increase - the number of Palestinian continues to drop because of the forced conversions and harassment by Palestinian Muslims. 
Corrupt people go to jail in Israel - Corrupt Palestinians are openly bragging about the money they stole and will continue to steal, while complaining that nobody really cares about them. 
And so the list goes on and on. Palestinians are in fact a very tolerant nation. Tolerant towards murder, theft, incitement, religious extremism, misogyny and Jew-hatred and much much more.
I could not say it better.


  1. Don't bother looking for sympathy, it's waste of everyone's time. Don't bother throwing yourself on their mercy it's an absurdly small target.

    1. But I thought that these people that we are trying to appeal to within the left-leaning Euro-American power structure are humanitarians?

      Y'know, idealists.

      The good guys.