Monday, November 3, 2014

School Calls For Calm As Nerds Provoke Bullies

I do not know if you guys are familiar with Preoccupied Territory, but you should be.

Whoever runs that joint is doing some very good satire, including this most recent piece concerning tensions at the Temple Mount.
School Calls For Calm As Nerds Provoke Bullies By Entering Library

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, November 3 – Nerds and bullies clashed today at a local school when geek extremists visited the third-most-important bully hangout site without permission.

The clashes began when a Poindexter study group entered the school library with pencils and notebooks. According to agreements already in place, nerds are allowed to visit the library but not use it to study.
I love it.

What's disconcerting is not so much that Mahmoud Abbas and his people think that the mere presence of Jews on Judaism's holiest site represents an invasion of unclean, satanic forces, but that virtually no one in the west - aside from Jews - even bother to take this kind of absolutely over-the-top Arab anti-Jewish racism into account when considering the conflict.

Abbas (like Arafat before him and the Mufti before him) loves to accuse Jews of "invading" the Temple Mount.  So-called "Palestinian nationalists" love to accuse Jews of digging underneath it in order to erode its fundamental structural support.  And, yet, the west absolutely refuses to even acknowledge these never-ending expressions of outright racism, which often takes the form of genocidal racism, from the Arab majority population.

The hypocrisy is so astounding that it becomes impossible to take most left-leaning westerners seriously on this subject... and therefore any subject.

The Democratic Party and the western progressive-left hold the Jews of Israel responsible for Arab-Muslim malice towards us.

It is better to acknowledge painful, but obvious truths, than it is to remain enamored of comforting illusions.

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