Tuesday, March 22, 2016




  1. I don't know what to tell you guys.

    I am exhausted.

    We all hoped that Political Islam did not have the power to actually invade the West, but it's clearly turning out to be otherwise.

    The liberal West needs to face the fact that Political Islam is going to kick its ass unless it fights back.

    It is really that simple.

    1. Mike,
      Surely you know that fighting them will only make them angry. What if we accidentally kill civilians in the enemy's proximity? That will be a big recruitment tool for them, because people in that part of the world apparently can't think for themselves and have no moral agency. They would happily join the people who are killing and raping them, because they too believe in Allah and whereas we are infidels.

  2. It's a very, very, long war, Mike.
    Not a short one. No way round that. For Europe, that is.

    1. I kind of hate to say this, but Europe is in big trouble.

      You know this better than me.

      Like many Jewish people I have exceedingly mixed feeling asbout Europe, for pretty obvious reasons.

      Europe gave us both the Enlightenment and the Holocaust.

      I am a huge fan of the former.

      But I feel reasonably sure that within 20 years, or less, Europe will not be the place that we knew... and it will be continually less friendly toward Jews.

  3. "Canoness Julie ‎@milky_candy

    "#Brussels Teacher complaining about muslim kids celebrating the attacks. Gets told by authorities to not complain
    12:30 PM - 22 Mar 2016"


  4. This is all George Bush and Israel's fault.


    1. Oh, I though that maybe it was George Washington's fault.

  5. Angela Merkel is an enemy to the people of Europe and should be driven not only from office, but from the mainland continent, entirely.

    I bet that they could find a nice little spot for her on the island of Elba.

  6. They are saying Brussels was warned about the impending attacks but did nothing. Perhaps this sign exists in their spy offices:


    1. I am associated with Vocal Europe, a publication out of Brussels.

      I haven't even looked to see what they are saying about it, but will have to do so soon.

      This is just sickening.

      It is time to stand the hell up whether anyone likes it or not.

    2. I'm just watching Kelly O'Donnell reporting from Brussels on MSNBC. In the background are flowers and candles...and two Palestinian flags being flown for the cameras. That is the imagery, that's the chutzpah, that is how twisted and sordid it has become. That is the flag that represents the bringing of terrorism to the wider world. It is the flying of the swastika after a tragedy, and it symbolizes a Europe hoisted on its own petard.

    3. I would delete this comment and start over.

      I saw it and it was sick and showed the type of hatred that, if more widely disseminated, would help balance things and show what Jews, unlike non-Jews, have to bear.

    4. School, of course, is referring to a comment by someone else that I did delete. That commentator is a valued member of this site, and I understand that people's blood is up, but I need to maintain the integrity of this space.

      Hey, I love vulgarity as much as the next guy, but it doesn't reflect well on us.

    5. That woman who tore the Israeli flag at the memorial square, and covered it with the Palestinian flag, was despicable, and that may be the nicest thing I could say about her!

      To see the overall outpouring from the attacks is sad. The well-intentioned without a clue. Who actually believe the golden rule is the human norm.

      We all agree with the aspiration of a globe in peace and harmony. But it is foolish to live as if it exists. Especially for a Jew. What is worse is when try to force the reality into a box in which it will never fit. Given free choice, we see how humans decide. The well-intentioned are a good example. They will coerce to get their way. They will practice discrimination by obsessing against Zionists as devils on Earth. These wrongs are tolerable. If only they would not pretend to be pure, or that their actions are any more justifiable than the ones they fault.

      More important, so sad that they ignore what provides them opportunity to act so detrimentally, and that they are too smart to see how they are helping its demise, so that humans may return to the norm, where there was despotic power and individual self-determination was unknown.

  7. I don't live in Europe though some of my family does. I don't have a dog in this fight. They worked hard to evolve this society, they ushered it in. Not all of them but enough. And all the people in Europe telling me "Well it's not us, it's our leaders" all I can suggest is get different ones. Or don't. Your call. Because it's not just the people vociferously voting for Merkel or whomever. It's the millions of people who shrug and sort of accept it and appreciate it but who for their own reasons turned a blind or not so blind eye. I used to experience this thinking in Austria decades ago. No one you ever met ever had anything to do with the Nazis. Nope, it was always those other people in the next town. I used to experience this in Italy. You could never find anyone who supported the Red Army Faction. Nope, it was always those other people in the communist press, no one here, sorry. I experienced the same thing in Greece. Everyone hated the military junta. Nope they get no support from us, you should talk to someone else and I never heard of anyone you could talk to anyway, go away. I experienced the same thing in Turkey. Sorry I don't support the PLO, I never met anyone who did. Ever. It was always someone else. I experienced the same thing in Egypt, in South Africa, in Mozambique, in Nigeria, in Cote d'Ivoire, in Angola.

    Everywhere you go everyone's a hero. Everyone's pure. There are no bad guys. No communists, no fascists, no Islamists, no maniacs, no mercenaries, no child soldiers. The crazies are all in your head. Nope, sorry no one like that here.

    But what are those screams? What's that pillar of smoke and flames over there? Why is that guy covered in blood and why does the radio run around the clock telling people murder everyone? Who ARE these people and why don't you do something about it? Why can I buy an RPG-7 for $10 American? WTF is wrong with you people?

    And that's when it stopped being my problem too.

  8. Obama out of the closet.

    (hat tip/EoZ)

    1. Jeff,
      Corbyn on the same theme:
      On Soundcloud.


      I think people who have immersed themselves in the ideology of the hard-left -and I would include Obama in that - have the ultimate goal that Israel should not exist in its present state. I tend to believe that they - as Corbyn says - think it should never have been established at all, and that the future must include a completely different reality. Whether they truly believe that Jews would be safe in a bi- national state is anyone's guess. Many of them probably wouldn't care. Others would be deluded that "everyone can get along." It's no surprise to hear this from Obama. None at all.
      And that's going to be his obsession after leaving office...how interesting. And how dangerous.

  9. Here's another link worth reading.


  10. OT

    Why the Bernie video? Do you agree that it is a fair description of Trump, or do you see it as a counter example of demagoguery?

    1. That's a good question, Jeff, and I suppose that the answer is that I don't want to play team sports.

      I think that Sanders' attack on Trump is vapid and unfair, but I also think that Trump has excelled at sticking his feet in his mouth and has been arrogant as hell.

      I still resent him for his comments concerning Fiorina's looks.

      I have to tell ya, I think I may sit this campaign out.

      I mean, obviously I am going to chime in and say pretty much whatever I want - and Trump has not lost me entirely because I do believe that we need a strong anti-Islamist president - but I am not a fan of either political party.

      The Democratic Party has, in my opinion, betrayed the Jewish people, but that does not mean that I need to be a Republican or not give Democratic candidates a voice... however small on our little blog.

    2. The Donald is quite shallow in that way, going after peoples looks, and it puts people off. I don't think he fully appreciates that fact in part due to his adoring fans.

      What I do see in Trump is the same as what you say, and that he is not nearly as conservative as Cruz who is a take no prisoners ideologue IMO.
      When Conservatives say Tump is not really one of them, they're not kidding. But he is disturbing in several other ways, as well as entertaining.

      Unfortunately, right now Cruz and Trump are the only hope of what you call a strong anti-Islamist president. Hillary is not going there, and Bernie is Bernie.

  11. "Terror alert after Belgian nuclear plant guard is murdered and his security pass is stolen amid concerns terrorists are plotting an attack on power station

    Security guard at a Belgian nuclear plant was murdered in Charleroi area
    When he was found, his security pass for site had been taken from him
    Officials quickly cancelled his security pass so nobody could try to use it
    Nuclear power plants are known to be targets for the terror network behind the Brussels bombings

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3510384/Belgian-nuclear-plant-guard-murdered-security-pass-stolen-two-days-Brussels-attacks.html#ixzz441nMhNcb

    Matter of time....

    1. Sometimes when there's a power outage I silently wonder, is this it?

      Seems we have a long way to go, but then again.

      At least in the old days there was not so easy capacity to do so much damage.

    2. I strongly believe that sooner or later these animals will achieve a nuke attack of some kind.

  12. The question you should ask is not when 'they' will get an atomic weapon and use it, it should be will there any left in charge with the stomach and the spine to respond?