Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Stabbings...They Missed Joe Biden


There  were a lot of stabbings today, many more than usual. What made them unique was the fact that one happened nearby Joe Biden's visit.

"US Vice President Joe Biden was in the area at the time of the attack - visiting the Peres Center for Peace located approximately a mile away (2 kilometers) from where the first stabbing occurred."

One victim, the only one killed, was also an American tourist. Can you imagine if that  victim had been Biden? Think Palestinian terrorists would get the blame? Probably not. The blame would likely go to Israeli security and within minutes, the lefty nutbars would be saying false flag and other conspiracy bull. You know it's true.

The only good thing to come of these latest events is this: 
Stabbing victim pulls knife out of own neck, kills terrorist
Hamas is, of course, celebrating the attacks. One terrorist stabbed 12 people! Twelve!

 Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital said it received six victims, one in critical condition, two in moderate condition and two suffering from lighter wounds. The hospital’s medical director confirmed that one of the victims was a pregnant woman. Another of the victims was an Arab Israeli — Jaffa is a mixed city with a sizable Arab population — and one a Palestinian man who was residing in Israel illegally, Channel 2 reported.
A pregnant woman and two Arabs: some brilliant brave hero Hamas, you idiots and genocidal jerks.

How long can this go on? Well, forever it looks like unless Israel starts doing the really tough stuff it needs to which the "world community," will hate even if it saves Jewish lives. Of course that community has never cared about Jewish lives so far have they?

And so it goes.


  1. Israel should capture as many of these people as they can, handcuff them to bike racks and hand out bats and chains to passers by.

    1. I'm inclined to favor stitching them up inside a wild pig carcass and burying them alive.

      Apparently that voids the paradise/virgin guarantee.

  2. "“I was sitting down playing guitar and I heard screaming from across the street,” said Yishai who was interviewed on Channel 2. “I saw a man run at me with a knife, I ran at him with the guitar and smashed it on his head. He was so stunned and didn’t know what to do with himself and then started running away.”


  3. Is anyone really surprised?


    1. No. Not at all. He seems to have a fairly Chomskyan view of the world. Why does anyone think so many uber progressives - who happen to hate Israel - are supporting him?
      And that was an amazing result. So it will be really interesting to see how he does in the next states. Also interesting, but not desirable, to see if Israel now becomes a major debating point in the Democratic race. That can only be a bad thing. Really bad.

    2. A Sanders nomination, never mind a presidency, would have antisemites coming out of every corner like cockroaches. They talk about how crazy Trump is, but the people I see on Facebook who back Bernie are like religious fanatics. They are not thinking. They are repeating mantras.
      I hate Facebook, but have had to log on lately because of business.

    3. *Every* corner.
      I'm afraid that is true.

      If you've got time, there is a 5 minute video available of Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics Show interviewing Gerry Downing. Mr Downing wrote the article linked below. Along with many others of a similar tone. Mr Downing believes we should help ISIS and that 9/11 should "never be condemned."
      He has recently been readmitted into the Labour party, and has now been re-expelled following a certain amount of outrage. He is emphatically " not anti-Semitic." Not in the least!


      I can't get the link to the video right but you can find it at SussexFriendsIsrael Twitter. Or Nick Cohen's Twitter.

    4. Correction:

      In link, that should read "concretely" not "convincingly."
      Do read it, it's breathtaking.

    5. k,
      The Downing video has now made it to EoZ and to UKMediaWatch.

      If that clown was smart he'd be hitting the college circuit: there's good money to be made in speaking fees.

    6. Indeed.
      Colleges would love him.

  4. "The anti-Semites' greatest success is convincing people that hating Israel is a sign of left-wing authenticity."

    Couldn't agree more.

  5. http://forward.com/news/breaking-news/335326/israelis-prefer-hillary-clinton-to-bernie-sanders-by-2-1-margin/

    showing what I've been saying: Bernie is another self-hater who thinks anti-Semitism only exists post 1945 because of Israel. And why I'm tempted to give Hillary another chance. To nominate Sanders is to let Noam Chomsky and Mearsheimer/Walt near the WH.

  6. I am really sad about what is happening.I also dislike verbal violence on the net.Ad hominem arguments are not a good idea.How I see it is if someone is left wing they feel they have to take the whole package and it saves them from having to think.One can be left wing without hating Israel.But you need to think.It's not all b
    lack and white but when we are under threat we tend to go that way.Please don't verbally assault me.The fact I am reading this shows I seek to know as much ax I can.I do hope the violent attacks cease soon.

    1. You are welcome here.

      We want alternative voices.

      Choose an identity outside of "anonymous" and simply say what you think.

      Try to be nice.

  7. "Yariv Oppenheimer, leader of the Peace Now organization, condemned terror victim Yonatan Azarihab, who was wounded in a stabbing attack on Tuesday, for killing his assailant in the course of the attack.

    Oppenheimer took to Twitter on Wednesday, blasting what he termed the “execution” of terrorists who were killed while carrying out violent attacks on Tuesday in Jaffa and Petach Tikva.This is how it goes from neutralizing terrorists to execution without trial”, Oppenheimer wrote about the incidents."


    You know what? F**k Peace Now and other crazy morons who think like this. Being a Jew is NOT a suicide thing. F**king idiots. THEY are part of the reason Jews are being killed almost daily in their homeland.

  8. OT

    "California Dreaming' " as most great songs about California was written in NYC. :0)