Tuesday, May 23, 2017

After Manchester


What to do after Manchester? What to do after any of these attacks? Weep and post Facebook messages and memes and sadly admit it's the new normal? That is what is likely given what we have seen to date. The problem is, of course, we are hoist on our own petard of Democracy, Liberalism and inclusiveness. Our fatal flaws. But they should not be a suicide pact.

The Western world has to administer some zero tolerance and tough love. Left alone, Islam is not going to reform itself. So maybe we need to do it for them in the interest of national safety. Trump tried a relatively tame scheme and was roasted for it so how likely is it for anything with real teeth to succeed? Unlikely, of course.

We should start with zero tolerance for the Jihad. Laws should be passed that make incitement to violent Jihad a high crime punishable by long imprisonment and deportation where possible. This would include jihad preachers, social media posters, sellers of such material etc. Mosques which engage in the rhetoric should be closed and their preachers jailed. Internet providers and social media which allow such stuff should be made to pay for their collaboration by jail and or stiff monetary fines/restitution.

The perp in Manchester was "known to the police." As were almost all of the recent perps elsewhere. Lots of good it did under current laws. Perhaps if laws existed making possession of jihad materials highly illegal, these guys could have been in jail instead of killing people. As it is now, lawmakers have to wait until they kill first. Senseless.

There are hundreds of other thing which would also help but I can already see the hysteria that would erupt at even the few sensible suggestions I have made. Unfortunately, dead innocents is the price most governments are willing to pay to be seen as Liberal and Democratic. This applies everywhere, even in Israel which at least has the excuse of worrying about the International community's reactions to its self defense.

We don't need to demonize and punish Muslims; just those who would kill us or offer support for those who would.


  1. Terrorism Persists Because It Has Been Rewarded:
    by Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz, 2017/5/23


    Why Israel’s 1967 Borders
    are Undefendable


    Ancient Roman historians
    connected Jews with the Land of Israel


  2. "If the Mafia offered bounties to kill its opponents, no one would sympathize with those who made the offer. Yet the Palestinian leadership that does the same thing is welcomed and honored throughout the world."


    1. In the case of the Jews there is always an excuse. In this case it's the supposed mistreatment of the very historically important Palestinian people whom no one had ever heard of until the Jews made the desert bloom, or as comedian Larry Miller said, started growing oranges the size basketballs.

  3. You take a harder rhetorical line than I would, but I definitely agree that the spreading of political Islam is in direct opposition to the well-being of the citizenry of the US.

    I also, therefore, think that the administration needs to make it very clear that the US is not opposed to Muslim immigration into the US. No. We are only opposed to jihadi immigration into the US and that is why this country will (or should) pursue a policy of adequate vetting.

    To do otherwise is to neglect the primary responsibility of the federal government which is the safety of its citizenry.

    1. If I had Trump's ear I would agree with the idea of "extreme vetting" for Muslim foreign nationals seeking residence in the US and would advocate for the surveillance of domestic mosques in cases of reasonable cause.

      As for the domestic front the sticky part is the last two words of the last sentence.

      I tell ya one thing, tho, my dear Doodad, I think that Manchester will go straight down the memory hole along with Orlando and all the rest.

      It's ho-hum at this point.

      That is, most westerners honestly do not give a shit.

    2. Mike, do you suppose one day Manchester will name some important building/agency after the scumbag who did this? Funded by the UN and say, Norway?

      "In another show of admiration for terrorist murderers and according to the Palestinian Authority's policy of presenting them as role models for Palestinian youth, the Palestinian NGO "Women's Technical Affairs Committee" (WTAC) has named a youth center for women after the terrorist murderer who led the most lethal attack in Israel's history.
      The Dalal Mughrabi Center is a joint initiative of the NGO, the PA, the UN, and the Norwegian government! The center's name sign prominently includes the logos of:
      - The PA Ministry of Local Government
      - UN Women
      - The Norwegian Representative Office to the PA
      The center, which was inaugurated last week, is named after the terrorist who in 1978 led a group of terrorists who hijacked a bus and killed 37 Israelis, among them of these 12 children:"


  4. Clearly nothing will be done. This wasn't a meteor that fell out of space. It was an attack fomented in a society that promotes this sort of thing. When this happens every other week in Pakistan we shrug and say well that's how those people are. What makes you think that Manchester is fundamentally different or that the people there are?

  5. "A Muslim community worker has said that members of the public called the police anti-terrorism hotline warning about the Manchester suicide bomber’s extreme and violent views several years ago. "


    But they did nothing because there are so many of the SOB's and no effective laws until they actually kill. Pull a Capone on them. Get 'em for something else.

  6. OT
    Thanks for posting "April Come She Will." It always reminds me of the film "The Graduate."

  7. There are 400-1000 Isis fighters returned to Britain walking around free. There are 3500 suspected Terrorists walking around free in Britain. Guess what's gonna happen?

    1. I know.

      I have to say, tho, my sympathy for Western Europeans has its limits.

  8. In the meantime American justice dhimmis upheld the block on Trump's temporary travel ban. How many ISIS murderers are packing their bags as we speak? Any American who dies in the next attack or has one of their precious children killed can thank these simple minded judges (and the mindless leftist/Liberal clowns who empower them.)

  9. Manchester is defiant, proud and carrying on....except for a bunch of dead kids and others, of course. But they are dead. It isn't about them, is it?

    1. Doodad,
      You should like this:

      I think we would all agree this is, as the Brits say, spot on, or as Mike would say, Acknowledging the Obvious.

    2. Good article Jeff. Thanks.

  10. Shoot. I take all this stuff back. Sorry, Elders, I didn't realize it was you guys who did this. My bad.