Friday, May 19, 2017

The Galling Hypocrisy of Jewish Trump Haters

Michael Lumish

This is basically a note to a Facebook acquaintance who specializes in advancing the "progressive-left" Wall of Hatred.

Part of what bothers me about the current conversation around Trump and Jews and Israel is the never-ending blatant hypocrisy.

In fact, what pisses me off about the nature of the conversation now is the very same thing that pissed me off about the nature of the conversation when Obama was in office.

That is, while Obama was running "the show" in the United States most Jews didn't really care that he supported the Muslim Brotherhood, despite the fact that the Brotherhood called for the conquest of Jerusalem which is nothing less than calling for an Arab genocide of the Jews of the Middle East.

Per my ongoing conversation with Jonathan Eron I want to say loud and clear that, yes, Barack Obama did, in fact, support the Muslim Brotherhood. Eron, and not for the first time, has called me a liar for saying so, but the historical record on this matter is clear.

Barack Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here is a quote from The Atlantic in a June 3, 2009, article written by Marc Ambinder entitled,"'Brotherhood' Invited To Obama Speech By U.S."

Ambinder writes:

"A sign that the Obama administration is willing to publicly challenge Egypt's commitment to parliamentary democracy: various Middle Eastern news sources report that the administration insisted that at least 10 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the country's chief opposition party, be allowed to attend his speech in Cairo on Thursday."

This, of course, represents just one small way in which the Obama administration supported an organization that, itself, supported the Nazis.

So, for those of you who despise Trump but enjoyed getting violated by Barack Obama, here is a clue:

The more that people like you shit all over Donald Trump the more I like the guy.

There are a few reasons for this. One is the obvious hypocrisy of your position. You honestly do not care that Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood despite the fact that the Brotherhood has been screaming for the genocide of the Jews since the time of  Hassan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb who wrote "Our Struggle Against the Jews."

Anyway, let's start a list and we can add to it each time that you spread around your toxic hatred.

1) Obama supported the Brotherhood.

2) Obama lobbied for UN 2334 which robs the Jewish people of our patrimony on the land of our ancestors.

And, for the moment, let's add:

3) Obama supported the empowerment of Iran and normalized their gaining of nuclear weaponry within the coming few years.

But the thing of it is since I know that Eron and the Haters are doing everything they possibly can to derail this presidency no matter what he does, it creates considerable sympathy in my heart for the guy.

So, I have to say, you're doing a terrific job.

I did not vote for either Trump or Hillary, but now I am beginning to wish that I had voted for Trump out of sympathy for the poor bastard due to the fact that poisonous wretches puke vomit on him on a daily basis.

From where I sit, by throwing such garbage at the guy continually you have essentially immunized him from criticism.



  1. Mike,
    It's not just a disdain for Trump, but for a significant part of the electorate, you know, all those pig farmers.
    You cannot get these guys to look at Obama objectively. For many of them Trump is the antithesis of Obama. It plays out in the media every day. They will never believe that opposition to Obama can be anything but racist at its core or that any support for anything Trump is anything else but racism, fascism or any other word robbed of its meaning to suit their agenda. Political conversation in this country has been reduced to tribalistic mush. Are any of these people actually looking at the future Obama had planned, i.e., the logical consequences of his policies? It seems impossible for the establishment to consider that voters noticed Trump's flaws and voted for him anyway. SNL prefers to think of them as stupid bigots rather than Trump being a logical consequence of their own mischief.

    1. And yes, Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Brotherhood is Nazi. So is his other project, Iran.

      Mark Steyn did a story about Sayyid Qutb's stay in the USA. Qtub wrote of an incident wherein he witnesses first-hand the lax morals of America - men and women with loose morals in provocative clothing touching each other provocatively while dancing - it was a church social in a dry town in Colorado.

    2. Y'know, I have a tendency - as you may have noticed - to harp on the Brotherhood. But I simply fail to see how any American president can support the Muslim Brotherhood while in any way also claiming to a friend to either Israel or the Jewish people.

      To think otherwise is simply irrational.

      Now, one might argue that Obama had good reason for courting the Brotherhood during the "Arab Spring," but this is not denying the support, but justifying it.

      And the thing is, I am open to arguments on just why Obama's outreach to Muhammad Morsi made sense at the time, but don't - as they say - piss on my head and tell me that its raining.

      And, I tell ya, I am not going to dump all over Donald Trump so long as everyone and his brother is doing so on a daily basis. It takes ZERO moral integrity to stand against Trump.

      Gee, what a rebel I am! I stand with the New York Times!


      For all I know Trump takes Palestinian children as a palate cleanser between courses during lunch. But even if they reported it I will never know because I am sick to death of wasting my time chasing down bullshit.

    3. I fail to see how an American president can court the MB while claiming to be for an open and just society, or democracy. This could only be in any way excused had the MB been the ruling party in Egypt at the time, because presidents have to deal with foreign governments as they exist. The Brotherhood, however, was certainly not in power, and Obama made it possible for them to come to power. Looking at that and his prostrating himself to the Iranian mullahs makes a sane man wonder how anyone could call him a champion of the people, freedom, or anything Americans have traditionally regarded as good and right.

      EXTRA: Hillary supporter and friend of Israel, Alan Dershowitz, appeared on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox tonight and destroyed both the so-called Russia scandal and the firing of James Comey. You can see the repeat again tonight at 8:00 PDT. I think the interview was around 8:20pm or so. In any case, you'll be able to find it on youtube later tonight I'm sure.

      Again, I can criticize Trump for attempting another round of "peace" processing and/or not moving the embassy. But that won't get him denounced at the NYT, CNN, or, as I saw in Caroline Klick's JP article this morning, MSNBS. (I'm still wondering if that was a Freudian slip.)

    4. I know I typed Glick, not Klick.

  2. Whenever I wonder why some politician does crazy stuff that creates a cognitive dissonance about what he CLAIMS, I repeat that old reliable phrase, "fellow travelers," and am comforted that I have at least some clue. The other answer is often "whackadoodle."

  3. too much of the Reform movement peddles the idea that we Jews should see ourselves in members of other "oppressed" groups, as if anti-Semitism isn't unique. Hence how "tikkun olam" has been corrupted.

    Plus, many of our Reform brothers barely know any Jewish traditions or history. I think fixing this is one of the best ways to solve the self-defeating Jewish progressivism so prevalent..

  4. Tuvia Tenenbom, in his new book about USA, describes these Jews to a tee, and their cognitive dissonance.

    "The Lies They Tell." Not just about Jews, and not a pretty picture these days.

    And "Catch the Jew!" is even more devastating when it comes the frauds perpetuated against Jews, particularly by progressive humanitarian racists.

  5. Not to mention the new Shorenstein report that reveals the extreme bias of their mentality, as they destroy diversity of thought and opinion.

  6. Michael. I like your writing. I look for it daily. I generally agree with you.
    This time however, I disagree. I think one can have valid reasons for seriously disliking each guy.

    1. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that there are not valid reasons to dislike Trump. What I am saying is that it becomes exceedingly difficult to judge the guy fairly when they continually throw every single piece of garbage that they can find at the guy.

  7. More proof Trump is unfit to be president:
    Shows blatant disrespect for vibrant Muslim customs in Saudi Arabia!
    Melania and Ivanka not wearing hijab! Has Jared and Ivanka (filthy yahood) soiling the holy land of the Prophet with their presence! Impeach!

  8. CNN just announced Comey NOW believes the prez was trying to influence him. He didnt before but now he does. The freaking deep state weasel. I don't know guys..twilight freaking zone.

    1. Tried to influence him? For what? He could direct him. The FBI as well as the DOJ are part of the executive branch. The president is the executive.

    2. I know Jeff. I hope he gets torn a new one when he testilies after Memorial Day.

    3. Let's not forget that the denizens of parsing every word finely are talking about a man who, at the time was a private citizen of the US and not the president.

      Huge Difference.

    4. Michael, we are on the same wavelength, and I really respect your opinions, but you are wrong about this. Today King Salman introduced the President. Included in Salman's speech was the glorification of Sharia. The President while criticizing radical Islam failed to condemn sharia as the ideology that is behind radical Islam. Add this to Trump's refusal to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and what we have here is a president who is no better than the last one. At least Obama didn't share Israeli intelligence with the Russians as Trump did.

    5. Who did Obama share that intelligence with?

  9. I tend not to jump onto bandwagons of hatred.

  10. Y'know, I did not start off with heavy criticism of Obama either. I voted for the guy and it took me at least a year before I started making my criticisms. Even then I felt confident in those criticisms and not everyone was making them. I am just exceedingly wary of pack mentalities and it has been clear since months before the election that they were out to get this guy.

  11. Neither do I. I hated Obama from the git-go. And as for Trump, it was a tossup as to who was more dangerous to the world in general - him or Hill. But she's gone, and he's in charge - for now.

  12. Watching live Prez Trump landing in Israel. Historic!

  13. It used to be that when I read the news I would get a story.

    I would place that story into the larger context of my understanding of the particular issue.

    This is not how it works, anymore.

    Now when I get my news - wherever I get my news - it's like a long, harsh, howl of self-righteous indignation.

  14. Randall, I go back-and-forth in my head on how I want to respond to Trump.

    I know that he was treated like absolute dogshit from the moment that he began his campaign.

    I know that his enemies - which include the NYT, the WAPO, the Democratic Party, and the European Union - launched a smear campaign against the guy in the months leading up to the election.

    I know that when I have chased down many of the screaming headlines concerning Trumpian evil what I have discovered is generally mush.

    But most importantly, I have sat back and watched mass-hysteria built on the social construction of hatred for political purposes and then seen people get into my face, filled with indignation, for failing to share their hatred.

    The hatred that people have nurtured and bounced off of one another and expanded into ridiculous proportions.


    It looks as if he is letting us down on the embassy move.

    That's a big swing and a miss.

    But all he has to do is not sign the waiver that is coming up, if I am not mistaken, on June 1.

    If he does sign that waiver it will represent a clear betrayal.

  15. An anti-Trump friend explained it all to me. No NORMALIZATION of Trump or anything he does. If this means fake news, lies, guilty until proven innocent or following the constitutional laws then so be it. Ending him trumps everything.

    The latest is a meme that Melania slapped his hand away on the red carpet in Israel cause she hates him bla bla. Of course no mention that a few moments later in that clip she IS holding his hand. Man, that hate/disgust didn't last long. Some women are saying it's a"low five," a gesture many couples understand. I dont know but common sense says that if you are holding a man's hand moments later you probably weren't rebuffing him moments before. My experience with women says it takes a lot longer than that for reconciliation. So, once again fake news in support of a nasty agenda that has gone on since before his election.

    Regarding the waiver I'm pretty sure he will give in and sign it. This "peace initiative," thing is the first thing that has given him presidential stature and glory. He's not gonna waste it by moving the embassy and igniting all that stuff. I will be sorely disappointed but I will understand. He, like every other President has fallen for the siren call of peace in the middle east.

  16. No normalization? Is your friend a Palestinian? Lol
    A whole lot of what's, but short on the why's. And as Mike said, when we trace down the why's there's not much there- a big nothing burger. This is the tribal politics we live with now. Sad.
    Seriously, your friend's response to Trump sounds like the Khartoum and the Arab League's famous three no's.

  17. No. Just a typical lefty Trump hater.Probably learned the normalization bit off the internet. Lot of that word out there among the haters. Van Jones was called out for it for saying Trump's speech to Congress was "presidential." Several guests on news talk shows have also been so accused. Part of the meme now I guess.

  18. It's also highly authoritarian.

    This is elections be damned, my way or the highway behavior.

    Any residual respect that I once held for the Democratic party is now dead.

    They've done a terrible disservice to the country and it is, in fact, illiberal.

    There is a lack of respect for the electoral process and when you throw antifa and the street violence into the mix you get something that looks rather... fascistic.

  19. Newest fake news, demonize Trump attack centres on Ivanka..

    When you read the story you realize that they don't even bother to try and fat check anymore...just run with it because that's what their base wants. There is NO shame.

    Here's another!

    The higher echelon Dems are of course Mike starting to walk back impeachment talk. I don't believe for a minute it's because they are principled guys/gals who realize they've got a nothingburger but are worried about how it will make them look eventually.

    Ultimately we have learned it's not about the good of Democracy but the insatiable will to power. That should scare all reasonable Liberals as much as any Trump policy.

  20. Timely article on our recent discussion:

    : Refusing To Allow Neutrality On Trump Will Not End Well
    When we’re sternly admonished that you’re for Trump unless you make it clear you’re against him, the central Trumpist axiom about the danger of political correctness is affirmed....“There is a deeply anti-democratic undercurrent to much of the criticism of the new president, borne aloft by an assumption that democracy is too important to be left to the voters.”