Friday, July 21, 2017

Why is Reem Assil Glorifying a Murderer of Jews?

Michael Lumish

What bothers me most about the fact that Reem's Restaurant and Bakery (510-852-9390) at the Fruitvale BART Station is promoting the murder of innocent Jewish people is the fact that local Jewish organizational leadership does not seem to care.

I find this sad and pathetic.

Stand With Us - which is an important group, I guess - apparently has more important things to do then concern itself with this.

The reason is because they have limited resources and, ya know, shaddup!

It is difficult for me to describe this moment in local political history because I have never experienced what - at least in some small measure - it must have been like for Jewish Berliners in the early 1930s.

I keep suggesting that the installation of Reem's at the Fruitvale BART Station is something akin to requiring Jewish people to pass storefront signs reading, "No Jews Allowed."

This, as has been pointed out to me, is not a good analogy.

It is, in fact, more akin to requiring Jewish people to pass storefront signs reading, "We are going to fucking kill you."


  1. My suspicion is that the reason local leadership refuses to acknowledge this issue is because, in their minds, they do not want to make "mountains out of molehills." I also think that this took them off-guard and that they are in the midst of more elite confrontations around BDS issues with the various states.

    In the mean time, tho, I still have to walk by a smiling face that would see me dead.

  2. Is there advertising space there for a photo poster of the Grand Mufti and Hitler, with the caption, "the father of Palestinian aspirations with his good friend, Adolph Hitler," or "Rasmea Odeh's inspiration standing with his good friend, Adolph Hitler." ?

  3. Or should that be "standing with his good friend and feminist, Adolph Hitler?"

  4. Reem is worse than any Nazi. They were honest about their Jew hate. She and her buds are freaking liars and shills.

  5. Nobody cares. Maybe they'll start caring if someone opened a joint with Meir Kahane, and Baruch Goldstein murals. I bet the'll be screaming and picketing round the clock.
    Jewish progressives will lead the mob.
    Maxine for president.

    1. Maxine is one of the great moral scolds and corrupt hypocrites in America today. And she pronounces the word impeach "impaych." And apparently her job pays extremely well.

  6. Far from the action, so this is easy to say. Reems should be picketed with something about the Palestinian murders. It's just like Rasmea Odeh! Have the feeling that most people in Oakland will not learn about the killing of Jews as they prayed.