Saturday, January 6, 2018

Iranian Women Stand Up



  1. How it is that western feminists in the early twentieth-century turned their back on the women of the Middle East will be of great discussion for historians.

  2. Shame on the world at large for not supporting these women and ALL Iranians wanting to throw off the shackles of theocratic dictators squandering heir wealth on terrorism.

  3. How? It's simple. Anything even remotely connected to to the west must be hated.

  4. This is a reason why people increasingly stop listening to progressive voices that could care less. Too absorbed in kissing Sarsour's you know what.

    Susan Rice epitomises: "Be Quiet!"

    Great to see Sabo has struck again in Hollywood before the Golden Globes.

    In a Vice Youtube interview, Sabo said he “snapped” around the year 2000 because he felt the media was persecuting Republicans and making him feel like a “dick.” He said he saw a vacuum for right leaning counter culture artists and felt the need to fill the void.

    “I’m not even a conservative, I’m just not a leftist,” Sabo said in the interview. “I consider myself a right-leaning 1960’s liberal.”

    He could do quite a number on the progressives and feminists when it comes to Iran.