Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Friend Stands Up

Michael Lumish

I am no longer a Democrat, but it is important for the pro-Jewish / pro-Israel community to support those Democrats who are opposing the antisemitic anti-Zionist trend growing within their party.

Susan George - who is not Jewish - was one of the speakers at the vigils at Reem's racist restaurant in Oakland.


  1. https://www.dailywire.com/news/27911/radical-left-jews-defend-anti-semitic-womens-march-ben-shapiro

    Fortunately for some of those Jewish members, intersectionality means never having to say boo about anti-Semitism. Rabbi Jill Jacobs, a charter Women’s March member, stated, “What [Farrakhan] said is disgusting and inexcusable.” She then proceeded to excuse the Women’s March leaders for backing Farrakhan: “I don’t think that one can dismiss the entire movement, and certainly not the entire progressive world, because of a statement by one person or two people.” Judy Levey of the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs told Forward, “People don’t always express themselves on every single issue in ways that we would be comfortable, but it’s really important that when we share values, we work together to raise up the urgent issues that we all face.”

    That’s certainly an interesting argument coming from the same people who suggested that conservatives who voted for President Trump were betraying Jews thanks to Trump’s blindness to the alt-right. And it’s an even more interesting argument coming from the same people who use group identity to claim victimhood so as to join the intersectional coalition.

    1. Of course, you are right, Trudy.
      Did it ever occur to any of these chuckleheads that having antisemitism or those willing to make excuses for it in your movement might be completely unacceptable? And that defending those women who look up to Calypso Louie might get you the reputation of being an apologist for Nazi sympathizers? If one of those vagina hatted nincompoops expressed admiration for David Duke, then the rest of the girls would make sure that the door hit that person square in the ass on her way out.
      “People don’t always express themselves on every single issue in ways that we would be comfortable,..." Such an understatement moves one from mere vagina hat to dunce cap. And just what are those purported "urgent issues we all face" that they make the rise of global antisemitism pale in comparison, for Judy Levey "of the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs" and her Left wing sisters?

    2. Shows they are worse than unscrupulous used car salespeople. At least there are consumer protection laws against the latter.

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  3. Please note that Jill Jacobs is a Conservative Rabbi; Orthodox Jews never [or almost never] support the anti-Jewish Intersectionality Movement.

    Leftist causes like the Intersectionality Movement are supported by all the non-Orthodox Jewish movements.

    Rambam vs. Reform Judaism:

    Why Barak Hullman left Reform Judaism and became Orthodox:

    How a Reform Rabbi Became Orthodox (true story):

    Reform Judaism vs. Real Judaism:

    Sephardic Jews REJECT Reform Judaism:

    How Reform Jews CHEATED on the Pew survey:

    Quick quote from Famous Jewish
    mega-donor about Jewish Continuity


    Last but not least, the Reform Jews strongly opposed efforts to save European Jews from the Holocaust during World War II. Those rescue efforts were led by Orthodox Jews, who the Reform Jews considered to be behind-the-times and obsolete and an embarrassment.

    The Reform Jews got what they wanted:
    the rescue efforts failed.

  4. “What [Farrakhan] said is disgusting and inexcusable.”
    That's because Farrakhan is disgusting and inexcusable. And those who make excuses for him are disgusting and inexcusable, and those who make excuses for those who make excuses for him are not far behind.

  5. Michael Harris got it right. Perfect. He sounds like you, Mike!

    1. We've done two panel discussions together. I like the guy. He would consider me too far to the right and a bit of a loose cannon, but I also think that we understand one another.

    2. You made me chuckle.
      How come you're not far enough to the left instead of too far to the right?
      Something to ponder.