Tuesday, March 13, 2018

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left
SPECIAL SHOW ... This week Michael Burd and Alan Freedman feature high profile broadcaster and conservative commentator Dennis Prager ahead of his visit to Australia, and then hear from Mosab Hassan Yousef, aka the Son of Hamas who spied for Israel for 10yrs.

The fellahs then hear from American-Israeli talk show host and expert on Syria Yaron Brook, and then speak with Eran Hermoni, the Secretary-General of the Israeli Labour Party on how their policies differ from those of the current government.

3 min Editorial: The Greens  Israel Problem

9 min Dennis Prager on his upcoming visit to Australia

39 min Mosab Hassan Yousef, ‘Son of Hamas’ in Australia

51 min Yaron Brook, Ayn Rand Institute explaining Syrian conflict

1 hr 11 Eran Hermoni, Sec-General Israeli labour Party in Australia

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  1. Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “There is yet a third strain of the current virus
    of anti-Semitism, this one even more difficult to diagnose. Its danger lies in its subtlety, its pervasiveness, and its acceptability at all levels of our society.

    This is a phenomenon familiar to all of us, yet difficult to articulate and expose: the singling out of Jewish institutions and especially Israel for special scrutiny, and the application of a double-standard to Jewish things and persons.

    This phenomenon, which currently has no accepted name, assumes a variety of forms, but its most obvious manifestation is the special and often gloating attention paid by the media, [and] by intellectuals, and by the government to any deviation by Israel, no matter how trivial, from the highest norms of humans rights, civility, and sacrifice.

    Though Israel may be deserving of criticism, what is missing is the comparable criticism of equal or greater violations by other countries and other groups. This constant, often legitimate criticism of Israel for every one of it deviations, when coupled with the absence of legitimate criticism of others, creates the impression currently prevalent on university campuses and in the press that Israel is among the worst rights violators in the world.

    We have all heard that phrase repeated many times. It is not true, but if it is repeated often enough, it takes on a reality of its own.”

    SOURCE: Chutzpah by Alan M. Dershowitz (chapter 4, page 119) published in year 1991 by Little Brown & Co ISBN: 9780316181372 ISBN: 0316181374

    Mr. Patrick Condell has no Jewish ancestors
    and no religion that might cause him to favor Jews.

    Please read these short pro-Israel articles that
    expose the Palestinians by Mr. Patrick Condell:









  2. Here's a whole bunch of fun from Mark Steyn:


  3. Breaking: Stephen Hawking becomes a good anti-Zionist.

    1. The narrative goes something like this:
      "Stephen Hawking has a first rate mind. He is a scientist. He thinks deep thoughts about the cosmos. He doesn't like Israel, therefore Israel is ba'a'a'd."

  4. here's some good news: http://news.gallup.com/poll/229199/americans-remain-staunchly-israel-corner.aspx

    and Hawking, an anti-Semite, can rest in gehinnom.

  5. " The ugly truth about Farrakhan is that he isn’t unique. The NOI isn’t popular because its ideas go against the grain, but because they tap into existing prejudices in the black community. If Farrakhan’s views were unpopular in the black community, he wouldn’t have the influence and following that he does.

    Black leaders refuse to condemn him because they either agree with him or because they know that these views are shared by many within their community. The only question is which is which.... The idea that black people have more physical, moral, intellectual and political worth than white people is at the heart of intersectionality. And anti-Semitism is part of the poisonous legacy of black nationalism. Farrakhan doesn’t say anything that they don’t believe; he just says it too crudely.

    Farrakhan is only a symptom of the racism in the black nationalist movement."


    1. seriously, we Jews gotta start publicly expecting the blacks to be grateful for the fact that we are the only demographic group that votes against our economic interests to help those people. Not to mention that during Civil Rights movement, we were the logistic and legal engine for it.