Saturday, November 3, 2018

Democrats and Jews (Part 2)

Michael Lumish

{Also published at Jews Down Under.}

Candace Owens
In my recent piece, Democrats and Jews, I asked the following question:

Why is it that of all the minority constituencies of the Democratic Party only the Jewish minority is thought to be morally obligated to sacrifice the well-being of their own children in deference to that party and in deference to progressive-left ideology?

Among the email responses that I received one, in particular, caught my attention.

It essentially said:
Lumish, what the hell are you talking about? What about the American Black population? What about the unrequited sacrifices that Black Americans have made for the Democratic Party? Black people got screwed.
It is not particularly difficult for me to speak to the toxic issues between the western-left and its Jewish constituency. I grew up with it. I know it in my bones. I was a Democrat for 25 years. I understand how and why American Jews fought so hard for the Democratic Party throughout the twentieth-century. It could not be more obvious. But this also means that I am aware of the racist Democratic Party flaws that have become poisonous fissures eroding Jewish trust.

It is, however, much more difficult for me to say anything concerning the Black American experience with the Party. Polling shows that Donald Trump -- much to everyone's astonishment -- has increased his favorability rating among Black Americans. If this is true it is a terrible blow to the Hillary Clinton Basket-of-Deplorables wing of the Democratic Party.

It is a blow to those who stand up with great moral indignation against "white" people -- particularly those of the male variety -- and "Zionists."

It seems fairly obvious that part of the reason that Trump beat Hillary was due to her insistence on divisive and poisonous "identity politics." This never-ending screaming against "white" people -- whoever they are supposed to be, exactly -- as exemplified by MTV's racist 2017 New Years Resolutions for White Guys -- is corrosive to the Democratic Party.

{I like to highlight this kind of thing because I suspect it drove many young "white guys" directly into the arms of Donald Trump and may very well do so again, shortly.}

This "progressive" inclination inevitably pitted Hillary Clinton against American workers of European descent. Hillary's failure in the previous presidential election to castigate "white" men thus opened a space for Black conservatives such as Kanye West and Candace Owens who oppose "intersectionality" theory and, therefore, favor a Martin Luther King, Jr. approach to American ethnic relations.

Owens is interesting because she is a young, beautiful, balls-to-the-wall, Black American Trump supporter.

You do not come across such people every day.

Wikipedia tells us:
Candace Owens (born April 29, 1989) is an American conservative commentator and political activist. She is known for her pro-Trump stance and her criticism of Black Lives Matter and of the Democratic Party. She is the Director of Communications at the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA.
She is, to my mind, almost as interesting as Ryan Bellerose.

Bellerose, as I am sure many of you know, is a Métis American-football-playing, indigenous rights activist and pro-Jewish activist from northern Manitoba who will teach you the laws of physics in a New York Minute if you cross certain lines... God bless the guy. Owens is a tough, young, smart, Black woman who resents Democratic Party political dominance over her people because she does not see where the Party has done her people any good.

I know how she feels.

So, the question that my interrogator asked was how can I believe that the Jews are the only ethnic minority thought to be morally obligated to sacrifice the well-being of their own children in deference to the ideology or the Party?

Owens is the sort-of young, hip, analyst that equates Democratic Party dominance over Black people to a "plantation."  I would never go so far, but it is not up to me to say.

Owens came up quickly and I think that it is fair to suggest that she is among the Black leadership who are walking away.

I first became aware of her through Dave Rubin.

The Rubin Report provides a venue for the New Center and liberals such as Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris.

So, are the Democrats only stomping on the heads of Jews?

Perhaps not.


  1. "So, the question that my interrogator asked was how can I believe that the Jews are the only ethnic minority thought to be morally obligated to sacrifice the well-being of their own children in deference to the ideology or the Party?"

    well said. Many people out there talk about being cuckolds, or "cucks" for short. And many people think Jews have some literal "obligation" to be cucks! That's Reform Judaism at work.

  2. The Democratic party hasn't stood for a coherent polity in maybe forever. It's been a confederacy of special interests many of which are contrarian in nature. They 'stand' for almost nothing except being against something. That's their secret brilliance - being the MacGuffin of Belief. They are what any member wants them to be. Like the rotating meat at the Gyro stand.."that lamb?" yeah yeah lamb. "that beef?" of course, boss, all beef...

    It's skill is organizational not ideological. It holds together these disparate groups that don't like or agree with each other but they need each other out of sheer bulk. This is what mass movements are good at.

  3. Of course you're wrong about black support for Trump,, but as this site has been consistently a fact free zone, that is hardly surprising. The real question is not why left the Democratic party, but why you haven't left Judaism

    1. joseph, Judaism is about knowing we are the chosen people and upholding our traditions, like tefillin, shavuot, lag b'omer, moshiach, etc. not about feminism, 32 genders/LGBTQ0xfaaf34c, or white guilt. That seems to be what much of American Jewry thinks its about. You're clearly among them. YOU should leave Jewry.

    2. I don't think Joseph should leave Jewry. But I do think he should quit delivering red herrings.

    3. It is, however, interesting to see what you read. Maybe interesting isn't the right word, predictable might be a better fit.

    4. Wonderful when someone take it upon himself to determine for everyone what is a fact. Typical pomposity of a progressive mind, pretending things that do not exist. At least this time there was no lecture on morality.

    5. I don't know how anyone would know whether or not I put on tefillin, what I do know is that the concept of chosenness is complicated and subject to many interpretations, but it is not one of Maimonides' articles of faith. But what is important is that Israel was chosen because of its righteousness. But what is righteousness? The oldest Hebrew writing tells us: Take care of the widow, orphan, slave and stranger. Rehabilitate the poor. The suggestion that you leave Judaism is therefore postmature, you already have.

    6. I'm unclear what your point is. I'm guessing it has something to do with "Judaism isn't a religion or a belief or a faith or an identity or nation hood, it's a generally left wing approach that functions like a charity" and that's it. As long as you stand around rending your garments (ironically) and you tell everyone YOU think is worse off than you to follow you to the bright city of utopian redemption regardless if, and some would say especially if they hate you and want you dead and want your extinction, then you would say it's all good.

      We're not saying you're not Jews. Perhaps you are. We're saying in this season of Hanukah you're the Hellenized Jews who'd rather be Romans or Syrians. You'd rather pollute the temple if it means you can feel really good about yourselves. And that's fine. In the longer run you'll be gone and your descendants really won't be Jews. Not in a metaphorical way or a rhetorical way but not in reality. And if they call that their version of being "Jewish" that's meaningless, but again, that's your concern not ours. You be you. Call it whatever you like. Doesn't mean we have to pay attention to it.

    7. Joseph, Judaism also tells us to preserve our own and help our own, and not to do the things you mentioned at our own existence's expense!

  4. We can't say that Democrats have done nothing for black Americans, but we can point out numerous and crippling failings. I do think that an exclusive relationship with the Democrats has been perhaps unhealthy and in need of serious re-examination. Ms. Owens provides reassessment from a fresh point of view of the stultifying salves and petrification of policies gone bad.

  5. Like many things, the black-Democratic relation was necessary and served a purpose, but is stale, even destructive. Like political correctness, as an example. For a significant segment of black community, things are no better, perhaps worse. In these places, across the country, Democrats have been in charge for decades. That is a fact, for those that cannot discern.

    But perhaps a light approaches, of the view that blacks should break into a new age of opportunity. A change in dynamic can work wonders.

    There are distinctions that make comparisons dangerous. Socioeconomic standing, the form and place of defining persecution, that many believe blacks cannot be racist while Jews somehow are. Changes in Democratic politics in which many liberals have been purged.

    Liberals acted with good intention to help blacks achieve full rights as citizens. That was the intention. The progressive approach sees blacks through identity and ideology, geared toward power. Happily, they moved away from eugenics.

    As it now stands, so long as Jews and blacks go along with the program they are welcome. Happily, apostasy does not end with death, but is treated harshly, nonetheless. There is actual chill in the air when it comes to freedom of thought and expression, thanks to Democrats bringing the university climate to the mainstream. Repressive tolerance at work in society.

    A good example from a favorite site:

  6. We were watching 'The Rachel Divide' on Netflix, about Rachel Dolezal and she doesn't come off as an entirely objectionable person. But in an unintended way the 'black community' whatever that is, does. They come off as angry, shrill, upset, greedy and anxious to take everyone's help for anything as long as that help never comes with any expectation of a thank you or even an acknowledgement. Everyone was thrilled to accept her help and ride along with her achievements when they were ignorant of her back story, or, as was the case with some people, a bit suspicious of her and resentful of her blatant self promotion. But when she was revealed, they naturally not only threw her out, they flat out rejected, abandoned and reversed much of the actual success she achieved in the community, particularly with community policing.

    That's been the nexus of black-Jewish relations in the US as well. They were happy to accept our help and work with us to open doors and work the system but we were never allowed to speak or appear or claim anything. Ultimately the 'black experience' in America is a narrative of them by them about them and nothing that colors outside the lines can ever be permitted. And, if truth be told, the black community has always felt comfortable with outward expressions of antisemitism. It's not more vocal with it, but it's more comfortable with being vocal about it. And I blame the Jews as much. Always eager to prostrate themselves on the altar of leftism at any cost, they'd rather be kicked in the head than to be thought of not dyed in the wool leftists. After 2 generations of that, they've internalized it to the point where they're just as likely to jump on the Jew Hate Train as they are to refrain from speaking against it. American Jews are great at getting up on stage with terrorists and Nazis to demonstrate their tolerance bona fides. They're the first ones at the interfaith breakfast lead by an imam who smiles and tells them they're racist Islamophobes.

    Thankfully the black-Jewish 'alliance' is ending. The black community has finally taken the mask off. They don't want us anywhere near them. They're aligned with the NoI, JVP, Hamas. It's Jews who still cling to it like a battered wife or abused child.