Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre Aftermath

Mr. Cohen

Even after the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre, Jews are still not granted Victim Status according to the rules of Political Correctness.

I strongly suspect that Jews will NEVER be granted Victim Status according to the rules of Political Correctness, regardless of how much they suffer.

According to the rules of Political Correctness, Black Lives Matter, but Jewish lives do not matter, and I strongly suspect that they never will matter.

 Muslims and African Americans have both been granted Victim Status by the Leftist Political Correctness people, even though both of those groups include high percentages of people who hate Jews.

 A related problem, which has become so completely normalized that most people do not even consider it to be a problem, is that Muslims and African Americans both get a free pass for their anti-Jewish-hatred, and not just a regular free pass, but an unlimited free pass. Louis Farrakhan and his Nation Of Islam organization have used that unlimited free pass to constantly propagandize against Jews, which has resulted in many millions of people believing that Jews are [or were] responsible for slavery, which is false.

 Since the year 2000, thousands of Jews have fled from Europe, because of rapidly increasing anti-Semitism, including beatings and even killings. Thousands more Jews are seriously considering fleeing Europe, for the same reasons. This might not sound like a large number of people, but when you consider how few Jews live in Europe, it is a significant percentage of Jews.

Even with thousands of Jews fleeing from Europe, because of anti-Jewish violence, the so-called Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) still have not granted Victim Status to Jews.

Even with Europeans Jews under attack from both European right-wing Nationalists and Muslim immigrants, the Social Justice Warriors and Leftists consider Jews to be unworthy of Victim Status.

In the 1990s, a Moroccan Jew told me that fled from France because he could not cope with the anti-Semitism there at that time, which was much-less-severe than the anti-Semitism that exists there now. That Moroccan Jew was one of the biggest and strongest Jews I ever met, and he was also a Black Belt – yet even he was unable to cope with the anti-Semitism in France in the 1990s, which has become much worse since then.

If the Political Correctness people and Social Justice Warriors really believed in Social Justice, then they would grant Victim Status to Jews, because Jews are the most-persecuted people in World History. To deny that Jews are worthy of Victim Status indicates that the Political Correctness people and SJWs have a problem with Jews.


  1. plus, notice how basically ONLY Jews changed their profile pics? Very telling.

  2. "To deny that Jews are worthy of Victim Status indicates that the Political Correctness people and SJWs have a problem with Jews."
    The SJW's have a problem that extends well beyond that. First let's take up the matter of Vicitm Status as they define it. Do you really want that? I don't. I just wish, to begin with, that they stop maligning and demonizing us. If Victim Status is a free pass to dump on everyone else, to practice bigotry and racism for free, you can go jump off a cliff.
    Blacks have been victims in the US. It is understandable to sympathize with their plight, but not excuse the antisemitism coming out of that community. It should be easy for anyone to say, yes, I think you have been wronged, but for heaven's sake blaming it on the Jews makes you no better that those that have been dumping on you, you fucking ass clown. Black antisemitism is disgraceful, and even worse than the white variety, because if you are persecuted or oppressed, you really ought to know better. If you don't, you are the scum of the earth.

    How Muslims fit into this I do not know, except that the left pushes this execrable nonsense (and Muslims countries of course). I remember when an old lefty ex-friend of mine first told me about "Latinos". Mind you, she was a woman of Irish-Catholic descent from Sacramento, and yet would say "Latino" with a Spanish accent (Spain being a country in Europe, with its indigenous language, Spanish) as if she were one of the indigenous people of Latin America calling themselves "Latino" after the word "Latin", - an indigenous language of southern Europe, for crying out loud. And then she told me that I was an "Anglo". Huh? And from there, she did somersaults trying to not make this sound completely racist. In what way am I Anglo? Because I speak English? But someone brown of Mexican descent here for three generations who is a school principal and eats New England clam chowder is a "Latino" in the eyes of the left. And, up until that point, I and everyone I knew thought of hispanic countries of being separate countries with separate cultures and separate people's, Cubans were Cuban, Mexicans were Mexican, Venezuelans were Venezuelan. But the Left needs grievance groups, large ones, so everyone is a "Latino." And Muslims fit into this nicely. Arabs, Persians, Malaysians have all apparently taken it on the chin from Uncle Sam. When? Well, never really. Just another old empire which sank into irrelevance long ago. And now the progressive left wants you to know that "whitey" once looked at them funny and it was all a giant scheme to rob them of their rightful place in the world striding above all nations. This is the "work" product of Edward Said, who hated the Jews, and never mentioned that maybe Islam looked at westerners funny too.

    If Jews were respected we wouldn't need sympathy nearly as much, and it would be far more forthcoming and for real when it was appropriate. It's why I like the Zionist ideal. The Israelis (at least before Oslo) stood up and took no crap. You hit us and we hit you back harder. The Jewish progressive left in this country are pathetic, emasculated losers who are more than willing to turn a blind eye to the hatred of their brothers and sisters to join the club, like some character from a Philip Roth novel.

    The fact that they either ignore or partake in antisemitism (all protestations are irrelevant IMV), and ancient hatred, so basically evil that it doesn't even need to be color-coded, and its only too well-known ramifications civilizationally, tells me that they are not practicing any kind of anti-racism at all. They are pool hustlers.

    Well, there I go again! :0)

  3. There is no aftermath because there is no after. There is only yesterday, today. It hasn't changed a thing. No one's been kicked off their perch. No one's opinion has been swayed.

  4. Edward Said singlehanded ruined two generations of Americans, and maybe Westerners on the whole.

  5. "
    Newly Elected Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Wore Palestinian Flag at Primary Victory Celebration"


    The disgusting face of the Democratic Party celebrating those who love to kill Jews. Hopefully the crazies with real power will be too busy trying to crush Trump that they won't have time to throw Israel under the bus and massively fund killer Palestinians too soon.

    1. The anti-zionist argument:
      "Hey Jews, this nation state thing ain't too good for you's, if you know what I mean. You's should maybe give it up or things could get bad you's people, real bad. You's might be havin' some union problems in da future. It might even cause some of dat antisemitism stuff dat you's don't like. We might be able to make some a'dat stuff go away, if you's gets in line and plays ball wit da boss."

  6. The only thing I'm shocked by is that anyone is shocked that no one is shocked. This dropped off the news cycle after one day. It's Jews, of course it did. Just another pogrom. Ho hum. Now that 3 have two sharia inspired members of congress and a state AG as well, you can count on all sorts non shocking shocking things. For instance, another shul in Brooklyn was attacked recently. Barely made the news. The NYPD almost begrudgingly announced that 75%+ of all hate crimes in NYC are antisemitic. No one cares. What was it? 1957 when a shul in Atlanta was blown up in the middle of the night. We'll see that again. But on shabbat or in a Jewish school in the middle of the day. It will drop off the news cycle in a day or two too. Getting all wrapped around the axle about your horror and shame that no one cares when Jews perish is a waste of your time. What are you going to do when some far left school district adopts Holocaust Denial in its curriculum? What are you going to do when a city abolishes kosher meat and the Brit Millah? What are you going to do when some local government agency says flat out 'No Jews' or bans the kippah? What are you going to do when the UC system puts a hard quota on Jewish enrollment and bans all Jewish organizations from campus? Are you going to be shocked? You shouldn't.

  7. “An incredible 90 percent of British Jews believe that the Labour Party is ‎anti-Semitic, and 40 percent are considering leaving the United Kingdom ‎because of the spike in anti-Semitism.”

    SOURCE: www.jns.org/poll-40-of-british-jews-considering-leaving-uk-%e2%80%8eover-anti-semitism/

    BOTTOM LINE: Even with 40% of British Jews considering leaving the United Kingdom ‎because of anti-Semitism, Jews still do not receive Victim Status.