Bibliography of SFSU Controversies

This is very much a work in progress.

My intention is to compile a more-or-less comprehensive, politically non-biased, on-line bibliography of newspaper articles, blog pieces, television reports, and so forth, concerning the various recent controversies at San Francisco State University (SFSU) around questions of anti-Semitism, primarily from about 2006 until the present.

These controversies include, in reverse order:

1) The David Horowitz Poster Campaign

2) The Disruption of Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat

3) The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SFSU and An-Najah University

4) Professor Abdulhadi's visit with terrorist Leila Khaled

5) Former GUPS President Muhammad H. Hammad and his threats of violence

6) The Edward Said mural controversy

10-25-16 Racist group launches national offensive on US campuses (Charlotte Silver - Electronic Intifada)

10-24-16 Stop Racist Attacks on Palestinian Faculty, Students & Their Allies (International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network)

10-22-16 No room for rational dialogue (SF Chronicle)

10-21-16 SF State must stop the incitement of hate (Richie Greenberg - SF Examiner)

10-21-16 ‘Extremist group’ targets pro-Palestine students, professor at SFSU (Michael Barba - SF Examiner)

10-20-16 Jewish groups slam ‘pro-Israel’ poster campaign on campus (Dan Pine - JWeekly)

10-19-16 The Hypocrisy of San Francisco State University President, Leslie Wong (Michael Lumish - Israel Thrives)

10-18-16 SFSU officials condemn posters targeting professor (Jenna Lyons - SFGATE)

10-18-16 SF State Condemns Posters Accusing Palestinian Studies Professor Of Terrorism Ties (CBS SF Bay Area)

10-18-16 San Francisco university slam posters attacking professor (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

10-17-16 Message from our comrades in General Union of Palestine Students (Black n' Brown Liberation Coalition - SFSU Facebook page)


10-14-16 FrontPage Mag Says "Hello" to San Francisco State University (Michael Lumish - Israel Thrives)

10-14-16 Hateful Attack on our SF State Community (SFSU Presidet Leslie Wong - SF State News)


10-14-16 Poster Found on Campus Linked to Conservative Activist Group (Nick Madden - Golden Gate XPress)

10-14-16 The Top Ten Schools Supporting Terrorists: San Francisco State University (Truth Revolt)

The Disruption of Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat

9-8-16 San Francisco State University President: We Failed Students (Cinnamon Stillwell - Campus Watch / MEF)

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SFSU and An-Najah University

10-23-16 MEF Fights Anti-Zionism at San Francisco State University (Pakistan Christian Post)

10-16 Statement in Support of Rabab Abdulhadi (NATIONAL STUDENTS FOR JUSTICE IN PALESTINE)

10-9-16 The Middle East Studies Establishment Goes Full Warrior (Daniel Pipes - History News Network)

10-6-16 Samidoun statement in support of SFSU/An-Najah agreement and Palestinian scholars under attack (Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network)

10-3-16 The Latest on MEF's Campaign to End San Francisco State's MOU with An-Najah U (Cinnamon Stillwell - Campus Watch / MEF)

10-1-1 MEF Fights Anti-Zionism at San Francisco State University (Concerned Canadian Citizens)

9-23-16 SFSU Links with Controversial Palestinian University Troubles Pro-Israel Advocates (Genevieve Belmaker -

9-21-16 GUPS Statement of Support for SF State’s MOU with Al-Najah University in Palestine, the AMED program, and Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi (GUPS SFSU)

9-19-16 Letter to San Francisco State U. President Leslie Wong [in Support of Rabab Abdulhadi and SFSU's MOU with An-Najah U. (Beth Baron and Amy W. Newhall - Middle East Studies Association)

9-16-16 San Francisco State Prof on MEF's Call to End Ties to Radical West Bank U: McCarthyism! Islamophobia! (Winfield Myers - Campus Watch / MEF)

9-10-16 Why SFSU President Leslie Wong Partnered with a Radical Palestinian University (Cinnamon Stillwell - Campus Watch / MEF)

9-10-16 Petition Criticizes State's Relationship to Palestinian University (Kelsey Lannin - Golden Gate XPress)

9-9-16 SF State Criticized Over Partnership With Palestinian University Accused Of Anti-Semitism (Hannah Albarazi - CBS SF Bay Area)

9-8-16 San Francisco State University President: We Failed Students (Cinnamon Stillwell - Campus Watch / MEF)

9-7-16 End SFSU Cooperation With An-Najah. Universities Should Not Support Glorifying Terrorism (Cinnamon Stillwell - Campus Watch / MEF)

9-16 End SFSU cooperation with An-Najah. Universities should not support glorifying terrorism (Middle East Forum)

9-14-16 Infiltrating Islamists and Palestinian Extremism in U.S. Universities (Cinnamon Stillwell - Campus Watch / Global Patriot Radio) - audio included

7-10-16 Open Letter to San Francisco State University President Leslie Wong: Uphold the MOU with An-Najah University and Support Professor Abdulhadi!(Signed by the members of the 2016 Prisoner, Labor and Academic Solidarity Delegation to Palestine - MRZINE)

6-16 Why Is A San Francisco University Secretly Partnering With An Arab College That Promotes Jihad? (Cinnamon Stillwell - Independent Journal Review)

5-9-15 State-Funded University Promoting Alliances with Hamas-dominated Palestinian Universities? (Cinnamon Stillwell - American Thinker)

4-19-16 San Francisco State University's Selective Free Speech Policy [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi] (Abraham H. Miller - Jewish Journal)

4-13-16 SFSU, Les Wong, GUPS, and An-Najah University (Gary Fouse - Fousesquack Blog)



3-6-14 SFSU Prof Advocates Violence against Israel (Cinnamon Stillwell - Campus Watch) -??

Professor Abdulhadi's Visit with Terrorist Leila Khaled

Former GUPS President Muhammad H. Hammad and his trusty blade.

The Edward Said mural controversy

11-8-2007 Worshipping Edward Said at San Francisco State University (Cinnamon Stillwell - DiscoverTheNetworks)

3-23-2007 Free Speech--But Only for Our Enemies (David Frum - FrontPage Magazine)


9-21-16 Setting The Record Straight: Campus Watch corrects false allegations made against it (Winfield Myers - Campus Watch) - ??

5-15-14 San Francisco State GUPS attempts to disrupt Jewish students celebration (Dusty - San Francisco State Unbecoming)

FrontPage Mag Says "Hello" to San Francisco State University (10-10-16)

Childish Barbarians and SFSU's Squishy Response to their Calls for Bloodshed (9-10-16)

San Francisco State Partners with Violently Anti-Jewish Arab University  (4-8-15)

San Francisco State University Funds Hatred Towards Jews (8-24-14)

Say Hello to SFSU Professor Trevor Getz (6-26-14)

Dear Professor Fred Astren, Why Does San Francisco State University Support Violence Against Jews? (6-26-14)

San Francisco State University Funds Hatred (6-6-14)

San Francisco State University and calls for murder (3-3-14)

Arab anti-Zionists call for murder at San Francisco State University (February 6, 2013)

Giving San Francisco State University the chance to do what is right (12-19-13)

SFSU responds to Arab calls for violence against Jews (12-10-13)

Screeching for Jewish Blood at San Francisco State University (12-9-13)

"I Love This Blade..." (12-6-13)

“Canned Palestinian Children Meat" (12-4-3)

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