Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Hypocrisy of San Francisco State University President, Leslie Wong

wongIn a recent piece, I noted that right-wing provocateur, David Horowitz, recently set his sights on San Francisco State University.

He and his people did so as part of a larger campaign to rile up political discussion concerning the connection between anti-Zionism and increasing levels of Jew hatred on American university campuses.

SFSU, like many universities around the United States, promotes three types of racism. These are humanitarian racism, anti-white racism, and anti-Semitic anti-Zionism.

In response, Horowitz sent some little ideological ninjas onto that campus at night - just before the biggest rainstorm San Francisco has had in almost a year - and plastered the area with various posters pointing out that targeting Jews for death, as Hamas does, is not very nice and that, perhaps, SFSU should not support it.

One of Horowitz's posters features professor Rabab Abdulhadi with text reading, “a leader of the Hamas BDS campaign; collaborator with terrorists; San Francisco State professor.”

Nick Madden, in SFSU's Golden Gate XPress, tells us that President Wong is none-too-happy with David Horowitz and his FrontPage Magazine and his Freedom Center or wherever these meshuganah posters came from.

Horowitz says:
Our goal in placing these posters on prominent campuses across America is to expose the true motivations and allegiances of these groups who have chosen to join forces with terrorists, to challenge their lies and to expose the financial and organizational supports which allow them to pursue their genocidal agenda.
This upset President Wong who threatened that "a line has been crossed."

Normally when people speak of the crossing of lines there is the inherent threat of counter-action and reprisal. For some reason, however, I think that Horowitz has as much to fear from Wong's enmity as Syrian "president" Bashar al-Assad has to fear from Obama's. 

Concerning the posters, Wong said, "... we must defend each other from personalized attacks that serve no purpose but to incite fear and promote division."

Wong's concern for incitement to fear and promotion of division is highly discriminating. Wong is not the least bit concerned that SFSU's anti-Semitic anti-Zionist organizations, such as the General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS), and other allied student organizations, regularly call for the murder of Jews via the calls for Intifada.

This is the university president who said:
I want to offer my personal congratulations to the student leadership of GUPS. They have been an inspiration for me. And they have helped me when I have to tell other community groups to mind their own business. GUPS is the very purpose of this great university.
GUPS is the very purpose of SFSU? An organization that quite literally calls for the murder of Jews in the Middle East is the "very purpose" of San Francisco State University according to the president of that university?

{Really. Who knew?}

And one must wonder just who these "other community groups" who refuse to mind their own business are? For some reason I do not think that he is talking about the Chess Club.

 “Let me be clear," Wong said, "this is not an issue of free speech; this is bullying behavior that is unacceptable and will not be tolerated on our campus."

Who is this guy kidding?

Bullying behavior is not only accepted on the SFSU campus, it is absolutely encouraged by Wong, himself.

Wong's outrage is entirely hypocritical. I would call it self-consciously manufactured if I did not have faith in the man's sincerity. He believes what he says and thereby reveals the plain fact of his ideological blinkertude.

Ultimately what Wong is telling us is that inciting violence against Jews on his campus is just fine, but complaining about it and calling it to the attention of others is bullying.

I do not know that Horowitz's political-guerrilla tactics are effective, mainly because such efforts need to arise organically from the university student population. Unfortunately, the political atmosphere on that campus actively discourages pro-Israel / pro-Jewish sentiment while positively encouraging anti-Semitic anti-Zionism.

President Wong, as a matter of social justice and basic human decency, needs to be held responsible for encouraging anti-Semitic anti-Zionism on the campus of San Francisco State University.


  1. His smug mugshot should be on the next poster.

  2. Y'know, I remain flabbergasted at the amazing number of so-called "progressives" who believe that they hold the high moral ground even while dismissing the ethnic-cleansing of Christians from the Middle East and excusing the rise of Political Islam throughout the world.

    They tend not to much mind anti-Semitic anti-Zionists, anti-white bigots, or humanitarian racists, but they absolutely loathe people who wish to see lower taxes.

    They don't much mind the rape of Yazidi pre-teens by ISIS, but see Republicans in Oklahoma as the worst people on the planet.

    They don't mind Arabs throughout the Middle East who teach their children to despise Jews, and often incite genocide towards us, but they absolutely can't stand traditional believing Christians.

    In the mean time, they lovingly create monsters out of their political opponents who they dress up in Hitler costumes and then proceed to spit hatred at.

    We can call it Piñata Politics.

    In any case, get ready for Hillary, guys, and expect increasing divisions within the US around issues of both gender and race, a diplomatically and militarily weakened US resulting in muscle flexing from Iran, Russia, and China, and increasing levels of Islamic terrorism in the United States as Hillary continues Obama's policy of refusing to acknowledge the enemy even as they hang Gay people from cranes and drag women around in potato sacks.

    1. For the ten years preceding Obama's deal to 'stop' Iran's nuclear weapons program, the same crowd was insisting that Iran had no nuclear weapons program, and that it is a non-agressive and peaceful country that never attacked anyone. In the lead up to Netanyahu's speech before congress, Ann Currie of NBC news showed up on Chris Mathews's show to 'inform' us that the Ayatollah had issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons.