Saturday, September 10, 2016

Childish Barbarians and SFSU's Squishy Response to their Calls for Bloodshed

Michael Lumish

{Also published at the Elder of Ziyon and Jews Down Under.}

Edward Said Mural at SFSU
Last April students from the San Francisco State University (SFSU) chapter of the General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) called for "intifada" directly in the face of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

Barkat dropped by at the invitation of SFSU Hillel and subsequently found himself subject to cries of "Intifada! Intifada! Long live the Intifada!" within the venue, itself.

Because Israel is the dhimmi that got away, the Qur'an is very clear on Muslim obligations to Allah concerning those intransigent former social inferiors:


Or, in the current vernacular, "intifada."

It is unclear just what type of intifada SFSU GUPS was calling for, however.

The most recent intifada in Israel took various forms. For awhile the press referred to the "Stabbing Intifada." That is, young Arabs - inspired by what is ultimately a Qur'an-based call to murder Jews who refuse dhimmi status - grabbed kitchen knives or hand-axes and rushed into the streets attacking pretty much any Jews that they met, including old ladies and small children.

/And please make no mistake, the source of the conflict is a malicious seventh-century theocratic-political ideology that insists that any bit of land, however small, that was once grabbed by the Ummah, the Muslim community, must always, and forever, remain part of the Ummah./

Shortly thereafter, however, the Stabbing intifada merged into what they started calling the "Car Ramming Intifada" in which Arabs of driving-age sought to plow their vehicles into perfectly innocent people standing on the sidewalk or at bus stops within Israel.

This style of murder, it should be noted, may represent the inspiration behind the Bastille Day Massacre in Nice, France (July 14, 2016), where a jihadi rammed a 19 ton cargo truck into a crowd of celebrators slaughtering 86 people in the name of Allah.

But whatever type of intifada SFSU GUPs might have had in mind, one thing is clear:

They were calling for the murder of Jews.

As far as I know, I am the only person to even acknowledge this undeniable fact in print.

If there is no murder, or attempted murder, it is not an intifada. If it is an intifada, that means murder and attempted murder.

This is not a matter of interpretation, but a matter of fact.

Thankfully, Bay Area Jewish leadership successfully encouraged SFSU President Leslie Wong to take some action on the matter.

Finalized on August 29 of this year, the SFSU approved document, in response to the official investigation (pdf) of the Barkat fiasco, is entitled, "Initiatives and Interventions in Response to Incidents at Mayor Nir Barkat Event, April 2016". (pdf)

This is the document that tells the world just what SFSU intends to do about the fact that not only was the Barkat event disrupted by childish barbarians, but that the childish barbarians doing the disrupting called specifically for intifada which is exactly equivalent to the call for the murder of Jews... thereby transmogrifying themselves into childish barbarians.

{I am sure that their mothers are very proud.}

The Squishiness Factor

The primary action that SFSU is taking on this issue, according to that document, is to install new protocols for reacting to student disruptions of campus political events. If you read the "Initiatives and Interventions" pdf file above you will see that from now on when GUPS calls for intifada, while disrupting Jewish student events, they will only get four opportunities to do so before being removed by campus police.

In the first instance, the Dean of Students (or designee) will politely request that they cease screeching for Jewish blood.

In the second instance, the Dean of Students (or designee), accompanied by a campus police officer, will politely request that they cease screeching for Jewish blood.

In the third instance, the Dean of Students (or designee), accompanied by a campus police officer, will again politely request that they cease screeching for Jewish blood.

In the fourth instance, the Dean of Students (or designee), accompanied by a campus police officer, will again politely request that they cease screeching for Jewish blood. This time, however, if the barbarian screeching continues they will be removed from the premises by the University Police Department (UPD).

If they return for a fifth peak experience then they may end up in police custody.

Needless to say, GUPS is free to call for intifada at the Malcolm X Student Plaza whenever they please, so long, I suppose, as they do not do so during an actual student event at that venue.

Of course, the document fails to acknowledge that calls for intifada are equivalent to calls for the murder of Jews.

Instead, in their best imitation of the late Edward Said, they tend to think of it as a call to righteous resistance against the unjust and "illegal" military occupation of the "indigenous" Arab population within the Land of Palestine.

The SFSU administration, under President Wong, must believe that the Jews of Israel are a racist, militarist, imperialist, colonialist, apartheid gang - or some mix-and-match thereof - in order to justify funding a student organization, like GUPS, that regularly calls for violence via calls for intifada.

Either Wong, and his fellow bloodless functionaries, do not know what the word "intifada" suggests or they think that childish barbarians have every right to call for the extermination of Jews.

My guess, of course, is that they know very well what the word suggests.

Meanwhile, GUPS feels entirely vindicated.

Writing in, Rob Gloster tells us:
In a Sept. 1 statement, GUPS said the group felt vindicated by the report, and claimed that the real disruption was caused by Barkat coming to campus.

“Not only were we subjected to this hate monger, but we were investigated for months and publicly smeared as violent and anti-Semitic,” the GUPS statement said, adding that the report “proves that these allegations are false.”
I guess that we are supposed to believe that in the minds of these students that killing is not OK, committing genocide is not OK, but encouraging both is just dandy.

In any case, the administration also intends to hand out First Amendment "resource cards" the next time GUPS gets together for one of their obnoxious little Hate Fests.

I am sure that will make all the difference in the world.


It was not long after, Muhammed Hammad, former president of SFSU GUPs, waved around his famous blade for tumblr, proclaiming his desire to stab an Israeli soldier, that Wong said that "GUPS is the very purpose of this great university" and went forward to forge a relationship with An-Najah University in Nablus, perhaps the most violently racist university in the world.

{Please sign the Middle East Forum's petition discouraging that partnership.}

I think, therefore, that we can reasonably conclude that Wong is absolutely sincere in his sentiments and his loyalties.

One must wonder, however, just how it is that while the university felt justified in getting rid of Mr. Hammad that it continues to fund Hammad's friends who likewise encourage intifada?

Oh, and by the way, Dr. Wong?

You did not fail the protesters, as you said in your letter.

You gave them precisely what their little hearts desire most - aside, of course, from stripping the Jews of the Middle East from any means of self-determination and self-defense - and that is legitimacy.

Certainly you took no disciplinary action because that would imply that these students are adults and thus largely responsible for the foreseeable consequences of their own behavior... heaven forfend.

You might as well have patted them on the head, given them some milk and cookies, and shooed them off to bed in their jammies.

Were I a parent with college-age kids I would think twice before sending them off to a place like SFSU, at least not without some formal training in martial arts.


  1. But why are westerners at a western university entertaining the calls to mayhem and murder? It's not because they are progressive, Mike. There is a stinking dirty little secret behind all this. I mean, really what person with a truly enlightened view is going to listen to a bunch of knife wielding Arabs and see them as benign enlightened creatures? Arab intentions are really just as plain as day. Anyone, IMV, who says he/she thinks it's to secure civil rights or something is lying his/her ass off. Whether they are lying to your face or lying to themselves, they are still lying. As I've said, Arab intentions are as plain as day and have been as plain as day before the world and at the UN and capitals around the world for 70 years. What we are witnesses to is a studied and willful ignorance. One must ask why it is being ignored. No population, under similar conditions has sunk as low as the so-called Palestinians. They really call for murder of innocents and act on that call. It's real, and it's out in the open. All the excuses made by westerners on behalf of this movement of thuggish low lifes are just that, i.e., excuses on behalf of the worst behavior humanity has to offer. Everyone knows that the Arabs were offered a state on several occasions. Excuses must be made to refute the record. Everyone knows that in the mini wars with Hamas that Israel could have crushed them but refrained from doing so. And everyone knows that in hot spots around the world incomparably worse things are done daily. It's as plain as the "progressive" noses and their "progressive" faces. Edward Said was a violent antisemite. Excuses must be made to obscure this fact. Welcome to the new normal, same as the old normal.

    1. The liberal West is purposefully blind.

      I was at a party last night talking with a buddy of mine about the rise of political Islam.

      He simply did not care. His attitude, with a shrug of the shoulders, was, "People are violent all over the world."

      And then he suggested that I was being "racist" and not nearly "universal" enough in my politics.

      Apparently by caring about the well-being of my own people I was being far too sectarian and prejudicial in my concerns.

      It's fucking invasion of the body snatchers.

    2. On the eve of the anniversary of 9/11? For some people the lit match has to be between their own toes. His suggestion amounted to him insulting you with the ultimate insult. What a snob.

    3. Jeff, you're comment masterfully summarizes the whole I/P problem in a nutshell. It should be disseminated far and wide. (Hint to Mike: It would make a standout blog post.)

      PS - Mike, it seems as if your buddy isn't really a very good buddy. (But of course that's your call.)

    4. No, he's a terrific guy, but like most people in the SF Bay Area he never evolved his political thinking past the age of 25, or thereabouts.