Sunday, September 14, 2014

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Title:  Weakness, Stupidity, and Head-Chopping

Here is a tid-bit:
I may be rambling a bit - and G-d only knows that I need a stalwart editor - but this popular head chopping fad that we have been reading about is ghastly... horrific... mind-bogglingly revolting... there are no words and it leads one to wonder the extent to which this kind of thing has been going on all along....that is, if I may wonder aloud without insulting anyone's religious faith, for chrissake.

Although I do respect people's religious traditions, this particular practice, for some strange reason, crosses a line for me, particularly when it is practiced on children as we saw with the Fogel family attack.  Your mileage may vary, but I find myself in the nay-saying camp when it comes to chopping off people's heads in the name of the deity.
So, is this head-chopping thing a fad or has it been going on all along in basically the same measure?

Certainly it is recommended in the Koran.

Sura 47 reads, in part:
When you encounter the unbelievers on the battlefield, strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely...
Therefore, this head-chopping habit is embedded in Islam's holiest book and I am pretty sure that Sura 47 is not the only place.

Here is a rather academic article by Timothy Furnish of the Middle East Quarterly on the subject from 2005.

I cannot help but think that Jesus would not approve.

In any case, I certainly do not and there is but no question that Obama was wrong when he said, the other day, something to the effect that no religion calls for harming the innocent.

That is a lie.

Obama is either ignorant or lying.  My suspicion is the latter.  How is it possible that I know more about Islam than the guy who went to Islamic school as a child?

Christianity is a religion of peace and compassion in the words of the founder.

Judaism is a religion of law.  One keeps Kosher - if one does so - not because of any contemporary notions concerning health, but because it is the written law, Torah.

Islam is a religion of submission and is the only religion in the world that advocates taking a sharp blade, stabbing it into a person's neck, and sawing their head off.

Does noticing this and mentioning it aloud make me a "racist"?


  1. The conspiracy community, which is also far left, Pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel and usually antisemitic, says that these beheadings are not real. They believe that Israel or the west in general faked them to drum up support for war. Some believe ISIS is funded/controlled/created by Israel. Such claims have also been promoted by Iran, Aljazeera and various other Arab/Muslim sources.

    1. I was just reading where some Egyptian cleric blamed Israel for the Islamic State.

      I have to say, I have never seen a culture so perfectly incapable of taking responsibility for itself or for internal reflection.

      The Jews are probably the most self-reflective people on the planet. We practically self-reflect ourselves to death.

      The Arabs do not seem to have this problem.