Friday, September 12, 2014



  1. I am out the door in about half an hour, I guess.

    Laurie and I are going to buzz into SF and see some stage play based on Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse 5.

    How the f**k do you make a play out of Slaughterhouse 5 and can it possibly be any more interesting than the Giants and Dodgers battle to the death?

    I love Kurt Vonnegut. I was reading Vonnegut practically when I was in jammies, but Slaughterhouse 5 as a stage play??

    Well, OK then!

    I really have no choice in the matter.

    If they want to turn Slaugherhouse 5 into a play, and if Laurie wants to go, what the hell am I supposed to do?

    {Oh, for G-d's sake.}

  2. Went out on city streets in the truck for the first time this afternoon. I think I sweated off about 4 pounds waiting to make the left onto Richmond (to head south), from Westmoreland (here's the turn in Google Maps street view if you're interested) next to my beloved Byrne's Tavern, and across from the SEPTA trolley loop.

    Tight as hell turn, and it didn't help any that the four-wheeler (heh, I can use that term now!) stopped at the light on Richmond was a couple feet over the line, making the turn much tighter than usual. That's a turn experienced truck drivers have trouble with at times, as I've witnessed more than once over a Lager and wings at Byrne's.

    Go figure, I did that fine, but then stalled out on Allegheny at the I-95 ramp light a couple blocks later. Argh. By the end of the week, I'll be heading onto 95 for the first time.

    Still need a little bit of work on shifting, but I'm doing damned good especially considering that I've never driven a manual anything before the truck.

    Driving home from the range at the end of today's session, I spent a good six seconds searching for the clutch in my car before I remembered that I don't have one! Switching back and forth between the truck and the car is gonna be tough. The car literally feels like a friggin' go-kart after any real time in the truck...