Saturday, September 6, 2014

Muslim and Leftist Aggressors Driving Jews from Europe

Michael L. 

In Y-Net we read:
FranceMore Jews have left France for Israel so far this year than from any other country, a leading Jewish group said on Friday, blaming a "climate of anti-Semitism."

"France is today the leading country for Jewish emigration to Israel. It has never been before," said Ariel Kandel, head of the French office of the Jewish Agency for Israel.

He cited a "climate of anti-Semitism that is losing its taboo" as well as economic difficulties in France, which is suffering from zero growth and record high unemployment...

In addition to the largest Jewish diaspora in Europe, France is also home to the continent's biggest Muslim community, which is estimated at around five million...

Concerns have been raised by violent attacks on Jews, including the murders of a rabbi and three Jewish children by an al-Qaeda inspired gunman Mohammed Merah in 2012 in the southern city of Toulouse.
Are we supposed to believe it to be some big secret that the Arab-Muslim world is absolutely riddled with the most blood-curdling anti-Semitism?  What's going on in Europe is that violently inclined anti-Jewish immigrant Muslims are driving Jews off of that continent and doing it with the complicity and encouragement of our friends in the progressive-left.

If Europe's Muslims tend to harass the Jewish minority there, they do it with the encouragement of western "liberals" who believe that Arabs and Muslims have every right to harass, if not murder, Jews, due to Israel's allegedly bad behavior.  Of course, no good "progressive" would ever explicitly say that Arabs have every right to kill Jews.  Instead, they will simply cite chapter and verse of alleged Jewish crimes against Arabs in cold and biased tones and then simply let things take their natural course.

It is pointless to suggest that Jews in France are innocent of anything that Israel has done to defend itself.  Most European Jews would never dream of insulting their Arab neighbors by doing anything so aggressive and drastic as defending oneself or one's children.

For the most part, but not entirely, diaspora Jews are not big believers in self-defense.  They believe in defending others, true, but themselves, not so much.  This being the case, western-progressives provide the necessary justification for violence against those Jews by inciting hatred not merely against Israelis, but against "Zionists," more generally.

If there are too few Israelis in Paris to chase down with rocks, there are other Jewish families that work just fine as proxies.  If a young Muslim Jihadi in-training has yet to make it to Karachi, Pakistan, or northern Iraq, he can start practicing in England or France or Sweden on whatever victims that are available.  If Jews are available for attack, so much the better.

But the main thing racist Jihadis require from western progressives is the kinds of justifications that will resonate with other westerners and liberals.  Thus fourteen centuries of Koranically-based Jew Hatred and thirteen centuries of persecution within the oppressive system of dhimmitude gets veiled by anti-Zionist Edward Saidian gibberish concerning the "white imperialist oppressors" of the innocent "indigenous" population.

With the merest sleight of the hand, thirteen centuries of Jewish second and third class non-citizenship under the boot of Arab-Muslim colonial rule simply goes poof.  All context disappears and is replaced by a fantasy of Jewish militarism following World War II.  Arab genocidal intentions toward the Jews directly after the Holocaust are also entirely whitewashed out of existence by western progressives who honestly - but, falsely - believe that they stand for social justice.

Have you ever wondered how it happened that the western world turned its back against the Jews during the Holocaust?  The answer is that they did not turn their back on the Jews during the Holocaust.  On the contrary, they turned their backs on the Jews prior to the Holocaust as the Nazis were developing the process of defamation that would ultimately justify the violence itself.

The conditions that led to the Holocaust are obviously not in place in today's world.  Instead we have other conditions, but two things remain the same.  The first is the violent hatred of a large hostile majority population and the second is the justification given for that violence by ethically-bankrupt western intellectuals and ignorant, but idealistic, political activists.

When western intellectuals and writers and journalists and, yes, bloggers, defame and denigrate Israel as a racist, imperialist, colonialist, apartheid state, they project lies grounded in willful distortions, wild exaggerations, and unjustifiable malice.

The result is the whipping up of hatred not only toward Israeli Jews, but to all Jews, everywhere, including Paris.

Let's give professor Richard Landes of Boston University the last word:
In the Jewish diaspora community and Israel, the alarm was palpable. “Time to go?” asked Shmuel Trigano rhetorically about France. Why? Not only because once again, people killed and sought to kill Jews in the streets of Europe, but because the news media continually played down the amplitude of the violence and hatred, and the authorities, both police and judiciary, resisted it half-heartedly. In France, as in England, anti-Semites no longer hide; unafraid of police, they roam the streets like the brown shirts of yore. Is this the “beginning of the end” of a two-millennia-long Jewish presence in Europe?


  1. Mike antisemites have never hidden in France, they have always been more than open. They sided with the Germans with no problem in the War.

    1. Y'now, Shirlee, about 5 or 6 years ago I was talking with a professor friend of mine who spends considerable time in Europe and I asked him specifically about French anti-Semitism.

      What he told me at the time was that it was well in decline and I remember just sort-of looking at him and hoping that he was right.

      Sadly, he has been proven wrong.

      Things are absolutely not looking good for European Jewry and I would recommend that those who can, should make aliyah.

  2. The New York Observer real estate section ran a piece recently about a new flood of wealthy French Jews emigrating to NYC to snap up luxury dwellings. In a replay of the the 1930's the first ones to leave are the ones that can afford to pull and bolt.

    1. New York?

      Well, that's a shame. Israel could use both the dough and the numbers.

      My suspicion is that over the coming decade we are going to see the slow drip drip drip of Jews making for greener pasteurs.

      Islam is on the rise in Europe and, despite sweet cooing sounds about the "Golden Age of Isam," was never friendly toward Jews.

      Part of the reason that the progressive-left Jewish professoriate can be a problem is because they hold out hope for interfaith relations. It's all very admirable and adult-like, but it also inclines them to gloss over Muslim historical abuse of the Jewish people in that part of the world.

      Their intentions are golden. Their results are not.

    2. The same happened in Australia as happened in NY.
      There are plenty of French Jews in Israel. Apparently if you don't speak French don't go to Netanya.
      I gave my French a good work out in Tel Aviv.