Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pope Francis Recognizes anti-Semitic Genocidal Organizations

Michael L.


The Pope has recognized the PLO and the Palestinian Authority and Fatah and their various sub-organizations as equal to Israel in legitimacy.

This is a significant turning point and will require strength in response.

My expectation is that Israel will equivocate and knuckle-under because our numbers are too small and our supporters are too weak.

Western-left Jews will do or say almost nothing, because, for the most part, they're too "chicken-shit" to challenge Arab and European defamation of the Jewish State or of the Jewish people.

The reason for this is because they tend to believe that Arabs and Israel-Haters have a good point.

This is because they came to accept the Arab victim-hood narrative and because they still want to kiss the feet of their progressive-left friends and because they absolutely loathe right-leaning Jews who are strongly supportive of Israel.

The truth, however, is that the Jewish people are in the process of being run over by much larger forces because our primary source of integrity, Israel, is being hounded by much larger forces, including Europe, the United States (under this president), and, needless to say, the entire Muslim world.

To European Jews:  If you can go, you should go.  Europe is hostile territory and things seem to be getting worse.  There are only a few places on this planet where Jews, as a people, can live without significant hostility.  These places, for the moment, include North America and Australia.   They do not include Great Britain.

In the Middle East, of course, Obama and the West has given the signal to Arabs that it's Jew Killing Season.

They honestly think that 300 to 400 million Arabs have every right to go after 6 million Jews because they tell themselves that those Jews were mean to the "Palestinians."

To American Jews:  Your faith in Barack Obama was misguided from the start, as was mine.  One thing that differentiates you from your more thoughtful co-religionists is that some of us were not so ideologically blinkered as to fail to acknowledge that which is before our nose.  Now that the Pope has turned on Israel we can expect American Catholic support for the Jewish people to erode, with the full passive-aggressive support of the American President until, hopefully, the next election.

To Israeli Jews:  Declare the final borders of the State of Israel and defend yourself without apology.

Eliminate Hamas and point to their charter, which calls specifically for the genocide of the Jewish people on religious grounds.


  1. Re America:

    What presidential candidate - however pro-Israel - can afford to lose the Catholic vote? Particularly in Florida. You can't win the election without Florida.

    You will be looking at a very different America, I think.

    Re Europe:

    How will the Jewish populations - such as they are - of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria etc., survive?
    How much more intolerable will this make life for the Jews of France?

    Re European Jews leaving:

    Most won't. Many can't: certainly not to the US, Australia or Canada.

    In England the Catholic population is fairly small, but this will greatly add to hostility, hatred and division.

    I wonder what Pope Francis imagines will happen. How he believes this will end. In the Middle East, in Europe, and in the States.

    1. Actually - if you go to the Catholic news website
      and scroll down to relevant article, it is explained that this is not new news. Which is interesting.

      Possibly been overhyped by media.
      Worth reading.

  2. Have so many ever in history rushed to support a state that doesn't exist and has never existed for a nation that has never existed?
    How can we explain this phenomenon?

    1. Really Jeff... You have to ask????

      What State is unlike an other? (I will give you a hint... it has a Magen David in the middle of it).

    2. volleyboy1,
      It was a rhetorical question, tongue in cheek, but I liked your answer.

    3. Oh I know Jeff... It was just too good of a set up.

  3. As my grandfather used to say

    More poop from the pope!

  4. And there are some ...uh..cough..people..on another site who thought I was too Israeli militant before? LOL

    I give a big one finger salute to the vatican and Israel needs to say EFF the "palestinians" and do what needs to be done!

    1. You know Pitt.. I was just thinking about this today.

      After reading the apologia for Palestinian Terrorism from the "so called Human Rights Activists" over at the "We Hate the Jews but love us some Iran" website, I can understand why you say that. AND then I read about how some peace loving bunny simply couldn't handle the lack of dignity and decided to run down a few civilians out of "frustration" (because of course that is what everyone should do when they get pissed off), I can "feel" your point.

      But then I remember when I lived in Israel and I had a much more nuanced view of the whole thing. I admit seeing the Pro-Iran and Neo-Nazi crowd over at DKos with their wannabe Kapo friends is sickening but at the same time I think we have to get beyond the "eff the Palestinians" as much as that emotion is the first thing that comes to mind sometimes.

      But check out the comments in this shit fest at DKos... (Oh and get a barf bag for the straight rhetoric from the third reich here:

    2. I've read that crap from DSKF (Daily Storm Kos Front), and how they are all praising the pope about his "palestinaian stance" All of a sudden, everyone there is a Catholic Christian loving person now, and all it took was for the pope to attack Israel.

      As to "eff the palestinians", well if everyone in the world is gonna stand against Israel, Israel needs to take a hard-lined no backing down stance. America can't totally be counted on to have Israel's back with the muslim-sympathiser in chief occupying the white house. (BTW I think Obama is good on domestic issues, but his stance on foreign affairs is beyond appalling)

      When Israel has TRUE friends she can count on, then my stance will change. But as long as it looks like we have to go it mostly alone (semi-support from the US), I see no need to give one damn about the enemies of Israel, because everyone else in the world loves them!

    3. I Found a reason to support TPP

      1. What Does This Have to Do With Israel?

      In both houses of Congress, the relevant committees have voted (unanimously in the Senate and by voice vote in the House) to include in their respective TPA bills an important provision backed by both Democrats and Republicans regarding Israel. The provision, supported by AJC, would make it a principal trade negotiating objective of the United States to discourage trading partners from taking actions that could prejudice or discourage commercial activity between the U.S. and Israel, to seek the elimination of state-sponsored foreign boycotts against Israel, and to end compliance with the Arab League Boycott of Israel.

    4. ^^ Sometimes My replies end up in a wrong thread...oh well

    5. VB, makes a good point.

      This should never be about "eff the Palestinians."

      Of course, I consider everyone who lives in what was formerly known as the British Mandate for Palestine to be "Palestinian"... so long as we insist upon using outdated terminology.

      What it should be about is the fact that the Palestinian-Arabs are holding Israel hostage because they simply refuse to accept a state for themselves in peace next to the Palestinian-Jews.

      That is the problem and a major part of the reason that they refused, decade after decade after decade, is because of - wait for it! - al-Sharia.

      It violates their religious code.

    6. "The-victims-are-the-ones-at-fault-according-to-IDF"

      I think I got gist of it. Really no need for me to read any more tales of noble savages and the white man's burden.

    7. The funny thing here is that Hizbollah IS (or would be) 100% at fault.

      They know what Israel will do if they attack Israel. Israel certainly isn't initiating attacks on them. They know Israel will attack the launch sites and that Israel will attack the infrastructure of Lebanon because let's face facts, that is something the Israelis have done in the past.

      This would not be a surprise to anyone. SO when Hizbollah moves it's launchers to civilian areas, they are full aware that when they launch, Israel will attack that launch site. AND they count on that response. They want civilians to die, and the more kids that die, the more Hizbollah likes it. It makes for great propaganda.

      The bottom line is simple. Israel is not attacking Lebanon. If Lebanon or Hizbollah (they are becoming one in the same) does not attack Israel, no problem. There will be no civilian casualties on either side. Since Hizbollah knows what will happen, IF something starts in Southern Lebanon / Northern Israel... that is totally on them.

      And as a side irony I would bet that if in some insane twist of fate Hizbollah won a war with Israel and took over the Galilee that the Palestinians in "the Triangle" would not be part of the new non-existent Palestinian State because no country in the area that won a war would give that land to them. AND you know what? Not one "Western Progressive / anti-War activist", and not one Right Wing anti-Semite would say shit about it.

  5. Seems like liberation theology, Soviet inspired, is back in vogue, after repudiation by John Paul II.

    Interestingly, the Soviets also inspired the PLO and "Palestinian" people, formerly just Arabs?

    All to bring down the West and capitalism.

    1. It shows that the Catholic Church is still not to be trusted! Next thing this pope will do is trot out another "passion" production.

    2. The anti-Zionist left has already taken care of the "passion" productions. They have "checkpoint" theatre on college campuses.

      As for effing the "Palestinians," hey guess what? They're trying to eff us! Why are the Jews the only people ("folks" in Obamaspeak, or Pat Buchananish - coincidence? I think not) who are supposed to turn the other cheek? Perhaps the Pope could answer that question.

  6. In other news,

    Because the world is somewhat insane:

    1. It just shows that Jewish self-haters have nothing on the Swedes. They are the champions!

  7. Hey, wafer is matzo (culturally appropriated), so leave that also. Go worship a torture device.

  8. This Catholic with agnostic tendencies despises Pope Francis completely and utterly. From my oberservations he has started whoring for Islam and kissing the feet of islamists nearly from the beginning - ideologically he is the twin-brother of Obama - a nasty duo.
    To the Jewish people I say: the time for giving them the benefit of the doubt is long past, and there are just so many "other cheeks" one can offer. Do not let the dark side win !