Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tomorrow's Column for the Elder

Michael L.

Tomorrow's piece is entitled, A Surprise Encounter of a Palestinian Kind, and is the most personal piece that I have published at the Elder's place.

Here is a tid-bit:

tennesseeSo, there we were in the middle-of-nowhere Tennessee, right on the border of Alabama, just about a week ago.  It was nothing but trees and lakes and dilapidated barns and bar-b-que joints.  I was there because my wife has a Deep South wing of the family that we were visiting on vacation.  My only thought was to get some of that good southern cooking and hopefully a few bass.  This was the very last place on the planet that I would expect to run into a Palestinian-Arab, but I did.


  1. Don't see the article yet. Can you post a link that goes right to it?


  2. There are crazy stupid people everywhere. There's Klan members who go to work in downtown Raleigh NC. There's communists who work for the Museum of Modern Art. There's people who believe they were abducted by aliens who work at your supermarket. Trust me, insane Jew haters are normally distributed everywhere you go.