Sunday, May 31, 2015

Please Welcome Vocal International

Michael L.


Vocal International is a recently created non-partisan news magazine out of Brussels, Belgium wherein the editors offered me a monthly column.
Vocal International a non-partisan, European monthly magazine, provides first-rate coverage and analysis of the pressing political issues in Europe and within its neigborhood. With contributors and columnists spanning the higher echelons of politics, business, governance, media, law and academia, Vocal International is an indispensable read for anyone to understand what matters for Europe. The magazine’s editorial is strengthened by its coverage of subjects and views rarely found in the European media.
My first piece is published today, June 1, and is entitled, An Aggressive Alliance; risk for the Region and the West? 

If that does not sound like one of my titles it is because it isn't.

The piece is currently on the front page and within the "special reports" section.

It is a brief meditation on the meaning of the alleged recent pact between Turkey and Saudi Arabia in opposition to Assad in Syria and the potential consequences.

I am looking forward to exploring this new venue because it looks sharp.

I very much hope that you guys drop in.


  1. Kol hakavod Mike. You deserve it.

    1. Thank you, my friend.

      The world of news media has become the wild, wild west.

      I just sincerely hope that the New York Times finally dies sometime within my lifetime.

      I mean, I just want to be on-hand when it finally takes its much deserved bullet to the head.

  2. Off to read. And congrats. First Brussels, then the world! ;)

    1. Sampling the goods, so to speak. Wonder what k's take is on the overall lean / direction of the magazine?

  3. Hi Mike,
    congratulations! Am really pleased for you.

    It looks like an interesting site.
    Interesting to see wide variety of subject matter.

    It does look like a 'politically' mixed site.
    Without the usual obvious partisanship on some issues.
    Although, definitely pro-EU.
    It would be surprising for a magazine based in Brussels not to be.

    At the moment, Britain is under the spotlight due to the fact of the referendum on staying in Europe.
    Polls are saying we will vote to stay in. Easily.
    But we're a bit wary of polls following the fact that they were so uniformly wrong on the general election.
    Lots of ' horse-trading' in the next weeks and months between our government and the other European leaders.
    It will be interesting.

  4. Congratulations Mike!
    My oh my, you are in demand!
    I will check out the site. Best of luck!