Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fixing the Terrorist Shortage

Michael Lumish

Dan Greenfield is easily one of the best writers within pro-Israel journalism.

I don't cite him that often, but sometimes I cannot resist sharing something that he has written. In a piece entitled, Obama Solves America's Terrorist Shortage he writes:
America's terrorist shortage may be reaching an end. If Orlando didn't satisfy you and San Bernardino left you wanting more. If you thought, why can't we have more Boston Marathon bombings, Obama has your back, and your front and any other directions that a pressure cooker full of nails can hit you from.

This week the land of Washington, Jefferson and Mohammed Atta will reach a new milestone by taking in Syrian refugee number 10,000. It’s unknown if the TSA will shower him with balloons and confetti once he passes the gate while clutching a Koran and a copy of the Caliphate Cookbook.

Either way we hit the big explosive ten thousand. And the clock is ticking.
I recently got an email from my local neighborhood listserve asking the neighbors if anyone knew of a two bedroom in Oakland for under $1,700 per month for a Syrian refugee family comprised of five people, parents and children. The family has the support of the Oakland branch of the International Rescue Committee, whatever that is, exactly.

The first questions that popped into my head were, "Well, have these folk been properly vetted? And just what do we know about the parents? And why are you guys shuffling them off into what is one of the most expensive parts of the country? They may have family here, I suppose."

In any case, they're here. They have friends. And they're probably just fine.

Only a small percentage of these Muslim refugees, after all, will go on murderous rampages of the types that we are increasingly seeing in both the United States and Europe. The chances of any one particular American getting blown up or shot down or skinned-alive are slim, so we might as well break out the popcorn and enjoy the show.

This is what the late, great George Carlin had to say about terrorism:
Especially after your stupid fuckin economy collapses all around you, and the terrorists come out of the woodwork. And you’ll have anthrax in the water supply and sarin-gas in the air conditioners; there’ll be chemical and biological suitcase bombs in every city, and I say, “Enjoy it, relax! Enjoy the show! Take a fuckin chance. Put a little fun in your life.”

To me, terrorism is exciting. It’s exciting! I think the very idea that someone might set off a bomb in Macy’s and kill several hundred people is exciting and stimulating, and I see it as a form of entertainment! Entertainment that’s all it is. Yeah!

But – but I also know most Americans are soft, frightened, unimaginative they don’t realize there’s such a thing as dangerous fun. And they certainly don’t recognize good entertainment when they see it. I have always been willing to put myself at great personal risk for the sake of entertainment. And I’ve always been willing to put you at great personal risk for the same reason.
What can I tell you?

There comes a point where all you can do is throw your arms up in the air and cry out, "Bring it on, baby!"

I'll tell you one thing, if Hillary Clinton wins the White House - which I still consider likely - she will go all Angela Merkel on us and fling open the doors of the United States to the very same kind of young Muslims running amuck in Europe.

Now, I understand that my friends on the progressive-left consider such sentiments to be hate-filled and racist. But what I would suggest to them is that the problem is not Muslims, in general, but ideological jihadis. This has nothing to do with "race." This has nothing to do with skin color or land of origin. And this has nothing to do with an irrational fear of the "other."

On the contrary, what the Left fails to recognize is that political Islam in the form of Jihad - that is, the effort to impose al-Sharia by means of terror - represents a political ideology and a political movement that is prevalent throughout the Muslim world.

Opposing political Islam or opposing the imposition of al-Sharia via the Jihad is no more "racist" than was opposing Nazism or Soviet Communism.

The great irony, of course, is that those on the Left who think that opposition to political Islam is somehow racist are, themselves, the bigots. To conclude that opposition to the Jihad is the same as "Islamophobia," or opposition to all Muslims, is to suggest that all Muslims are jihadis!

Now that's bigotry.

But the fact of the matter is that the progressive-left is the most "racist" political movement in the West today outside of political Islam, itself.

*Carlin refers to "Muslim fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists, and just plain guys from Montana."

I hope that if he had lived a bit longer he might have come to see the issue of terrorism in a somewhat different light.

The boys in Montana do not worry me a bit.


  1. 52 of the 10,126 Syrian refugees are Christian. Curious why the most persecuted Syrians received the least consideration.

    Regarding immigration and wanting to keep out undesirables, saw the relatives of victims killed by criminal aliens. Some talking head said afterward that, regarding gun control, some say that restriction of a Constitutional right is justified, if even one life is saved. Could the same not be said about restriction of immigration benefits, which are not a right, but a privilege according to law?

    Yes, Clinton will probably do damage, and then create some lies about it. Trump is right to question her judgment. Being a wonk does not guarantee good sense. Iraq, Syria, Libya, and the enabling of Iran. Not foreseeing the rise of ISIS is worse than Bush not seeing Rumsfeld's Iraq neocon plan was poor. Throwing her lot with BLM and identity politics, and what that means for civil rights and harmony, and rule of law, not to mention the prospects for Israel and non-progressive Jews.

    What's as bad is the corruption. Monetizing public service and using charity to enrich themselves. Claiming there's too much money in politics while, at the same time, smashing the fundraising record: $143 million in August. Trump University is not the equivalent when it comes to ethics in government.

    What many progressives, in their intelligence, seem clueless to is that they will be the first ones on the chopping block if the retrograde forces and terrorists prevail. But even then they would probably refuse to acknowledge their situation, for fear of how it looks on social media and among their "friends."

    Sad for smart people who so easily take for granted what we possess, an outlier of human experience, in search of a perfection that is improbable at best.

    1. School,

      "Being a wonk does not guarantee good sense. Iraq, Syria, Libya, and the enabling of Iran."

      And let's not forget my pet issue: supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

      I was absolutely flabbergasted.

      The Brotherhood called for the conquest of Jerusalem during campaign rallies and then, badda-bing badda-boom, there was Hillary helping smooth their transition into power.

      I couldn't fuckin' believe it.

      And then people like fizziks - whose politics have evolved in recent years, I understand - saying, "Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood? Watcha mean supporting the Muslim Brotherhood?"

      I don't know.

      I tend to think that cash payments, the transference of heavy weaponry, providing international cover and legitimization, as well as sending Hillary, herself, to Cairo to ensure the smooth transition, might reasonably be considered "support."

      Call me crazy.

    2. The support of the Muslim Brotherhood by the Obama Administration - and that's what it was - was Kafka-esque. But it wasn't just Obama, almost the entire left intellectual elite embraced the so-called Arab Spring without reservation. Where did such fantasy inspired wishful thinking come from?
      Shortly after Morsi was thrown out of power by the Egyptian military, I met a woman shopping at Macy's. I remarked about her lovely accent. She said she was an Egyptian on vacation here. I asked her what she thought about what was going on in Egypt. She said it was chaotic and scary, and then with a broad smile of satisfaction she said, "but at least they thew out those damned Islamists!" Good going, Obama.

  2. It appears that Saintly FDR and his administration actively facilitated the "final solution", only leaving actual killing to the germans.
    On the other hand that evil stupid warmonger Ray-Gun took in hundreds of thousands Jewish refugees from the Soviet Union in the eighties.

  3. I always enjoyed George Carlin's schtick up to a point. By this time it all seemed pretty cultish. How were Jewish "fundamentalists" going to entertain us?

    Some pretty darned good comments by oldschooltwentysix, who puts very well into words what I'm thinking, and Trudy, who tells me so many things I didn't know, but which ought to be common knowledge amongst our little group.

    It quite frankly pisses me off that self-styled 'progressives' talk up the notion that we need to atone for historical injustices suffered by the Jews by treating Muslims to goodies, while still coming up with excuses why we need to treat Jews shabbily in the form of the only Jewish State on earth. While the media keeps feeding the public of the dangers of Trump I am finding the dangers of Hillary more compelling concerning our long term security, economic viability, rights, and protection of Israel from the mongrels who want to eat her.

    1. Trump seems a bit like a loose cannon to me, and the guy will say almost damn near anything (ask Carly Fiorina), but Hillary, in my view, is not to be trusted.

      And, yeah, I do think that their should be a moratorium on Muslim immigration until we have effective vetting procedures.

      btw, I've been undergoing a bit of study of the Quran.

      It's fascinating, actually.

    2. Just started reading:

      The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise: Muslims, Christians, and Jews under Islamic Rule in Medieval Spain

      Not surprising, but very persuasive.

    3. Trump doesn't just seem like a loose cannon, he is one, at least on the campaign stump, and he seems to believe it has worked well for him. In conducting business however, I just can't imagine he operates that way. Maybe, who knows?
      Is he unqualified? What were Obama's qualifications? He joined the club? What were the accomplishments that led people to think he would be an A-1 president? We know Obama will say anything, we know Hillary will say anything. How is Trump different except for a sometimes vulgar New York blue collar frankness and willingness to insult someone's looks? (not rhetorical)
      The question before us is, who can best lead the country? Whose policies will best serve us at this time in history? For honest people planning on voting this is not the easy choice either side pretends it to be.
      When it comes to muslim immigration I'm going to go with Trump's position. If I wanted to live in Malmo I'd move there. I'd feel safer in Hebron. At least there I would know someone was trying to protect me from the jihad.

  4. You have now had two consecutive fact free posts. In the last post you said that Christians believe that their religion is the only way to heaven. While I am sure some Christians believe that it is not normative Christian doctrine and most specifically has not been Catholic doctrine since Vatican II. As for Syrian refugees, specifically how many have been charged with any terrorist crimes. I believe the answer is zero. And they go through a two year vetting process, precisely how long a vetting process would you like?

    1. Wait a second, are you telling me that it is no longer standard Catholic doctrine that the only way to come to the Father is via the Son?

      This was changed in VC2?

      I will have to verify that for myself.

      As for the immigrants, why would we want people who come from a part of the world where polling shows hatred of Jews between the mid-70th and mid-90th percentile to come to the US?

      The fact of the matter is that Arab-Muslims generally despise us children of orangutans and swine, so why should we invite them into our home?

      Furthermore, when you look at the madness and mayhem and bloodshed and rape going on throughout Europe, one would have to be insane to want to see anything similar in New York or San Francisco or Miami.

      Fuggedabout it, man.

      It's not a matter of how long it takes - although 20 years would be nice - it's a matter of doing what we can do to make sure that Jihadis don't come into this country.

    2. You're right!

      Pope Francis says atheists can do good and go to heaven too!

      It's interesting, though. Religions are supposed to be - whatever else they are - a means to the divine. According to contemporary Catholicism, however, religious ritual is no longer necessary, only good works.

      And, to think, nobody told me.

    3. This is a little thing that I like to refer to as "poetic license."


    4. You can get to heaven if you are innocent or ignorant about Christ. Think that's the changed Catholic position. Once you know about Christ, accept him or be damned.

      For most of the rest, it's Christ or nothing.

    5. Simians and swine is more alliterative although it might not have that same punch.
      Since Islam can be said to be a somewhat a take off on Judaism, it relies on the prophets of the Torah, Muslims could be said to be sons of Jews.
      Perhaps a dinner of slop and bananas is in order for our jihadi friends.

    6. "You have now had two consecutive fact free posts."

      You have now posted another hyperbolic assertion.

  5. The Syrian vetting process begins with a referral from UNHCR. This org has a website about "the State of Palestine."

    Do I trust the integrity of such an org who engages in such hyperbole and magical thinking? Not on your life.

    1. What the fuck! Does the UNHCR feel left out or something that they now want to join in the fun of the pretend nation of Palestine?
      Even UNRWA's founding mandate never mentioned "Palestinians," because such a nation of Arabs had yet to be invented.