Monday, September 26, 2016

Raw Deal # 6: The Voldemorte Syndrome

Michael Lumish

Heya Guys, this is Michael Lumish talking with ya on the morning of Monday, September 26, and it is hot, hot, hot here in Oakland, California.

I mean, good Christ, it’s almost October for crying out loud and we have temperatures, depending upon just where you live, close to 100 degrees!

In any case, given the rise of political Islam and what seems to be a spike in Jihadi attacks in the United States, but most particularly in Europe, it is both dangerous and disconcerting that the very topic has become verboten.

This is because so many people automatically think that if you have some hard criticisms of Islamic terrorism it must mean that you are vile, irrational, hate-filled racist who despises Muslims merely because they are Muslims.

What is it that Pamela Geller says?

That they call anti-Jihadis something like, racist, Islamophobic, anti-Muslim, bigots.

It just rolls off the tongue.

Racist, Islamophobic, anti-Muslim, bigots.

I have to tell you, that is just messed up and wrong and unjust and inaccurate and does nothing but shut down the conversation, which is precisely what it is intended to do.

Anti-Jihadis have a name for this.

They call it the Voldemort Syndrome.

In the Harry Potter series the arch-villain whom everyone fears is Voldemort.

They are so terrified of Voldemort that the magical community won’t even say his name… despite the fact that they insist that he is dead.

They would say something like, “He who must not be named is dead.”

This is the way that huge numbers of westerners – and, yes, particularly on the left – refuse to think about terrorism

Refuse to think about the rise of political Islam.

And refuse to think about its significance to mass Muslim immigration into the West.

To even so much as think about such questions makes one – wait for it - a racist, Islamophobic, anti-Muslim, bigot.

This issue is not to be discussed and terrorism, all evidence to the contrary, isn’t really that big a deal… or so they would have you believe.

I mean, more people die every year in road accidents, by far, than are killed by terrorists. Right?

The thing of it is, the people who refuse to discuss the Jihad are not afraid of Jihadis. Not at all.

They’re not afraid that some maniac is gonna blow them up while waiting on line at Starbucks for a half café double tall non fat foamy mocha.

What they are afraid of, actually, is one another.

They’re afraid that their friends will think of them as a heinous racist and they, as a consequence, will lose social standing or even, quite possibly, suffer the loss of employment.

Who needs the grief?

So, people won’t discuss it, even as Obama and Hillary are preparing to go all Angela Merkel on us and open the friggin’ flood-gates.

It’s just plain dumb.

In the US we’re pretty much all of us the progeny of immigrants and students are taught to look upon 19th and early 20th century disdain for immigrants as, itself, disdainful.

And for good reason.

And for a Jew, of all people, to frown upon people fleeing from a war zone is not just unconscionable. It’s deplorable!

But the fact is, the current wave of Middle Eastern and North African Muslim immigration is not the same as the eastern and southern European wave of a century ago and more.

The Jews and the Italians and the Polish and the Ukrainians and god knows who all, not to mention the Irish and Germans before them, did not generally despise the United States and their kids and grandkids assimilated.  

Of course, there is no getting away from the fact that more than a few eastern European Jewish socialists and anarchists sometimes caused a bit of a ruckus.

My family lived in the Ukraine for who knows how many generations and I sometimes like to tell people that when they arrived in New York Harbor in the early 1920s they carried little round bombs in one hand and a copies of Das Kapital in the other.

But, thankfully, that bit of nonsense was short-lived, unlike the Jihad which has been ongoing since that Muhammad fellow started dreaming of the Archangel Gabriel like some hallucinating character in Tony Kurshner’s Angels in America.

But the point is, not only has the Jihad been ongoing since Muhammad, it continues to this very day.

Does this mean that all Muslims are Jihadis?

No. But I honestly do not care.

One thing is certain, a percentage of these migrants are from the Islamic State, if not other Jihadi groups, and Americans will die because of Obama and Clinton’s naivete or indifference.

Also, of course, let’s not forget that we are talking about people from a part of the world where rates of anti-Semitism range from the mid-70th percentile, among the most open-hearted, to the mid-90th percentile among Palestinian-Arabs.

I am not calling for a ban on Muslim immigration, but we need to make damn sure that we know who is coming into the United States.

This is no more racism than opposing Nazism was bigotry toward Germans or opposing Soviet Communism was irrational, bigoted hatred toward Russians.

Given 9/11 and Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon and the 2014 beheading in Oklahoma – most people are not even aware of this, but there was an actual Jihadi beheading in Oklahoma of all friggin’ places.

Not to mention San Bernadino, last years Draw Muhammad contest that got shot up in Texas and then, of course, God rest their souls, 49 dead people in an Orlando nightclub.

Yet, none of this seems to get through to virtually anybody in the Democratic party.

Look. I don’t care who moves into the United States so long as they are not Jihadis, are not in opposition to the Constitution of the United States, and harbor no irrational, Qur’anically-based, cosmic hatred toward Jews.

Aside from that, give us your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

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