Friday, March 24, 2017



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    1. It's another one of those images that I have no idea where it came from. Y'know, I came across it, liked it, downloaded it and then didn't give it another thought until Friday afternoon.

      I'm glad that you like it, because I think that it's pretty awesome, as well. I almost never discuss art because somehow talking about it so often just sounds fake. I used to go to some of the museums and galleries in SF with a buddy of mine who was an art student and sometimes we would be looking at a piece and I would gesture toward it and say something like, "Well, look at the flow of negative space on this piece. It's almost amniotic in its post-structural obligation, wouldn't you say?" And then he'd come back with an equally nonsensical bit of whateveritis.

      Damn, we haven't done that in awhile. I'm overdue!

    2. The horse, the sky, the planes, and the girl looking on in wonder. She is us. Freedom.

    3. I find it an excellent composition on so many levels. And unlike some trips to the museum as you mentioned, I don't feel I'm supposed to like it, I just do. Every time I look, it makes me happy.

    4. A lot is wrong with this picture. The women is dressed in outdated clothes, not modern empowering attire, like Nike hijab. She is on the ground looking up (probably up to white cisgendered males piloting the planes), instead of the other way around. Neither gay people, nor people of color are represented. They are even subtly insulted by the inclusion of a BROWN horse. There is nothing addressing oppression of Palestinians. Finally, the guiding role of the Progressive movement is not properly expressed.

  2. Just how stupid are Pro-Palestinians?

    "HILARIOUS: Leftists Fall For Mock Petition Blasting Israel For Not Letting Palestinians Fish In The DEAD SEA

    On March 29, a guy named Ian Brown in the United Kingdom started a petition titled, "Stop Israeli apartheid against Dead Sea fishermen - make Israel give them a fair deal." The petition says the following:
    Since Israel took control of the West Bank in 1967:

    It has not issued a single fishing permit to Palestinian fishermen for fishing in the Dead Sea.
    Irrigation projects have reduced the supply of fresh water entering the Dead Sea.
    It has allowed millions of Zionist tourists to bathe in the Dead Sea and to remove minerals from it, whilst not a single fish has been legally caught by local fishermen.

    This petition, of course, is a gag. The Dead Sea, which is situated between Israel, the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria, and Jordan, gets its name because its salt content is so high that it cannot sustain life."

    Like the article says, "You cannot fix this degree of stupidity."

    1. I saw that on FB. It cracked me up! Those heinous Israelis. Imagine, refusing to hand out fishing licenses for Arabs at the Dead Sea. Shame on those fascists!