Saturday, October 21, 2017

I am Free from Reem's Racist Stupidity!

Michael Lumish

{Also published at Elder of Ziyon and Jews Down Under and The Jewish Press.}

Reem Assil and her malicious, anti-Zionist friends challenged the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and promptly got their legalistic butts kicked.

{Good for them.}

Anyone who followed the story of Assil's extremist and terrorist-admiring restaurant at the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland knows that her attorneys dismissed her malicious "lawfare" action against Bob Pave, Robin Dubner, and myself.

This was due to the insightful work of Mitch Danzig, Evan Nadel, and Paul Huston of the law firm, Mintz Levin.

Speaking strictly for myself, I owe those gentlemen a significant debt of thanks.

There are, however, a few loose ends dangling that I want to tie up.

The first is that I owe an apology to StandWithUS, particularly Randy Kessler, Executive Director of the Northwest chapter.

And I owe a big tip 'o the kippa to Yael Lerman, Director of the SWU legal department.

{Were I her I do not know that I would have been quite so nice to me.}

When, during the vigils, it looked as if we would get zero support from the larger San Francisco Bay Area Jewish community, I lambasted that organization and stormed into Kessler's Facebook space with a self-righteous fit.

It was inappropriate, unfair, and I was wrong to do it.

Nonetheless, despite my bad manners, SWU did more to help the ongoing vigils at Reem's than any synagogue or other Bay Area Jewish organization.

After coming out of this nonsense, however, I have one significant message.

It is this:

The western-left is not a friend to the Jewish people and "intersectionality" as expressed within left-leaning politics is racist.

This is my "takeaway" from all of this mishigas.

There are plenty of self-identified progressives and "liberals" who are, indeed, great friends of the Jewish people and of the State of Israel. I do not mean to insult or castigate my progressive friends, but the obvious fact is that the western-left, in general, is unfriendly toward Israel.

According to recent Pew polling 40 percent of "liberal Democrats" support Palestinian-Arabs over the Jews in the Middle East, while only 33 percent favor the Jews.

Those who stood up with me against Reem's racist restaurant included members of the LGBT community and a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto, yet we were called both homophobes and White Supremacists by the "progressives" who opposed us.

This is what the Left has descended into.

The people who confronted our vigil and who outnumbered us by a factor of at least three-to-one were entirely from progressive-left organizations and pro-Palestinian groups.

Despite all the evidence that is available - as Professor William Jacobson from the Cornell University Law School readily demonstrates - they still prefer to believe that Rasmea Odeh's confession was beaten and raped out of her over twenty-five days, despite the fact that the records show she admitted her guilt on the day immediately following her apprehension by the Israeli authorities.

We even have Aisha Odeh, Rasmea's partner, boasting of the murders and implicating Rasmea on Palestinian Authority television many years later.

The International Red Cross observed the trial and found it to be fair.

What more can anyone want?

Intersectionality and the Killing of Oscar Grant

It should also be noted that on the mural of Rasmea Odeh at Reem's bakery-cafe is a button or badge reading "Oscar Grant."

Oscar Grant was the young black man shot dead by Oakland police on New Year's Eve 2009 on the platform of the Fruitvale  BART Station within spitting distance of Reem's joint. The shooting sparked riots in Oakland and Reem Assil is trying to associate Rasmea Odeh with Oscar Grant for the purpose of associating Palestinian-Arab antisemitic anti-Zionism with the movement for "social justice" in the United States.

She is exploiting that movement and, in the process, is suggesting a sort-of ideological kinship between Grant, who was a victim, and Odeh, who is a murderer of innocent people. It seems to me that the Black community should be unhappy at the implied comparison.

In any case, the fundamental idea behind the intersectionalist trend is that just as African-Americans are said to be oppressed by the powerful "white patriarchy" in the United States, so Palestinian-Arabs are said to be oppressed by the powerful "Jewish white patriarchy" in Israel. The notion is that Zionism, like White Supremacy, is an oppressive system of dominance that must inevitably crush the Palestinian-Arabs under an iron boot.

These separate forms of alleged injustices are all thought of as sewn from the same racist and rapacious ideological cloth.

Needless to say, progressive-left anti-Zionism and intersectionality leave Jewish people out of the progressive-left Good Guys Club. Jews are considered "white" and "whiteness" is considered a predatory form of consciousness.

Meanwhile, the idea that Jewish nationalism must be crushed while Palestinian-Arab nationalism must be celebrated is racist, yet this is precisely what Assil is promoting by shoving Rasmea Odeh into the face of anyone who happens into her place. Since Odeh is a murderer in the cause of antisemitic anti-Zionism the message is that violence toward Jews - even to the degree of blowing people to smithereens - is honorable.

This is shades of 1930s Berlin and every Jew who passes that mural on the way into the Fruitvale BART Station has been put on notice.

Western-left intersectionality and the related identity politics, as practiced today, dockets people according to a racialized and gendered hierarchy of victimhood. The value of the individual depends on where they fall within the hierarchy. Jewish people, and particularly Jewish men, are at the very bottom of the hierarchy - along with men of European descent - and thus killing Jewish people is considered understandable under the toxic logic of progressive-left intersectionality and identity politics.

Within progressive-left identity politics the murder of Jews is simply an expression of the Palestinian-Arab "resistance" to Jewish oppression. Assil and her friends consider Odeh innocent not because of the evidence - which clearly demonstrates her guilt - but merely because they want her to be innocent. And even if she is not, her actions were fully justified as a matter of the "liberation" of the Palestinian-Arabs.

Such a view is nothing more, nor anything other, than genocidal racism toward the Jewish people.

A Dash of Jewish History

For thirteen centuries the Jews of the Middle East suffered under the heel of Arab-Muslim imperial rule, along with the Christian population, within the system of dhimmitude as we call it in the West.

Although dhimmitude varied from century to century, and within the various areas of Arab-Muslim dominance, it was never better than Jim Crow at its worst.

Jewish people were not allowed to repair synagogues. They were not allowed to hold a position of authority over any Arabs. They were generally not allowed to ride horses or defend themselves in the streets. They were not allowed to possess homes that overlooked the homes of the dominant majority Arab population. Speaking ill of the prophet Muhammad was punishable by death, as was Jewish sexual relations with Muslim women. In some places Jews were not even allowed outside during a rainstorm lest their Jewish filth run into the streets, thereby contaminating the dominant majority population.

And we had to pay the jizya, otherwise known as "protection money." The formal process of that payment was designed to be a humiliating experience for the purpose of reinforcing our lowly place within Arab-Muslim culture.

{See, Martin Gilbert, In Ishmael's House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands, Yale University Press, 2010.}

Furthermore, the Palestinian-Arabs have turned down every single offer for statehood from the Peel Commission of 1937 until this moment and the greater Arab nation, which outnumbers the Jews of the Middle East by a factor of 60 or 70 to 1, have never ceased trying to destroy Israel and thereby reduce the Jews who survive back to second and third-class non-citizenship.

And, yet, intersectionality in the mouths of western-leftists blames the Jewish people for the never-ending Arab-Muslim, Koranically-based hostility toward us.

When I attended the first vigils at Reem's restaurant my grievances with the progressive-left were largely theoretical. It seemed clear to me that by embracing various forms of racism - such as anti-white racism, antisemitic anti-Zionism, and what Manfred Gerstenfeld dubbed "Humanitarian Racism" - and through their growing opposition to freedom of speech, that the Left was (and is) shedding its liberalism and, thereby, hollowing-out its very reason to be.

{Progressivism without liberalism is authoritarianism, after all.}

Now, however, the criticisms have moved from the theoretical to the personal because Assil and her supporters tried to drag me into court for the purpose of shutting down my freedom of speech. People have suggested to me that this was a test case designed to challenge the American commitment to that primary freedom.

From where I sit, despite the howling of precious snowflakes from UC Berkeley to Columbia University, the First Amendment of the Constitution remains strong.

Now if only we could somehow get more Jewish people, and friends of Jewish people, to understand that the mural of Rasmea Odeh at Reem's remains an ongoing call to violence against the tiny Jewish minority wherever we may be in the world.

What does it say about a political movement that it venerates a genocidal Jew murderer in the name of "social justice"?

As a matter of fundamental human decency, the mural of Rasmea Odeh should be removed from Reem's racist restaurant.

I have been in touch with Terry Joffe Benaryeh who has a piece in the Times of Israel concerning the murder of Edward Joffe entitled, The day joy vanquished my terror. 

Terry is Edward's niece.

My guess is that she and her family would heartily agree.


  1. I'm am thrilled you're legal team beat them and that SWU came through. SWU is an organization I have admired and was shocked when I thought they were going to do nothing about this.

    I don't think 33 percent of Democrats describing themselves as liberal supporting a nation that's never existed to the detriment of the Jews is "plenty." It's a minority.

    1. But I did like your piece. There's a lot to chew on.
      And, of course, I love Bugs Bunny!
      That is Bugs Bunny isn't it, and not a character from some Hamas kill the Jews childrens' TV show?

    2. I do not know how much more I intend to write about Reem's.

      We shall see.

      But I do think the story makes a for a nice micro-study of how the progressive-Islamist alliance functions... without most progressives really quite knowing that they are even in such an alliance.

      All they think is that it is "racist" to even discuss it... which goes at least some ways toward explaining the suppression of freedom of speech on the Left.

      Odeh was involved in the Women's March and probably most of the women that I know happily joined that march as self-identified progressives.

      Yet I also know that they had no idea at the time who Rasmea Odeh even is.

      Anyway, in terms of the Pew polling data, 40 percent of "liberal Democrats" support the Palestinian Arabs while only 33 percent support the Jews.

      I find that dismal.

    3. Progressives don't know they're in an alliance with genocidal supremacists, and yet one cannot argue with them because they've designated themselves as morally and intellectually enlightened, despite their overwhelming ignorance on a plethora of topics such as this one, and their opponents as immoral and unintelligent fill in the sin du jour.
      What do you call that? Progressive? This is not thought on the cutting edge of progress, it is rather deep-rooted in the recesses of humanity's darker history. It is predicated on the human being's ancient capacity for xenophobia. I find it interesting that so many protesters these days show up wearing masks.

    4. It's one of my primary criticisms of the prog-left that they've lost the will to argue their points and now simply assume that anyone who so much as questions central dogma is some sort-of infidel... the movement in opposition to freedom of speech.

      It is, in fact, very religious.

      Many of these people have simply swapped out religion for politics.

      They have dogma that may not be questioned and demons that must be feared and despised and there is damn little ideological middle ground that they will tolerate.

      They are, after all, in a cosmic battle between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil and Donald Trump, of all people, is given the role of the Devil Incarnate.

    5. My congratulations Michael, to your successful end result to the litigation launched against yourself and compatriots. It was pleasing to see that your efforts were rewarded.

      With respect to JeffwithaJ's comment..."Progressives don't know they are in an alliance with genocidal supremacists....", I am prompted to say, Leftist scum know exactly what their agenda is....if not the finer points of the obscure rationale they mayhem and criminal defined by the Frankfurt School of Cultured Marxism during May 1961..

    6. Graham,
      I wasn't attempting to state a fact, but rather I was questioning the entire "narrative." Sorry if the sarcasm and irony didn't come through.
      Although I have to say that a lot of people have completely bought into the bs. In my view, if people want to open their mouths loudly for a cause, then they have a duty to investigate the facts. I don't see much of that in "progressive" anti-Zionist circles. What I see is willfully blind adherence to dogma (add an "n" to that if you like).

    7. Most progressives are well-meaning.

    8. By the way, thank you, Graham.

      The problem with the Left has less to do with malice than with arrogance.

      All ideologues are political Pez dispensers. Whatever the question is, from the Iran deal to abortion, you know exactly what their position will be before the question is even raised.

      This is because they no longer feel a need to continue thinking.

      After all, whatever the issue is, they already know the answer.

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  3. What You Can't Discuss with the Progressive-Left:

    When speaking with the Progressive-Left, you can't discuss the fact that Islam's most sacred writings [the Koran and Hadiths] repeatedly teach hatred and murder against infidels, especially Jews.

    The moderator of this blog said: "please let us know the many more that we are missing" so I volunteered this fact.

    Now for one specific example of Islam's most sacred writings that you cannot discuss with the Liberals or Leftists or Progressives:

    Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Book 56:
    Narrated by Abu Huraira:

    Allah's Messenger [Mohammed] said,

    "The Hour will not be established
    until you fight with the Jews,
    and the stone behind which a Jew
    will be hiding will [miraculously] say:

    "O Muslim!
    There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him!"

    SOURCE: Sahih al-Bukhari 2924, Book 56,
    Hadith 137, Volume 4, Book 52, Hadith 175

    Another example of Islam's most sacred writings that you cannot discuss with the Leftists or Progressives:

    Koran, chapter 8, paragraph 39:

    “So fight them [the infidels] until there is no more fitnah [disbelief of non-Muslims] and all [people in the world] submit to the religion of Allah alone."

    If you attempt to discuss this Koran verse with a Leftist or Progressive, then he will claim that this verse is mistranslated or taken out-of-context, even if he never read one word of the Koran in his entire life!

    By the way, the entire Reform Judaism movement is very much part of the Progressive-Left, so please read these links that expose Reform Judaism:

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