Thursday, October 19, 2017

The #MeToo Campaign

Michael Lumish

The problem with the #MeToo campaign - like the problem with the Women's March - is that it has no tangible goal or reasonable definitions.

People will post a #MeToo for anything from a catcall on the street to a brutal beating and rape in a parking garage.

Because no boundaries are set half the women that I know are #MeTooing. This lends credence to the toxic notion of "rape culture."

The next and most important objection is that this is demeaning to actual victims of rape.

I understand that the #MeToo campaign is a more-or-less spontaneous netroots action but its lack of necessary distinctions undermines its credibility.

One good question to ask is whether or not the individual #MeToo references an act that broke the law.

If it did, then you have every right to stand the fuck up. You should and I very much respect your bravery.

If it did not, you are on less firm ground.

When I was about 8 years old I found myself in the men's room of Grand Central Station in NY. The man next to me started looking at me and jerking off into his urinal.

Should I #MeToo?

I do not think so.

Yet, another problem with the #MeToo Campaign is that it skews itself.

Many people, including men, will #MeToo primarily out of a sense of social pressure and wanting to belong to a campaign that their friends are joining and that requires no personal commitment whatsoever.

There is a social pressure to #MeToo because people want to feel that they are part of something meaningful and because they have friends who do it.

There is a bonding.

More importantly, there is also a relief and recognition among women who were, in fact, sexually violated to know that other women share their experience and are willing to speak out.

As a man, I can never understand what it is to be raped - Men's Movement bullshit to the contrary - but it does not take tremendous empathy for women to understand the importance of sharing the experience of that violation, that crime, with other women who have gone through it.

And, finally, there is a sense that maybe we, as a people, can do something about this.

This is the reason that the #MeToo campaign came into being.

We can call attention to an important problem.

In this way, the #MeToo campaign can do some good.

It will help some percentage of women in a way imperceptible to the vast majority of men.

However, what it will also do is punch men's tongues directly down our throats.

This is the negative side of it.

{Sorry, guys. Your job is to shut up, nod your heads, and go to Confession.}

Your job is to worry over your sins and think about how you can become better human beings... whether you are guilty or not.

My hope is that this brief cultural tid-bit does something to ease the suffering of victims of rape.

My fear is that it will further agitate and divide a country that is already driving itself bats.


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  2. At what point are feminists not looking for parity or even supremacy but something entirely different altogether? They won the college, they won the media, they won the major corporation board offices, they won or at the very least achieved parity in politics and the armed forces. And by won I mean met their stated goals. What is left are their unstated goals. The deeper agenda. And I doubt it's something as cheap as supremacy. Supremacy is something you can achieve with relatively few new laws and punishments. For instance, after the Rideout case in the Supreme Court, a sensible approach to the crime of marital rape was created. But that wasn't enough - now there's a second parallel system of criminal justice just for crimes against women. There is assault and then there is assault on a female. There is sexual assault and then there is sexual assault on a female. There's attempted murder and then there's domestic violence. Some of these delineations make sense but most of them don't. Like hate crime laws and hate speech laws. If I have or claim to have or want to have some body organ or skin color or sexual proclivity which by my own world view makes me a 'victim' and then use that to game the system in order to set aside the normal course of justice so that such and such person can be punished more or different, is THAT enough? I think the goal goes deeper than that so that I, the official victim can now dictate generally what the rules of society and the shape of the world are. Maybe special punishments aren't enough. Maybe the goal is concentration camps for the crime of eye-rolling while male. Or maybe the goal is see to it than males can't go to school or work for the government. I don't know. What I do know is that bad law is worse than anarchy. I'll go with anarchy every time.

    1. Trudy, you always drive the argument beyond where I am willing to go.

      "And by won I mean met their stated goals. What is left are their unstated goals. The deeper agenda."

      I honestly think that you are giving these folk too much credit.

      I know the progressive-left pretty well and I do not believe that for the great majority of them that there is a deeper agenda.

      Most of them are just left-leaning liberals.

      Am I wrong?

    2. Here is how I look at it, Mike. I call it the "I've got better things to do" theory. In your own life you see it every day. Everyone does. When you were protesting the Oakland eatery it was because that place took the time and money and effort to specifically paint a mural. It wasn't a mural of anything but what it was. For a reason. When Linda Sarsour et al try to link Pink Pussy Hats to the PLO it's not because those two things have anything to do with one another or whether they can help one another. It's for a purpose. And the purpose is to have the 'palestinian' narrative subsume something else.

      The "Have I got something better to do? approach. How do they spend their time? Time is finite. Effort is finite. These people are clearly making a choice in their head about how to do what they do.

      If you were a typical angry old liberal Q-tip and it was your turn to stand in front of an Israeli theater screaming, and its raining and cold do you have something better to do or is THIS what you've chosen to do, to spend your time at? In my mind once you make that choice there's something else operating behind this. It's simply to paint a mural or protest a play. It's to foment something deeper.

      Likewise in Hollywood - apparently 'everyone knew' and at the same time 'everyone self silenced'. I can tell you the last time I heard a very large number of people using that reasoning was in Austria in the 1970's when it came time to talk about their Nazi past. 'Everyone knew', 'everyone was quiet'. They thought that claiming 'they knew' would exonerate them. But it does not. There's clearly something else in play when you're confronted with that.

      That's why I say there's another agenda here.

  3. Empress Trudy: The Feminists have already achieved supremacy, and they want even more supremacy. They want all men pushed out of jobs that are: high-paying, clean, and safe; with men only employed in jobs that are: low-paying, dirty, and dangerous.

    The Feminists want an unfair double-standard, where men are fired from their jobs or imprisoned, even for the most minor offenses against women, while male complaints against women are ignored; and women who are convicted of crimes spend less time in prison than men convicted of the same crimes.

    The Feminists love to talk about rape because it immediately places all men on the defensive, which makes them unable to oppose the Feminist agenda.

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  4. I have to say, it is just disconcerting as hell to see so many women MeTooing. I do not think that they are lying. Too many of them are friends and family for me to believe any such thing. I just wonder about the definitions that people are applying to the idea of sexual assault. The concept means different things to different people.

    But, y'know, if I had half a brain I would stay out of this one entirely.

    There is no upside.

  5. But, hell, I've already alienated my socialist friends.

    I might as well charge forward and alienate my feminist friends, as well.

  6. Definitions are where we get into trouble. Is sexual assault really defined as "an unwanted sexual advance?"
    What does that mean precisely? It sounds rather subjective. I'm sure there are examples we would all agree with, but there also seems to be a universe of fuzzy.

  7. I'd be fine if a major university decided to expel all straight men. If only to hear the students whine that somehow that's taking moral agency from them, from their ability to whine even more. There's an old and somewhat sexist bromide in Arabic which says "What women want is roasted ice".

    It's funny to me that we'll see them burning Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew" soon, certainly while the arsonists stand on a pile of copies of "The Merchant of Venice" while they scream that the Holocaust either never happened or was a good idea.

  8. Famous Arabic saying that is
    totally ignored by Feminists:

    When a man looks sad, his friends say to him:

    "What happened? Did your wife give birth to a girl?"