Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Note to an Old Friend

Michael Lumish

I recently started communicating with a guy that I have known online since my days on Daily Kos and Maryscott O'Connor's defunct My Left Wing.

This gentleman is, to my mind, an intelligent person to be respected.

He is a pro-Israel Jew, an attorney, a progressive, and an epicure.

But what I fail to understand is how even highly sophisticated and intelligent people simply refuse to acknowledge the fact that the Left is the greatest purveyor of bigotry and hatred in the United States today.

I asked this question:
The American Right is giving up racism, while the Left is racializing everything.

Am I wrong?
My old friend agreed with others that, yes, I am wrong.

This is my response to the guy:
Even here I have to disagree with you.

The problem with the Left is not at the fringes - as it is on the Right - but in the mainstream, both grassroots and organizational.

{And please understand that my intention is not to be confrontational or partisan.}

The truth, as you well know, is that antisemitic anti-Zionism in the West is largely coming from the Left and political Islam.

Even just today we have the women's movement under Linda Sarsour and others dismissing the Anti-Defamation League as essentially a racist organization.

It is left-leaning organizational venues, like the NYT or the Guardian or the HuffPost or, yes, Daily Kos, that have made homes of themselves for political anti-Zionism.

And, needless to say, this constant whining and screeching and moaning and groaning about the evils of "whiteness" and "white" people comes entirely from the Western Left.

One of my fundamental criticisms of the American Left is that we do not get to pick-and-choose which ethnic groups it is OK to be hateful towards.

Progressive-left racism represents a big blind-spot for the Left.

But all racists throughout history have believed that their racism was fully justified... and, thus, not really "racism" at all.
And on a related note to a different person under the same discussion who, although highly intelligent himself, refuses to acknowledge American advancement in racial relations, I wrote:
You are misreading American history entirely.

Between Martin Luther King, Jr. and the presidency of Barack Obama the United States did more to move beyond the crusty old racisms of the past than any other country during a similar period of time and no one did more than did the American right-wing in that regard.

The right, under William F. Buckley Jr., emphatically repudiated mainstream Republican Party antisemitism and in recent decades has absolutely repudiated de jure racism of the type that typified Jim Crow.

Unfortunately - and, again, I say this as someone who comes out of the American Left - it is within the Left that we are seeing the shedding of liberalism and the rise of truly intense forms of bigotry and racial hatred.

The three fundamental types of progressive-left bigotry are anti-white racism, antisemitic anti-Zionism, and the type of "humanitarian" racism which treats people of non-European descent like children.

What seems fairly obvious, and very sad, is the apparent need of many political people on the Left to continue whipping up racial tensions after a time when we've moved so well beyond them.


  1. What can I say, Mike? I think you are entirely correct, and they don't see it. If things keep moving in that direction it's probably just a matter of time before they realize they are deluding themselves.
    As for the first friend you mentioned, what was his argument? He sounds like a large number of people I knew from high school, all Jewish, all congenital Democrats, whose postings I see on those rare occasions I get on Facebook. I think none of them are really paying attention, or are, but in a superficial way. People just figure they're on the "good" team. Support the good team and everything will work out wonderfully at the "end." It makes me want to wretch.
    But I think I subscribe to a far less generous description of what "progressive" actually means today, much of which I find to be cultural Marxism dressed in liberal clothing. Let's call it Marx's last stand. None of the other strategies has really attained power for Marxist's in this country, but racializing everything has advanced this noxious poison, I think, far more than anything previously to get them into the halls of power.
    But then again, I am an optimist, so I think they will eat themselves. The question is, how many will have to suffer needlessly before they do?

    1. Jeff, one thing that we definitely agree on is that the Left has lost its way.

      It's disconcerting because they cannot seem to face what is obvious.

      And what is obvious is that it is the Left, itself, that is whipping-up racial tensions in the United States.

      It went into high-gear during the last presidential campaign because it's a terrific tactic. It didn't work the last time around, but it is definitely the most powerful tool in the progressive-left shed, so naturally they are going to use it.

      Everything is racist.

      And what slays me is that now to not be racist - that is to suggest that one "does not see color" - is, of course... racist.

      It looks to me like in the current political moment screechings of racism are inversely proportional to the degree of actual racism in the United States.

      And, by the way, I do find it a bit difficult to believe that the cops arrested those guys in the Starbucks for nothing more than the crime of being "black."

      My guess is that expressing those doubts make me a "racist," as well.

    2. Lost its way may be an understatement. It is purposeful, but it is increasingly out of touch and aberrant for the true believers and activists that pretend they are after social justice and therefore they are justified in breaking the rules and tearing down the system.

      They will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, the system that protects their rights to be fools.

      The Right can be disgusting as well, but not like the Fresno State professor, or the flavor of the day. Some of the sanctimonious judges of intolerance and morality are plain scary.

    3. For the moment, I can still get my coffee black at Tim Hortons without being considered a racist. I am, however practicing this mantra for when the day comes.

      "Large coffee, no cream no milk no sugar no sweetener please."

    4. Anti-European-American racism is the foremost bigotry of the American Left.

      One thing that I find interesting about it are the ways that it is justified.

      The first is the idea that racism is a function of power and since Americans of European descent have traditionally maintained power in the United States, people "of color" cannot be racist toward them. Thus, only European-Americans can be racist.

      The other is in the idea that when European-Americans complain about racism toward them that they are demonstrating "white fragility." This is a pretty new concept, one that I've only become aware of within the last year or so.

      The idea seems to be that not only are these insidious "white" people racist, totalitarian bullies, but they are simultaneously weak and fragile. American workers of European descent are so fragile, apparently, that even calling them out on their privilege makes them shiver at the knees.

      The effect of this particular accusation is to make American Euros ashamed to call out the never-ending hatred pointed at themselves and their children.

      The ironic thing, of course, is that Jewish people - aside from some converts - are not actually "white."

      And, yet...

    5. "Everything is racist."
      There is an entire generation being brought along on thinking of every subject under the sun with only two options which are essentially racist vs. non-racist. Nothing else matters. This makes for a destructive force in any discourse on any public policy or, private or cultural preference. It's a great way to put a society into paralysis while you make plans to take power.
      "We're going to build a new access road in the area to ease traffic." "You're trying to have white people avoid black neighborhoods. You are a racist." "No, the road will be going through the black neighborhood." "Oh, so you're going to put this road through a minority neighborhood, because you don't care about filling it with traffic congestion and the effects of pollution on minority children and the elderly. You obviously don't think black lives matter. You're a racist. "
      I was told by a white guy, a primary school teacher (oy vey!) at the dog park in Oakland about black people not being able to be racists because of the "power structure." My reply was something like, "Oh come on, with a little hard work I'm sure black people can get over that hurdle too, and become as good racists as anyone else. Just look how much progress they've already made! Don't give up hope." (I hate PC nonsense.)

      You said the whipping up of racial tensions is a terrific political tactic. With the example of the Starbucks "incident," I thought back to a term I first heard on a Pat Condell video, i.e., cultural terrorism. They have been trying to create a dominant narrative, the racist thing, and then use it to put people in line, i.e., control people and eliminate all debate. It's disgusting and I am hesitant to add, incredibly racist. And, what I hate more than anything is that by saying so, in a way, I have been sucked into the fantasy world of that narrative when I don't want to spend my time in that world of wasted motion. The machinations of the "progressive" Left today are not the end of racism, but rather a return to it. They are the primary regressive force in Western culture today. They're also brainless assholes. And because of them, it's going to get much, much worse. Do tell your friend.

  2. If you're into incredibly fast talking conservatives with a podcast, here's Ben Shapiro on the Starbucks incident. The real fun begins around the 11:30 mark explaining how this all works.

  3. Off Topic:

    Food & Wine mag honors Reem’s Oakland restaurant, ignores wall-sized mural of terrorist


    1. The thing that is almost hilarious about these people who try and shut up others is the belief, (or let's be honest and call it lack of thought), that it could never ever happen to them. The irony is that if they get their way, it will.

  4. Let's get real here. I have personally as a white man experienced racism by blacks and others: Asian, Natives, Hispanics. I'm sure many of you have as well. Reality check SJW's.

    1. They don't see this as a vice.

    2. Not just that Jeff but they want to insulate the chosen victims from any and all criticism. A sure sign of bad intentions.

  5. “At the same time [in year 1939 CE],
    at least 500 Arabs had been killed
    by their fellow Arabs because they
    had advocated good relations with
    the Jews, and were unwilling to
    oppose continued Jewish immigration
    [to the Holy Land].”

    SOURCE: Churchill and the Jews
    (chapter 14, page 157) by Martin Gilbert, year 2007 CE

    Winston Churchill was British Prime Minister
    from 1940 to 1945 CE and from 1951 to 1955 CE.


    Determined to keep Jews from Palestine,
    on 12 May [1942 CE] Haj Amin [al Husseini,
    the Mufti* of Jerusalem] asked
    [Adolph] Hitler to press the Bulgarian
    government not to allow the [Jewish]
    children to leave.

    His intervention was effective.

    On 27 May [1942 CE], Clifford Norton
    reported from Berne that the Bulgarian
    government “have now decided, under
    German pressure,” to close the
    Bulgarian-Turkish frontier “to all Jews.”

    * NOTE: A mufti is an Islamic scholar
    and interpreter of Islamic religious laws.

    SOURCE: Churchill and the Jews
    (chapter 17, page 194) by Martin Gilbert, year 2007 CE

    Winston Churchill was British Prime Minister
    from 1940 to 1945 CE and from 1951 to 1955 CE.

    New York Times Erases Israel from Map:

    How to Convict the New York Times
    of Unfair Bias Against Israel:

  6. Looks like Natalie Portman got woke. Bless her little JINO heart.

    1. Did she ever state her actual beef?

    2. Apparently she is worried about it looking like she supports Netanyahu. What happened to the days when you would show up despite political differences with a country's leader simply because you won an honor and the duly elected leader is on hand? That IS an honor. How does this necessarily imply political agreement? Who is politicizing this? Does Natalie Portman understand the concept of pluralism in a democratic state? Why wouldn't she just go accept the prize and give a speech in which she graciously mentions that she has disagreements with the prime minister, but that she is also honored that he would take the time, as prime minister, to be present to honor her for her accomplishments?
      It seems to me that the people Natalie Portman is worried about are the wrong sort of people, i.e., the sort that you cannot ever yield to enough.

  7. Jew hate is a pinch up, not a punch down.

  8. Maybe you missed it, but the Republicans have been running on the Southern Strategy since 1972. And perhaps you slept through the last presidential election, but Trump ran on anti Mexican racism, not just immigrants but native born Mexican-Americans. If you refuse to recognize institutional hatred of other groups, don't expect them to care about bigotry towards your group.

    1. In The Lord of the Rings, written by Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, Treebeard said:

      “I am not on anbody’s side,
      because nobody is on my side”.
      Why Israel’s 1967 Borders are Undefendable:

    2. What you have provided is an excuse, not an explanation about what is occurring today, particularly in progressive circles where an undercurrent of antisemitism is easily observed or brought forth.

    3. Jews were at the forefront of caring about "institutional hatred," during the civil rights era and look at where it got them. Meh.

    4. If you believe Martin Kramer, and I do, Martin Luther King, Jr was critical of anti-semitism, a big proponent of Israel and viewed any anti Israeli views as anti-semitism.

    5. Martin Luther King, Jr is not on the menu, and has't been for 50 years.
      Today we've got Tamika Mallory, Cynthia McKinney, Farrakhan, Trayon White, and our future President, the great friend of Israel, Michelle Obama.

    6. "The institutional hatred of other groups. " Do you want to explain that in some detail, Joseph?

    7. The Republican party, the conservative party in American, stands for one thing: Money for the rich. It clearly cannot run on that proposition, so it deflects and runs on racism. That's all they got. They have run on hate since 1992 and Atwater wasn't vague about it. First it was African-Americans, now it has expanded to include Latinos and Muslims. And anybody who doesn't know that haters will ultimately target Jews is simply ignorant of history. Fighting racism and hatred everywhere is not only the right thing to do, it is necessary for self preservation.

    8. "Fighting racism and hatred everywhere is not only the right thing to do, it is necessary for self preservation."
      Is that what you're doing? Fighting racism and hatred everywhere?

    9. "The Republican party, the conservative party in American, stands for one thing: Money for the rich." And Democrat party stands for giving our money to the privileged class of politicians and government "workers".
      Parasites live pretty well moving between government, media, NGOs, "Think tanks", university "studies" positions, and now also the boards of monopoly corporations. Must be nice to have you pension paid by raising taxes on people who have no pensions.

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