Tuesday, April 17, 2018

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

This week Michael Burd and Alan Freedman speak with Rev Fred Nile about conservative politics and his participation in a joint Jewish-Christian event in Sydney to mark Israel’s 70th birthday, and then hear an interview Michael conducted with ‘Robert’, a Gaza supporter at the recent rally in Melbourne and the holder of some very strange views.

The guys then follow up on the situation of Jeremy Corbyn and UK Jewry with British blogger Richard Millett and academic Frank Furedi.

And while Isi Leibler is taking some time off, Michael and Alan catch up on the latest in Israel with Arnold Roth.

3 min Editorial: Israel’s right to exist

11 min Rev Fred Nile, Christian support for Israel

36 min Discussion and then Gaza supporter ‘Robert’ at Melbourne rally

50 min Richard Millet, UK blogger on Corbyn and UK Jewry

1 hr 10 Frank Furedi, UK academic on Corbyn and UK Jewry

1 hr 28 Arnold Roth in Israel

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  1. I just started watching this speech from Dennis Prager.


  2. In the year 1922 CE Winston Churchill said this:

    “Left to themselves, the Arabs of Palestine would not in a thousand years have taken effective steps towards the irrigation and electrification of Palestine.

    They would have been quite content to dwell, a handful of philosophic people, in the wasted sun-scorched plains, letting the waters of the Jordan continue to flow unbridled and unharnessed into the Dead Sea.”

    SOURCE: Churchill and the Jews
    (chapter 7, page 81) by Martin Gilbert, year 2007 CE

    Winston Churchill was British Prime Minister
    from 1940 to 1945 CE and from 1951 to 1955 CE.

    This comment from Winston Churchill appeared
    in the San Francisco Chronicle dated
    1929 September 12, one day after he said it:

    “The Jews have developed the country, grown orchards and grain fields out of the desert, built schools and great buildings, constructed irrigation projects and water power houses and have made Palestine a much better place in which to live than it was before they came a few years ago.

    The Arabs are much better off now than before the Jews came, and it will be a short time only before they realize it.”

    SOURCE: Churchill and the Jews
    (chapter 8, page 91) by Martin Gilbert, year 2007 CE

    Winston Churchill was British Prime Minister
    from 1940 to 1945 CE and from 1951 to 1955 CE.

    Basic Middle East Facts:



    Mr. Patrick Condell has no Jewish ancestors
    and no religion that might cause him to favor Jews.

    Please read these short pro-Israel articles that
    expose the Palestinians by Mr. Patrick Condell:









  3. Off topic a little

    Are we really going to be sucked in by Kim Yung U? Who does he think we are? His brother in law?

  4. I am going to the event on Sunday with Rev Fred Nile , who is a friend and a great friend of Israel. I attend most of the functions for his group Christian Worldview.