Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Why are we so accepting of Islamic Jew-Hatred in the West?

Michael Lumish

The way that I have it figured is that the western-left generally views Arabs and Muslims as mere victims who have little in the way of actual agency and, thus, little in the way of actual responsibility for their words or behavior.

This despite the fact that they represent 1.5 billion people.

Western champaign socialists consider Arabs and Muslims pastoral victims of the violent, militaristic, "white" western, industrial techno-patriarchy.

And what that means in the fragile and guilt-ridden Euro imagination, is that any infraction of normal human decency - even when it is directed a sub-minority like Kurds or Yazidis or Copts or Jews - is to be indulged.

Islam represents the most succesful and vicious imperial exercise in human history, yet pussitudenous people of Euro descent have to scratch their navels and ponder their sins as Yazidis are buried alive in mass graves and Coptic churches are burned to the ground in Egypt and the Jews are under never-ending harassment by their malicious neighbors.

And, of course, I understand that people will say, "Jeez, Lumish. It's the NY Post? You can't trust the Post."

Well, you definitely cannot trust the New York Times either and the truth is that there are more and more jihadis in the mosques screeching for Jewish blood in the United States.


  1. And without it needing to be mentioned in the article, this includes the acceptance of the murder incitement of Reem's.

    Regarding jihadis in mosques in the United States, a Syrian imam who endorses killing Jewish civilians is on a tour of U.S. mosques.

  2. What about the NY Post? What are you reacting to? Or was that just example of what someone might say to you?

    There is some gross ignorance in the West about the history of Arab and Islamic Imperialism. And there is probably zero interest in it on the Left especially, because the table has already been set. The only history they are interested in is one where "white people" are to blame for everything, "everything" being racist. Why mess up a perfectly good narrative especially a masochistic one which blames us for whatever is ailing someone else?
    It must be all our fault. We owe these people. We stole all their oil (with money). The cruelty of it all!

  3. I would hazard a guess that 'intersectionality' has always existed. We called it 'mob rule' and 'excuses'. It's nothing new. We've been hearing the patent falsehoods that legitimize Jew hate for a long long long time. Whether it's the US or any western nation or non western nation except for east Asia, scrape any placard complaining about something and there's probably a swastika they suddenly painted over to hide. There always is. Our societies are of tolerant of Muslim antisemitism because they are tolerant of antisemitism. The same way the left was tolerant of communist antisemitism or third worldism antisemitism. Anyone cracked open a book by Franz Fanon? The antisemitism rises off the page like a mist.

    Now a political anthropologist will try to tell you the communists and third worlders were merely being cynical, exploiting 'latent hatreds' without themselves believing in it. But does that make sense? Does antisemitism really exist ex nihilo? No it does not. This is what they believe because they believe it. If they didn't see any evidence of it they still believe it. As my partner of 40 years, a former criminal attorney often says "don't throw yourself on their mercy it's a fucking small target".

  4. On the Food & Wine/Reems situation:


    “Like all things Islamic, the Palestinians have
    long-been officially above-criticism in the West…”

    SOURCE: Useful idiots for Palestine
    a YouTube video by Mr. Pat Condell, 2011 November 4


    Pat Condell is an atheist, who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE, and raised in England as a Roman Catholic, and educated in Church of England schools. He has no Jewish ancestors and no religious beliefs that might cause him to favor Jews.


    “One [New York] Times opinion
    editor, Matt Seaton, even admitted last year
    [2014 CE] that the newspaper has a policy of
    veering away from criticism of Palestinians.”

    SOURCE: Final sentence of article titled:
    New York Times Editor: Coverage of Israel
    Most Criticized Aspect of Opinion Pages

    by Shiryn Ghermezian, 2015 October 14, found in:
    The Algemeiner


    New York Times Erases Israel from Map:


    How to Convict the New York Times
    of Unfair Bias Against Israel:

  6. Here's a good one from the Times of Israel:

  7. LOL thinking about all the Dems praying the N. Korean/S. Korean talks fall apart in case Trump gets some praise or G-d forbid a Nobel prize. Heck, he'd never get a Nobel prize even if he cured cancer...he aint no Arafat after all.

  8. Also LOL at all the Dems/Leftists sticking up for Joy Reid and Tom Brokaw. Gay Rights/Me Too whut's up with that?

    1. Do you mean to tell me Brokaw never came on to Rachel Maddow? Quel surprise!

  9. How the Left is legitimizing anti-Semitism: