Sunday, August 19, 2018

An "Apartheid?" poster

Sar Shalom


  1. Who are the Palestinians?

    Time Magazine vs Truth:

  2. Professor Alon Ben-Meir said:

    “…the Palestinians, who have been
    living on the same land for centuries

    my personal response:

    Most of the so-called “Palestinians” came
    to “Palestine” in the 1920s, because
    of job opportunities created by Jews.

    Most of the so-called “Palestinians”
    came from places like; Iraq, Morrocco,
    Egypt, and the Muslim parts of what
    used to be the Soviet Union (USSR).

    Most of the so-called “Palestinians”
    fled from “Palestine” in year 1948
    because they were told to do so
    by their fellow Arabs. (SOURCE:
    From Time Immemorial: The Origins of
    the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine

    (chapter 2, page 16) by Joan Peters,
    1984, JKAP Publications)

    During the centuries when Jerusalem was
    ruled by the Muslim Turkish Empire, the
    Muslim people who lived there were not
    known as Palestinians; they were
    simply known as Arabs.

  3. You can find many posters of that variety over at EoZ. What I attempt to address here is a gap that I noticed as a result of a debate I saw in a clip in one of EoZ's link posts between a BDShole, I believe Ben White, and a supporter of Israel, I completely forget who. During the debate, the BDShole insisted that Israel is an Apartheid state and the Israel supporter listed a string of examples of Arabs in prominent positions. The BDShole responded that those are just individuals and that the vast majority are held down. This poster shows the numbers, which the BDSholes won't be able to spin as Israel making individual exceptions to a policy of suppressing the bulk of the Arab population.

  4. Of course what they ignore or forget is that apartheid wasn't a feeling or an ethos or an unwritten rule or fashion or a common set of behaviors. It was a very specific network of carefully enforced civil and criminal laws where even whites would be charged with crimes if they broke them.

  5. The apartheid slander against Israel is simply propaganda. Any rational person can see that. Anyone you encounter who voices the slander is either dumb or malevolent or both.

  6. Also, it's the same kind of logic error as this: Bobby and Amanda have blonde hair. They both excel at sports. All blonde children excel at sports.

    It's called an unsupported generalization.

    Of course, logic is in short supply among those who like to demonize Israel and the emotional morons who buy into it.

  7. "The Palestinians – as a people – are not interested in establishing an independent state. They are committed to annihilating Israel. This is why all of their political factions are terror groups. That’s why one of Abbas’s possible successors is in prison for five counts of terrorist murder and the other has called for Israel to be wiped out with nuclear weapons."

  8. Sar,

    It's a good poster. The only other thing I would include is a picture of some sort. People are visual.

    1. Do you have anything in mind? With individuals achieving prestigious positions and honors, it is straightforward to have an image of the person with that achievement. Something else would be needed to convey the statistics. An image of a single Arab student, or small number, would only convey that Israel makes exceptions to the supposed persecution of her Arab citizens.

    2. Because of this article, I'll be mentioning the Technion Institute in a writing project I'm working on. So I looked at some pictures, and I found the images of students together--Jewish and Arab, male and female--to be powerful, combined with the statistic you provided.

      Here's one:

      Yet I agree with your point. Whatever Israel does that's humane is cast in a negative light. When they treat gay people well, when they help Haitians, etc., their obsessed haters say they only did good to cover up how bad they are.

  9. Increasingly it seems to me that on some level the western-left wants the Jews of the Middle East to be cruel and harsh so that they have something weak to hate against. They do nothing but justify hatred toward Israel despite the fact that Israel treats Arabs better than any other country in the region. They live longer, have lower infant mortality rates, and far greater civil liberties.

    But western-left hatred for Israel funds and encourages violence against Jews there. And it is not letting up. It is almost as if the EU and Hamas -- not to mention significant elements within the Democratic Party -- are begging for Israel to hit back hard so that they can urinate on our national homeland even more than they do so, already.

  10. Mike,
    It's all nothing more than an incredibly elaborate show trial, a dog and pony show, a lobbying effort seeking permission to do that which is immoral under the guise of morality, to do the unlawful under the guise of legality.
    Just take a look at how the term "international law" has been twisted and broken with terminology such as 'illegal occupation,' the "right to violent resistance," "proportionality" as nothing more than body count, "right of return." All of this nonsense is generated from, and for, one, and only one conflict in the world. There is nothing in that is universal or applies, or likely will ever be applied, elsewhere.

  11. The only thing they are convinced of is the righteousness of their ideology. They KNOW they are lying but whatever works, right?

  12. I was surprised to see this headline in the Jerusalem Post: "LEFT-WING ACTIVISTS ATTACKED PHOTOGRAPHING ILLEGAL SETTLER"

    Is the Post now being run by people who use the delegitimizing terminology of Israel's enemies to refer to indigenous people? (And the Times of Israel might be worse, painting Israel in a bad light at a time when they're already being demonized.)

  13. 60 Years to "apartheid" slur by pro-Nazi, A. Shukeiri (Shukairy)
    {6 years before 1967 war and 41 years before security anti terror defense barrier}
    Ahmad al-Shuqairy, ash-Shuqayri, Shukeiri, Shukeiry , Shukairi, Shukairy:

    * At WW2, he and his friends used to pray for Hitler's victories and for the defeat of Britain. (His own admission).
    * Escaped in the 1940's with his associate Al-husseini, mufti of Jerusalem, Hitler's ally.
    * He "had suggested that Palestinian and Libya's ulama' invite Mussolini to adopt a policy of non-cooperation with zionists and to treat them as the nazis were doing." (Arab source)
    * Was a Nazis apologist.
    * At the end of 1940s, he "compared Israel's economic planning for Jerusalem with Hitler's planning for a Nazi ruled Europe".
    * In 1952 compared plight of living Arab refugees to Millions perished in WW2.
    * October, 1960 compared Israel to nazis.
    * Invented the "apartheid" slur in Oct. 1961 at his UN diatribe (UN's 16th session). He also -at the same speech- objected to Eichmann being tried in Israel. It was on October 17, 1961.
    Almost 6 years before the six-day war which some call it an "occupation". Some 41 years before the security barrier anti terror defense erected in Israel. He used the then momentum in U.N. against South Africa. So he just compared it to S.A. So he just compared it to S.A. That meme he uttered after already branding Israel with Nazi label, then he "dropped" "levels down." At the same speech of "apartheid" comparison, he objected to Eichmann being tried in Israel. Then again later on he jumped up levels and said: "nastier than Fascism, uglier than Nazism." That and much like this, is of his legacy of wild labels-slapping, since enshrined in PLO charter.
    * In December 6, 1961 he denied there was any anti Semitism in the world claiming zionists "created" it. At the time he also questioned a Catholic member's loyalty stating he was Jewish. He also argued he's not Anti Semite because he is Semitic himself...
    * In Nov. 30, 1962 praised, saluted infamous nazi gang Tacuara, some 5 months after (on 21 June 1962) they brutally attacked, carved swastikas on a 19 year old student as a "revenge" for eliminating Eichmann. He was fired by Saudi Arabia from UN post shortly after, over this. Apparently this was too much even for them to handle.
    * Called to annihilate Jews in Israel, 1966: "a war of extermination in which not a man, woman, or child should be spared".