Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Slapping around American workers of European descent is electoral stupidity

Michael Lumish

Candace Owens
Source: Essence Magazine, 4-25-18
I keep trying to explain to my friends on the Left that the more they smack around American workers of European descent the less likely those folks are to vote for their candidates.

And, needless to say, the more they slap around non-Euro-Americans who self-identify as conservative, such as Candace Owens, the less likely those folks are to vote for their candidates.

I like Candace Owens. I think that she is brilliant and beautiful and gutsy as hell. And I do not need to agree with her on every particular aspect of her political philosophy to recognize a Black woman strong enough to stand up against progressive-left racism.

If you want to know how Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, just take a gander into her little "Basket of Deplorables."

Within it you will find the missing votes, including many non-Euro votes.

Now, you might argue that we don't want "the Deplorables," anyway. And what that really means is that you believe yourself morally superior to those heinous pig-farmers who live in "Red States" and "fly-over country."

Many coastal Democrats think of themselves as more sophisticated and compassionate than those horrible people over there, on the wrong side of the tracks, with too many white children, many of whom voted for Donald Trump.

Well, I did not vote for Donald Trump, but the more screechingly high-pitched the American-Left becomes -- as they fling around charges of racism like it's confetti -- the more likely that they will further divide the United States and bring about Trump Term Two.

As always, it is the hypocrisy that kills.

"Progressives" like to think of themselves as anti-racist, but this is false.

The American-Left is up to its neck in three types of racism or bigotry. These are:

1) anti-white racism

2) antisemitic anti-Zionism


3) the pitying of "people of color" to such an extent that they feel some sort-of nineteenth-century imperial sense of "white man's burden"... Lloyd.

They have not the slightest idea that they embody racism even as they claim to oppose it.

They have not the slightest idea that they embody racism even as they dump Martin Luther King, Jr.'s admonishment not to judge people according to skin color or other immutable attributes, but according to intelligence and compassion and character.


  1. Amazon Selling 'Make Israel Palestine Again' T-Shirts:

    The Left’s Inversion of Anti-Semitism

    1. "Make Israel Palestine Again"
      The gross ignorance involved in that sentiment is just breathtaking.
      Maybe they could changing the wording to the much simpler "Hi, I'm ignorant AND stupid. Have a nice day!".

    2. In truth, that t-shirt is practically as offensive as a sign reading "No Jews Need Apply."

      My father remembers those signs.

      And what that t-shirt is saying is that the very land of the Jewish people must be denied them and that, therefore, we must remain without a means of self-determination or self-defense in perpetuity.

  2. That moment was just brilliant. I really should expand on this thing because when I saw Candace Owens being screamed at by a bunch of Euro people that she's a "white" supremacist, I almost fell out of my chair... and then I would have landed on Little Ginsberg!

    One of the profound things about this political moment is the abandonment of MLK by the American-left, without the slightest acknowledgement.

    I honestly do not believe that they have any idea what they are doing from a political ideological standpoint. All they have is hatred for Trump.

  3. Progressives should, but won't, read "The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics" and get woke.

    They refuse to give in because it challenges the legitimacy of their core beliefs. They are worse than fundamentalists because they would coerce their mistaken beliefs on others.

    1. There is a religious aspect that I think needs more attention in terms of discussing the progressive-left style.

      They are very Manichean and Puritanical.

      It's all about Good Guys versus Bad Guys and Angels versus Demons and we need to stand up for what is Right and True against the enemies of All Mankind.

      It's as if they have transferred the theology of their great grandparents into the politics of today.

      I find it disconcerting, weird, and a little scary.

    2. Do not overlook the Pavlovian aspect of how they salivate whenever the word Trump or Russia is brought up. Each side is addicted in that way.

  4. The three types of bigotry mentioned is in addition to the way non-progressives are overtly demonized, led by Trump. Deplorables, irredeemable, racists, Nazis, etc. Do these others even deserve to live? When in reality these people are plain, ordinary Americans, and much more in tune than given credit for. They are not only pig farmers, though a progressive would be surprised to discover this fact. In this way, among others, progressives are the ignorants. It mirrors what goes on with Israel, where the progressive would be hard pressed to explain the conflict from an Israeli perspective.

    1. Never mind perspectives, they are challenged on the mere facts.

  5. It's easy to pick on whites when, like NYC they're 35% of the population.

    Sounds a lot like racism, but I must be mistaken because of, well, just because.

  6. It could be racism or it could be typical mob behavior and bullying. There's a good reason, in theory why all protected classes exist because the strong always prey upon the weak.


    "we've found about 50 stars."

    1. You just know things are going downhill hill when it gets this petty, i.e., someone actually took a pick axe to Trump's star on the walk of fame. Some guy actually put his back into it. How is it that such people exist? I just can't fathom what gets people doing these sorts of things. I can only imagine that big chunks of their lives are empty and they have serious personality issues that Trump is not responsible for. A person who actually does this kind of stuff has no business complaining about Trump's deficiencies. Look in the mirror, asshole.
      Then, of course, there's Rosy O'Donnell. Does she really believe in the power of Broadway tunes to get Trump to resign? It's all so effin' crazy.
      I don't understand a world where Trump is seen as an obnoxious blowhard, but Rosie O'Donnell gets a pass.

    2. It's not the act, it's the selfie. Trump hate is in part a proxy for the look at me look at me look at me generational thinking. I work for a Fortune 50 company and we've more or less imploded into feel-goodism and identity politics. We've stopped worrying about running a business in the classical sense. In its place we're encouraged to 'make our own destiny' replete with self starter projects about whatever we like. But even the goal of that, is to put up a dog and pony show to demonstrate all your findings. In terms of identity politics, we were all told to attend a mandatory field trip to go see the movie "Hidden Figures" because.....women, black women, STEM.....etc etc.

      Point is, we live in this feel-good and fly the rainbow flag society where unfurling your left wing bona fides is more important than anything else. Don't be shocked if the guy who smashed up Trump's star gets mesothelioma and then sues Trump because of it. Me me me me me me me me

  8. This post should get you a guest appearance on The Laura Ingraham show. Seriously, when one group has major advantages for hundreds of years, equality just seems unfair. And as much progress as we've made over the last 59 years, we have not yet reached equality. One more thing, the white nationalists who scream about the unfairness to European whites do not include Jews as European whites.

    1. There is no such thing as utopia or perfection among humans, despite the attempts by some to mandate it.

      The USA seeks "a more perfect union," a realistic approach. Inequality is the norm among and within different groups of people, even blacks and white nationalists and Socialist Democrats.

      Get woke. Acknowledge the obvious. The sooner the pretending stops, the sooner people can address actual problems and move toward a more perfect union.

    2. So today this massive wave of Unite the Right showed up in DC. All 30 of them. Are you really telling me the Elmer and his buddies at the Shady Glen trailer park have some kind of inherent privilege?

    3. Fake news Trudy is all the media does these days. Thats the way propaganda works. Later this week over 100 papers are running ant trump editorials at the same time whining about his unmasking of them. lol


    But.ya know, he is just an anti-Zionist, right