Friday, August 31, 2018

Ripon College Traitors

Michael Lumish

Update: I appear to have allowed myself to be deceived. According to the Associated Press, as FOX reports, this is story is not true.

The Associated Press tells us:
Conservative news sites and pundits are falsely accusing Ripon College, a private liberal arts school in Wisconsin, of banning posters that are part of a campus 9/11 memorial display organized by a student political group.


The idiocy never fails to amaze.

The Washington Examiner tells us:
Administrators at Ripon College in Wisconsin have ruled that a Sept. 11 memorial cannot take place on campus because it may offend Muslim students.

The private school cited bias reports that were filed during last year’s Sept. 11 memorial project, a project that was a part of Young America's Foundation’s iconic patriotism initiative which takes place across the country on campuses every year.

The school's Bias Protocol Board said the project creates an “environment” where “students from a Muslim background would feel singled out and/or harassed.” As a result, Ripon students will not be allowed to hang flyers as part of their vigil to remember the victims of Sept. 11.
The college is banning a memorial vigil to the victims of 9-11 on the grounds that it might offend Muslims? That is absolutely astonishing to my mind. 3,000 innocent Americans died on that day and these college administrators honestly believe that commemoration of the slaughter is offensive?

I am sorry, but that is a disgrace.

According to the conservative student organization organizing the event:
Each year Young America’s Foundation helps students across the country properly remember the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks through our 9/11: Never Forget Project. This program began in 2003 when we discovered that most college campuses were either completely ignoring the anniversary or holding a politically correct event instead.
I don't know that "Never Forget" is the best slogan for this commemoration, but it's understandable.

I think that it might not be a bad idea to call the office of the president of Ripon College -- who happens to be a political scientist -- to discuss our displeasure with their imbecilic decision and, no, you do not need to be polite about it.


  1. calling them and telling them how their kind of shit is why I stand with Donald J Trump felt amazing

  2. Can we ban classical music as well from campuses? After all, Wagner was a favorite of Nazis to play at Dachau. Wait, maybe the Muslims can play Wagner as pictures of the Twin Towers burn, making everyone happy.

  3. If you want the truth about Israel
    and the Middle East, then do not
    waste your time with the FAKE NEWS
    of The New York Times and
    the mainstream-"news"-media.

    Instead, visit these web sites:


    fwiw, Snopes is calling the claim mostly false

    1. "The poster is also not a "9/11 memorial" as such, since 9/11 is only one of eight incidents depicted on the poster." - Snopes

      "Objections were not to a “9/11 memorial,” as such

      The poster in question features eight images of Islam-related violence against Americans, with captions for each image, centered around a panel which reads “Never forget”: - Snopes

      "To whom it may concern:

      We were recently informed of some issues with Young Americans for Freedom’s 9/11 Posters that were found by the Bias Protocol Board. We, as officers, would like to set up a meeting with you before next year’s September 11th to get some clarity on what exactly was wrong with our posters. " - YAF
      (Apparently YAF does consider other jihadist attacks on Americans fair game for a 9/11 commemoration, i.e., that it's emblematic of a wider issue, as if a battle in some broader war, but...)


      "YAF’s poster does not exclusively commemorate 9/11; it also refers to seven other well-known Islam-related terrorist attacks or incidents of violence against American citizens." - Snopes
      (There they go again!)

      Yes, O.K., Snopes, got it. I must remember that a 9/11 commemoration event must only make reference to that 9/11 "lone wolf(pack)" event and always only commemorate the victims and never once refer to the perpetrators. Must never ever connect the dots. That would be wrong and "inaccurate" and give the mistaken impression that 9/11 might have a broader meaning. For instance, a memorial for the bombing of Pearl Harbor that included photos from the march from Bataan or scenes from Iwo Jima should be a cause for concern. 9/11 was as isolated an incident as a fire in some building somewhere on some given day. Differing opinions on the meaning of historical events is 'inaccurate' and illegitimate. Thank you for being such retarded pedantic editorialists in the cause of 'accuracy'.

  5. I think he's probably Jewish. In response to Jewish Anti-Jewish Unintentionally Universally Destructive Pollyannaism:

    I have seen another argument sprouting, that we should acknowledge the arabs "narrative" or "side of the story" in order to have a "real dialogue." that by attacking their weak ass arguments we are delegitimising them and dehumanising them. I call bullshit.
    This is patently idiotic. when someones entire national identity was created to disenfranchise you, when their literal identity is a corruption of your peoples story, inverted to delegitimise you and they are the worst purveyors of hatred towards your people, you do not need to "empathise" and " see their side of the story" unless its to understand it better to more effectively fight it and defeat it. When someone says " I want to destroy your people and remove ALL OF YOU" you are not beholden to them to meet them part way in order to be "fair and balanced" this is millenial and sjw nonsense and does not reflect morality or justice.
    There is a real issue here involving the Jewish pysche, this desire to see the good in everyone, to find common ground, to be empathetic even to ones enemies. its what led Jesus to his "turn the other cheek" nonsense, its the impetus behind almost every Jewish anti Israel organisation and even some that would consider themselves zionist yet do anti Israel stuff.
    This desire is part of what makes Jewish people great, because it leads them to get involved, to stand up for the underdog, even when they themselves are not much better off. But when over applied it is dangerous and problematic. This desire when over applied and followed to its logical conclusion is behind the abnegation tendencies, the virtue signalling and the actual loss of true fairness.
    This is a war, plain and simple, whether you acknowledge that or not is immaterial because the other side does. they hate you, and im not talking about hate like you hate when you younger sibling takes the remote on saturday morning and forces you to watch sesame street instead of Gi Joe, or how I hate someone who talks during the movie in the Theatre, but actual visceral hate. the kind of hate that leads to murdering children in their strollers, that leads to killing old men in wheelchairs and little old ladies in their apartments.
    You do not meet hate with hate, you do not defeat them by becoming more hateful, but you sure as shit don't defeat it by being foolish. You defeat it by being smarter, by preparing, by fighting tooth and nail and by never giving ground unless its strategic. You pay attention to detail, you let them allow their emotions to make them stupid, you allow them to score their own goals (and they will).
    what you do not do? is give them credibility. you expose their inconcistency, you destroy their arguments, you attack their stupidity and immorality. HARD.
    This might seem cruel, but it is not, in fact it is simply what you must do. because when the stakes are this high, you either get tough or you die. When someone tells you over and over that their goal is your peoples complete destruction, you do not meet them half way. You do whatever it takes to stop them. cold.

    1. To clarify, I don't advocate violence. I advocate recognizing and telling the truth.

    2. No need to explain yourself here. We understand. This is not HuffPo or other totalitarian wannabes where you need to genuflect before the committee.

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