Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Los Lonely Boys - Heaven

Michael Lumish

I love the tunes on the right side of the screen.

That is why I put them up.

And this song strikes to my heart.

It is because of the longing for something better.

And I honestly do not care what religion it comes out of.


  1. Another thing: In year 1492, my ancestors
    fled from Spain, to avoid becoming Christian.

    They left behind: all of their houses, all of their furniture, all of their jewelry, all of their businesses, most of their money, most of their clothes; and almost everything except the clothes they wore at that time.

    My ancestors could have remained in Spain and kept all their possessions, if only they would have become Christian.

    But their Judaism was more important to them than all of their worldly possessions.

    This short blog post is my personal tribute to the Jews who fled from Spain and Portugal because their Judaism was more important to them than all of their worldly possessions:

    These two blog posts were also written by me:

    How Alan Dershowitz's Great-Grandfather
    Decided to Observe Shabbat:
    Shabbat Praised by Famous Gentile Actress:

  2. Michael Lumish, this video does NOTHING
    to help Israel or Jews, and it is the most
    offensive message ever posted on this blog.

    For those people who want JEWISH
    music, I recommend these videos,
    which are my personal favorites:

    Mizmor LeDavid

    Baruch HaGever by Lev Tahor

    Yedid Nefesh by Lev Tahor

    Lev Tahor by Guy Tzvi Mintz with Rabbi Lazer Brody

    VeHaIkar Lo LeFached Clal
    (Breslov Jewish music video)

  3. Unless it was a false flag, which is entirely possible, someone(s)with bombs on the right has just shown the Dems what being uncivil really means. No excuse for it of course but what did they expect?

    1. They will never admit that this has any relationship to the incivility they have been promoting with the media's help. Either way, they will play it to the hilt.

      But, as you say, no excuse for it is exactly right. There is none.

  4. What music someone listens to is completely a matter of taste. I like some of the stuff you put up, and some things I pass on. But that's cool. I'm kind of picky anyway.
    What you like, you like, and no one can tell you what to like.
    Mr. Cohen has his ideas about what music you should put on. I generally do not like music (lyrics) with overtly political messages. Maybe it's because I am a musician, but I like that stuff kept out of my face. It offends me. Music lyrics that deal more with the human condition, love, whatever, appeal to me much more. But, again, being the kind of musician I am, I pretty much stopped listening mainly to the lyrical content when I was about 12 years old. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good lyric. I'm just far more focused on melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic content. It's the movement that moves me.
    More than enough said.