Tuesday, December 18, 2018

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


  So long Jews and thanks for all that help with Civil Rights.



    Most people do not think of Sweden
    as a country that persecuted Jews.
    But it did:


    “I had done some reading about Sweden’s Jewish community.
    The first officially tolerated Jews immigrated to Stockholm in 1774. Before that, they were only allowed to live in the country if they had been baptized as Christians – a state of affairs formally approved by a parliamentary act of 1727.”

    “This demanded that:”

    “Jews, drifters, and tinsmiths…
    be treated as such as to be driven totally out of
    the nation and not be tolerated evermore therein.”

    SOURCE: The Lord Will Gather Me In:
    My Journey to Jewish Orthodoxy
    (chapter 13,
    bottom of page 244) by David Klinghoffer, 1998,
    published by Free Press, ISBN 0-7432-4267-X

  2. Doodad,

    You will want to read this:


    Walker is a nut.

    1. Walker is a waste of oxygen; along with Gideon Levy and others too numerous to mention. I read that article previously; good one. Icke is just......icky. I have ranted about him for years and tried to get him banned from coming to Canada. That an audience exists for his prattle rattles by belief in a decent educated humanity. That a black icon would promote him surprises me not in the least. They abound.

      Here's what she said about Farrakhan:"I admire Farrakhan because he loves black people as I do. Loving us he feels it his duty to share the most bitter of truths. It is inevitable perhaps that we disagree on a number of issues, including some of my work, which he has criticized, but on this love for our people we are united. I take comfort in his courage, his intelligence and his wit." She is a nut but also a stone cold Jew hater like so many of her cohort.

    2. To love black people as Farrakhan does is to love them as the master race. He is a tinhorn Hitler. The comparison is not an exaggerated one. All one need do is examine his message. When you add in his outer space lunacies it is no wonder Walker admires him.

  3. Doodad, I like your line at the bottom.

    It reminds me of Douglas Adams in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish."

    1. Yeah I stole it from him; love his work. Sci-fi buff.

    2. Oh, yeah? When I was a kid I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy. My favorites included Vonnegut and Heinlein and Robert Anton Wilson and Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and Stephen R. Donaldson and Terry Brooks and Philip K. Dick.

      I cannot read that stuff in the way that I did when I was in my teens and twenties. Then it was like watching a movie in my head.

    3. Oh yeah. Good writers. My favorite has always been PK Dick; especially UBIK. Have been watching Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime but man it's slow and painful.

  4. Alice Walker has always been an insane racist bigot. That's neither here nor there. And insane racist bigots have always been able to become famous and popular. Again, no surprise there. And the NYT has often seen itself as their enablers while it hides behind a post modernist screen of 'every opinion is equally valid, we just report it'. Once more, the New York Parakeet Cage Liner has done this for a century. What is interesting or different now is that it's a viral plague. It's entirely acceptable now to not criticize or comment negatively on this. It spreads from person to person to person until everyone you know is an insane racist bigot. It reminds me of news reports I would see when reading NY newspapers in the 1980's when AIDS first hit the American consciousness. What was the watchword then? "Silence = Death"? Anyone remember that?

    "Never Again" has mutated into a cancerous "Never Offend an Official Victim Group". Or "Better Dead than Hurt Feelings". So the NYTimes and the Alice Walkers of the world get to be Black Hitler and no one will stand up and silence them. They're afraid that someone even crazier will attack them, they're afraid that half the people they know embrace the hatred already. They're afraid they won't get invited to the right parties anymore.

    1. You are right on the money as always Trudy. What bothers me is how many blacks, probably Hispanics and Arabs (although I have no stats) and just leftists/Progressives in general buy into all these batshit insane bigoted conspiracy theories. It means their minds don't work right and therefore a large population is unreachable and detached from reality JUST LIKE Nazi times. A lot to unpack there.

      In related news, this whole cohort and especially the "new," Democrats are saying no way any white males should be the 2020 candidate. The crazy is strong with these guys.

  5. Greenfield reports that the Russians " targeted African-Americans and even Latinos more than conservatives."


    Whatever else it proves, it shows the Russians know how easily led certain groups are.

  6. Alice Walker is nothing if not civilized. She may be a bigot, but she is a civilized bigot. A literary bigot.

  7. Let's face it. No sense pussyfooting around. She gets a pass because she is black, a black woman, a black icon, older now(even though she has always been a stone cold Jew hater.)She, like many black icons, are steeped in what we could call "black privilege." They are not about to give that up, nor will those who demand that whites do so, demand it of them.

  8. She also gets a pass because she is on the left. If she were on the right her antisemitism would constitute proof of her unfitness to speak in polite company. But as someone of the left it can be ascribed to some minor character defect.

    Anyhoo, as a Canadian I am sure you are familiar with this guy - notice how easily he dispenses with antisemites:

  9. Thanks Jeff. Actually, I've never heard of the guy. Thanks for introducing him to me.

  10. "Walker said that the "attempt to smear David Icke, and by association, me, is really an effort to dampen the effect of our speaking out in support of the people of Palestine."


    One wonders at the gall of this Jew hater in this all too common deflection. Geeze, if you can't hate Jews what will ever become of the poor cuddly genocidal Jew killing Palestinians?

    1. Palestinians are but an excuse. Walker and other "curious" people (lol) prefer spoon fed Jew hatred to messy reality. There is always an appeal to authority involved it seems. For her, David Whacky supplies the scripture. It's a comfort.

  11. I don't even want to look at this material. It is too depressing. She honestly seems to believe that the Talmud is a Jewish Supremacist document, or something along those lines. She wrote a poem about the Talmud and I am very much hoping not to read it.

    And she is a friend and supporter of Farrakhan?


    Y'know, Laurie and I were recently in the Los Angeles area visiting my Uncle Gil and Aunt Elaine. Gil is my father's half-brother and they grew up in Brooklyn. Gil and Elaine have lived in California for 50 years, yet they still maintain their Brooklyn accent.

    I love it!

    It slays me.

    Gil is a bright guy in advanced years who actually did some engineering work that went into the rocket thrusters for the Space Shuttle. So, ya know, he is a very rational guy. But he is also the kind of person that you can have free-ranging conversations with.

    At one point we started talking about the dilemma of how to separate the art from the artist. I told him that while I despise Roger Waters, I love Dark Side of the Moon.

    Gil, who knows nothing of late twentieth-century rock, said something like, "When I was a kid we had the same problem. I do know who Roger Waters is, but for us it was a guy named Wagner."

    I almost fell out of my chair!

  12. I draw that parallel all the time. I did a paper on Wagner in college at UC Berkeley for a German professor. He was a little taken aback by it. But it did teach me to make that separation. So Water's antisemitic/anti-Israel animus only tells me that he's a successful musician and a schmuck, as this would be wholly irregular. "Hi, if you think my music is amazing, then you should hate Israel too!" I've met people who are impressed by this logical fallacy. He could be Joe Blow with the same attitude. Sad for them. A course in physical Anthropology could help. lol

  13. No dilemma necessary if you realize that artists are first and foremost human and therefore capable of the best (their art) and the worst(their particular sin) that humans can attain.

    Another consideration is that, basically, artists/writers etc are charlatans. They make stuff up; they fool the eye; they play with the sensibilities. They are the presenters of the apple in the Garden of Eden is a sense. One can worship them and allow them adulation as purveyors of "truth," or recognize they are just snakes in the grass offering you an apple; a pretty one perhaps, but merely an apple.

    Afford them no power over your rationality and simply enjoy their shiny sparkly baubles if you wish. One of the reasons I admire Bob Dylan beyond his genius was his message to his fans:

    “They call [me] that all the time – ‘You’re the prophet, you’re the savior,’
    “I never wanted to be a prophet or a savior,” Dylan says. “Elvis maybe. I could see myself becoming him. But prophet? No.”

    “My stuff . . . they were songs,”They weren’t sermons. If you examine the songs, I don’t believe you’re going to find anything in there that says that I’m a spokesman for anybody or anything really. [Those who feel that way] must not have heard the songs.”

  14. Correction" I meant to say, "as if this would be wholly irregular".

  15. How you know for sure there's DEEP STATE:

    "In testimony, former FBI Director James Comey exclaimed “there’s no deep state”