Thursday, January 17, 2019

One who has unjustly escaped opprobrium

Sar Shalom

The expose in Tablet has had an "the emperor has no clothes" effect on inducing people around the country to recognize the judeophobia at the core of the Women's March leadership. As a result, many chapters of the Women's March, and outside feminists, have strongly complained about the animus that Linda Sarsauron Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, and Carmen Perez have demonstrated towards Jews. The leaders of the Women's March deserve all of the vitriol they have received since the Tablet piece was published. However, while the Tablet expose did result in increased scrutiny of Sarsour, Mallory, and Perez, there is one figure covered in that piece who has not received much attention since then, neither from various feminist groups nor in the anti-anti-semitism blogosphere. I refer to Michael Skolnik, as described early in the Tablet expose.
Soon after [conceiving of the female-centered march], [Vanessa] Wruble—a Washington, D.C., native who founded OkayAfrica, a digital media platform dedicated to new African music, culture, and politics, with The Roots’ Questlove—reached out to a man she knew named Michael Skolnik. The subject of a New York Times profile the previous year as an “influencer” at the nexus of social activism and celebrity, Skolnik held a powerful though not easily defined role in the world of high-profile activist politics. “It’s very rare to have one person who everyone respects in entertainment, or in politics, or among the grass roots,” said Van Jones, in a 2015 New York Times piece. “But to have one person who’s respected by all three? There isn’t anyone but Michael Skolnik.”

When Wruble relayed her concern that the nascent women’s movement had to substantively include women of color, Skolnik told her he had just the women for her to meet: Carmen Perez and Tamika Mallory. These were recommendations Skolnik could vouch for personally. In effect, he was connecting Wruble to the leadership committee of his own nonprofit—a group called The Gathering for Justice, where he and Mallory sat on the board of directors, and Perez served as the executive director.
The expose goes on to show how Sarsour was subsequently brought in to the leadership of the Women's March through Skolnik's Gathering for Justice. What this part of the expose shows is that the Jew-baiters now leading the Women's March did not found the movement, nor did they organically rise from a group that did. Rather, a separate group of women founded the movement and sought counsel from Skolnik to include women of color, and they blindly trusted Skolnik to elevate the Jew-baiters to their current position in order to include women of color.

The question is, if Skolnik had built such deep connections with so many Jew-baiters, how did he become the one person who is trusted in politics, entertainment, and grass roots? Further, it shows how thoroughly infused the social justice movement is with the notion that injustice to Jews is the only tolerable social injustice. It really doesn't matter whether Skolnik shares the judeophobia of his proteges or if he just turned a blind eye to it. What matters is that he, and the social justice movement he occupies a position in, be held to account for empowering such figures. This means that anyone seeking to advance any cause must be forewarned that if they do not want to become associated with judeophobia like that in the Women's March, then they must not trust Skolnik, barring serious measures to clean house.


  1. I suppose we should be hopeful given so many disavowed the antisemitism of the march group. Still, many haven't.



    Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “The anti-Semitism from the right is
    the typical fascist anti-Semitism that
    we remember from the bad and dark old days.

    The anti-Semitism of the left is quite
    different; it disguises itself as anti-Zionism,
    but it quickly morphs into anti-Semitism.

    When students yell there’s no room for Zionists
    at Hunter College, they don’t mean Zionists.

    They mean Jews. When they attack the
    Zionist president of Hunter, they attack
    the woman who happens to be Jewish.

    I don’t even know what her views on Israel are.

    So, it’s a new form of anti-Semitism
    disguised as anti-Zionism.
    We have to fight it hard.”

    SOURCE: Alan Dershowitz on Trump,
    Israel, and Anti-Semitism

    by Hannah Grossman, 2018 November 6


    Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “G*D will give the Jewish people strength,
    only then will the Jewish people have peace,
    and that is the lesson of the Holocaust;
    that is the lesson of Israel.

    A strong Israel is required to get peace.
    Never apologize for your strength.”

    SOURCE: Alan Dershowitz
    Dismantles the BDS Movement

    a YouTube video by Alan M. Dershowitz, 2016/7/23


    Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “The difference between Israel and Hamas
    [an Islamic terrorist organization] is
    that Israel uses its soldiers to protect
    its civilians, whereas Hamas uses its
    civilians to protect its terrorists.

    That is why most of Israeli casualties
    have been soldiers and most of Hamas'
    casualties have been civilians.

    The other reason is that Israel builds
    shelters for its civilians, whereas
    Hamas builds shelters only for its
    terrorists, intending that most of the
    casualties be among its civilian shields.”

    SOURCE: Needless death and destruction
    in Gaza
    by Alan M. Dershowitz, 2014 August 11

  3. I think Tablet has been conned, a little bit. Skolnik is not an unknown, he's a minor Hollywood figure with a few producer credits to his name. His major claim to fame is that he's an enormous self promoter. First and foremost Skolnik talks about the greatness of Skolnik. It's funny that in his last public interview, Anthony Bourdain, who I wasn't a fan of and he was himself a massive narcissist and self promoter, had nothing but bad things to say about Skolnik and what an evil little creep he is. Skolnik doesn't think about antisemitism he thinks about Skolnik. Nothing else matters. He's a collaborator in the classic mold of collaborators. People on the make for themselves.

  4. Man, it looks like they FINALLY got Trump,,,,,again. It's only like the 2000th time or so.

    1. So many smoking guns I can't even see Don Lemon on my screen anymore through the fog. Then again, maybe it's a combination of that smoke with mirrors.

    2. Not being able to see Don Lemon is a huge bonus, man. Good on ya. Meuller sure put the kibosh on the Buzzfeed thing, sending large numbers of Dems and commies to the medicine cabinet. I read somewhere there were like over 900 "gotchas," by the media that turned out to be fake news. I believe it. Jeffrey Toobin claimed “the larger message” that many people may take away was that the news media is “a bunch of leftist liars who are dying to get the president and they’re willing to lie to do it.” Little late Toobin. Most of us figured that out long ago. These guys are such un-selfaware narcissists, it's unbelievable. The butt hurt they endured on election night will never go away. They keep going the way they are and they are gonna help reelect that mo-fo in 2020 (to paraphrase a certain Jew hating "Palestinian," congresscritter. If I was Trump, I'd use that slogan..."Reelect That Mo-Fo in 2020." I really would.

    3. Watched the Gillibrand act on one of the networks. She cares for all kids like her own. How fake can you get? There seems a stealth, like Obama. Appearance can be deceiving. Anyway, Trump's immoral and only about fear and vanity and they have to protect us from his doom,

      Interesting that Democrats lecture about morality. As Sabo so famously said:

      It applies to politics no less, and Ms. Gillibrand.

    4. Looks like the Covington Catholic boys story is fake news too after unedited footage was released. Boys were approached and called names by blacks and natives...that was left out of original report. Almost nothing the original report said was true. No morality there at all; far too commonplace now.

  5. "Transsexual anti-Zionists have a serious problem: Their hormones are made in Israel. What to do?"

    Evidently only one company, based in Israel, makes the hormones they need to transition. So if they support BDS, well, you know, that's Karma...not the fish, the other one.

    1. Transsexual people have a serious problem by definition, no?
      Being anti-Zionist just adds a bigoted fantasy to an already dire situation.
      To run in the victim Olympics with or without the juice; that is the question. My heart goes out.


  7. Life goes on during the shutdown with no immediately apparent catastrophic effects. way to drain part of the swamp.

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  9. Does anything say more about what is going on these days than Covington, and what it shows about way too many of the "tolerant" that like to lecture and judge others over who and what is moral.

    So much energy to eliminate Trump, and now the "irredeemables." As he so rightly said in debate #2, it's hatred in the heart. It's destroying the country and the result will not be as promised. You'd think they were afraid to lose an election.

    The French Revolution comes to America, led by the likes of Beto and AOC. Wonder if she knows there was a French Revolution. 74% of Democrats support her for president, so we're in good hands.

    1. I seriously cannot believe the reactions to the Covington story.
      I rebutted the fb post of a fb friend and the reaction was shock! What had happened to Jeff?! Somehow I am the person in the group who had lost his bearings and common sense.

    2. So if Trump shows up chanting and beating a drum 2 inches from Pelosi's face will she let him in to do the State of the Union?

  10. So far I can see no leftist response to the news that the Native guy was not in Vietnam and was not a recon ranger but a refrigeration mechanic who went awol 3 times. Liars are their heroes.

  11. One thousand journalists lost their jobs on Thursday. A good start.

  12. Is there any difference between a MAGA hat and a pussy hat, when it comes to freedom of expression?

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  15. Will this, what is occurring in the UK and Labour, also be said of the Democrats?

    Sure looks like that is the way things are going. Will Democrats be able to keep the party from the abyss? Or will the social media manipulators, an arm of the Democrats, accelerate the push?

    Democrats, so woke, seem asleep to how ill-informed they have become about other people and things, and how easily they are misled about reality from inside their bubble. A threat to democratic society emanates from what they are doing.

  16. Lying hypocrite Cory Booker voted against pro-Israel legislation to combat the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. So did Jew haters Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.), and Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) They all want to be President.

    1. Pretending free speech.
      I wouldn't say any of them are necessarily Jews haters though, which makes it all the more craven and scary because the people who say they're your friends and wish you no animosity are nevertheless still willing to sell you out.
      They certainly will not be remembered as the Greatest Generation.
      They're all sellouts. They'd sell their mothers to Harvey Weinstein as a semen target practice if it got them to the Oval Office. They will go all Left and will say anything. They are running as half Bernie/half Hillary.
      The boorish Trump has more integrity in his pinky than that crew has altogether.

      As far as BDS:

      Antisemitic to the core.

  17. I don't know Jeff. I just kinda think those wishing to destroy the only Jewish state ala BDS are probably Jew haters. De facto if not overtly.

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    2. O.K. Yes, but no. Put simply, I believe each is putting his/her finger in the political wind, because each wants to be president. For them, right now, Israel is an issue which needs to be carefully navigated. Were we in an era of true liberalism, this would not at all be the case, but we're obviously not. A liberal would boast his support for Israel, rather than her enemies and her enemies behavior would be under the microscope. Support for Israel is enlightened. Support for her enemies quite simply is not, no matter how much fakery is used to dressed it.

      They make Trump look like your best buddy. I am not looking forward to him unveiling his 'deal of the century'. It will be a huge disappointment. No better, and who knows (although I can't imagine it), maybe even worse than the peace processors.
      Here's what I'd like to know: We have now our first Palestinian-American (to use the jargon) member of Congress. Israeli Arabs don't live in camps either. Where do Palestinian Arabs live in camps? Europe? No. Where? Only in states run by Arabs and territories run by Palestinians.

    3. Or, to sum up:
      Sargon of Akkad says,